‘Watchmen’ Writer David Hayter Expresses Love For Zack Snyder’s Ultimate Cut

As talks of a Zack Snyder cut for 'Justice League' continue, 'Watchmen' writer David Hayter took to Twitter to sound off with thoughts of that film's cut.

Watchmen Zack Snyder

With all the talk going around as to whether or not Justice League should or will get the treatment that almost every Zack Snyder film has gotten, the Director of Photography for Watchmen — a film that ended up with three cuts — took to Twitter to point out Snyder’s history of having his own cut. Watchmen writer David Hayter took that opportunity to express his own opinion on what has become a tradition.

The exchange began on Tuesday, when Fong let everyone know that he didn’t work on Justice League and doesn’t know anything about a potential director’s cut of the film. Here’s what he said exactly:

Fong then followed up with his best guess of an answer, essentially saying if you look to Snyder’s history, then you’ll find that he has his own cut on almost every film he’s directed. Fong makes a good point, although perhaps a point already made by thousands of DC fans everywhere. But to that Tweet, Hayter — who also has writing credits on the first two X-Men films — shared his thoughts on Snyder’s cut for Watchmen.

It’s been nearly a decade since the film’s release and debate has far from gone away over a number of things, from whether or not the cuts made were necessary to if it’s a good film adaptation. As HBO readies its own series for the popular graphic novel, Snyder’s work is sure to be discussed for years to come.

But back to where this all started — Justice League.

The conversation will continue over the next couple months, with a digital version of the film being available to fans Feb. 13 and a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack release exactly one month later. So far, no Snyder cut to be found.

What do you make Fong and Hayter’s comments? Is the Ultimate cut of Watchmen the way to go? And will Justice League eventually get the same treatment? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Twitter