Warners Previews ‘Batman V Superman’ & ‘Suicide Squad’ Sizzle Reel At CineEurope

Fanboys around the globe have been waiting years for a more expanded DC Cinematic Universe.

Their prayers were partially answered when Zack Snyder brought Harry Lennix on to the stage at Hall H to announce that a Batman/Superman movie was coming. It took them months of filming and over year after the announcement to announce a whole slate of DC Comic films that included Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League. Leaving fans itching to get their hands on some footage. Then in April, Zack Snyder dropped the first Batman V Superman trailer. This left the fanboy community asking, how long until we get more footage? 

Well apparently you may not have to wait much longer! According to The Hollywood Reporter, some Suicide Squad footage has been released in the wild. Today at the CineEurope trade show Warner Bros. ended their presentation with some footage from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

While I don’t expect the footage to be online any time soon, I do expect guest attending Warners SDCC Hall H panel will receive the same footage or a more extended reel. The good news, some lucky DC fans will get or have already gotten a glimpse at some Suicide Squad footage. The bad news, the average Joe who is stuck at home probably won’t get to see anything until it’s officially released or leaked. 

The fact that Suicide Squad footage is already out there is unsurprising, but since the film hasn’t been filming for too long, I imagine any footage is minimal at best. Also THR doesn’t really clarify if WB is playing footage from the Batman V Superman trailer that was released in April or entirely new footage. One things for sure we’ll definitely have some HOT Suicide Squad footage to look at very soon.

What do you guys think will WB release the Reel to the public or will they keep it on the wraps for the lucky few at SDCC?

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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