EXCLUSIVE: Untitled 2017 WB Event Film Rumored To Be ‘The Tomb Raider’

Tomb Raider



According to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, Warners slated October 6th, 2017 for the release of an untitled event film. I got tipped off that the event film is the Tomb Raider reboot called The Tomb Raider. Exactly a month ago today, Warners registered the domain www.thetombraidermovie.com 

In today’s episode of Heroic Insider, we talk a bit more about The Tomb Raider and have more detail along with a few other scoops including what the rumored November 1st, 2019 DC film could be. The show notes for Episode 3 are as follows:

Batman V Superman 

The second weekend of the divisive movie had a steep drop, and worldwide it may not hit a billion. But the duo discuss what is ultimately a successful launch of a cinematic universe; as well as how Warner Bros is positioning itself similar to Disney by making less movies and relying on key brands such as DC comics, Lego, and Harry Potter.

Also, to make sure the movie does cross a billion, will the longer (R-rated) cut see a theatrical release?

The Jungle Book

The buzz on the Jon Favreau directed feature is huge. What about the Andy Serkis one at Warner Bros that’s been delayed?

Wonder Woman

How will the Amazonian princess fare in her new release date, no longer opening against Transformers 5!

The Tomb Raider 

The video-game heroine may be making a big screen comeback!  With Star Wars Daisy Ridley rumored to be eyed for the now iconic role of Lara Craft.

Warcraft/Assassins Creed. 

It’s been a rough road for video-game adaptations in general. How will some upcoming release do?

Black Panther 

Marvel made national news this week on the publishing side with the character. Just in time for his big screen debut in Captain America Civil War, and before his own film directed by Creed’s Ryan Coogler, the king of Wakanda is bigger than ever.

Suicide Squad 

Everyone’s talking about reshoots. Could it be that one of the best received aspects of Batman V Superman (Ben Affleck) is having more than the little cameo we originally expected?

Rogue One

The guys reaction to the new type of Star Wars movie.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

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