WB Game Developers Continue To Tease New Batman Title In 2019

Batman Arkham Warner Bros Montreal 2019

Until Batman: Arkham Asylum came around, the Caped Crusader didn’t have the best track record when it came to video game adaptations. Admittedly, the Batman Begins game came incredibly close, but Arkham Asylum blew the door wide open and breathed new life into the Dark Knight’s video game longevity. And the long lasting legacy of the Arkham titles continues to this day with many drawing comparisons to it and the most recent Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4.

But it’s been three years and counting since Rocksteady concluded the series with Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015 and fans have been wondering since then when, if at all, fans would get another shot at the Dark Knight in his massive, Gotham City sandbox that is the Arkham series. And the developers over at Warner Bros Games Montreal have been coy about what the future may hold for the video game Batman titles.

One such developer, Patrick Redding, the creative director at Warner Bros Games Montreal, took to his Twitter a little over a week ago to share this message with his followers: “Happy Holidays from all of us at @WBGamesMTL … And may 2019 bring you everything you wish!” Here, have a look:

Okay, on the surface level, not a lot to take from that. But if you click on the tweet within the tweet, however, you’ll see three developers holding a sign that just reads “Redacted.” For those keeping score, it’s the second time that “Redacted” has been used possibly in reference to a potential future Batman title, but one that would center around the Court of Owls.

It’s all speculation right now, yes, but connecting the dots from prior teases to this one would seem to indicate that Warner Bros Montreal has another Batman title up their sleeves in the future. But time will tell if that game will actually be a reality.

Do you think it’s time we got another Batman game? Would you want to see it center around the Court of Owls? And if a game is truly in the works, do you think there may be an announcement by the time that E3 rolls around? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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