Warner Execs More Hands On ‘Justice League: Part One’ Post ‘Batman v Superman’

justice league: part one

Earlier this afternoon, Kris Tapley over at Variety wrote an interesting piece about the future of DC FILMS in the wake of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice being poorly received.

I’m told production exec Jon Berg and and Time-Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes are taking more of a hands-on approach now, paying closer attention to overarching story concerns, but someone well versed in both production and DC’s minutiae is what’s needed.

Tapley goes on to say which pretty much EVERYONE that works in Hollywood has said.

So the big problem, as far as I see it, remains this lack of a central node, someone akin to Marvel’s Kevin Feige who is intimately attuned to the source material, drawing the various strings together.

Agreed. Bewkes better think of something fast. Meanwhile, what is in store for Justice League: Part One tonally?

As for “Batman v Superman,” those involved weren’t prepared for the critical knives the film received, but they always knew it was going to be a transitional film, bridging the gap between “Man of Steel” (which was produced with no plan in place to expand the universe) and anything approaching the Avengers/Super Friends mold. But I’m told “Justice League” will be a crowd-pleaser more suited to Snyder’s talents, and that the upcoming two-part event is “extremely kinetic and visual.” It will be far more straightforward than existential in its handling of superheroes.

Tapley’s reporting is absolutely on the money because I’ve also heard how the orders from the top are to keep Justice League: Part One fun. For more insight on Warners from a producer who has actually made a movie at the studio, check out last week’s Heroic Insider.


SOURCE: Variety

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