Wesley Snipes Teases ‘Blade’ Return Yet Again


Close your eyes and travel back with me to the year 1998. Before Kevin Feige, before Christopher Nolan, before X-Men, New Line Cinema delivered a balls to the wall superhero thriller with a supernatural edge, Blade. Directed by Stephen Norrington (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) from a screenplay by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Man of Steel) and starring Wesley Snipes as the titular character, the film received mixed reviews from critics, but performed well at the box office, spawning two sequels (one of which was helmed by none other than Guillermo del Toro), a TV series, and a renewed interest in the Marvel comic from whence it took its inspiration. All of this with an R-rating to boot.

Now, with the MCU in full swing and the rights to the majority of the characters in house, many have wondered just if and when the fan-favorite half-vampire will return to the screen. Well Wesley Snipes himself has added fuel to that fire with his most recent tweet.

Now before anyone goes crazy, this could easily mean absolutely nothing. Snipes could certainly just be trolling with a clever rephrasing of a certain candidate’s platform but, of course, this is the internet so many are bound to take it as factual and quite frankly, I can’t imagine anyone would be terribly upset. Legal troubles aside, Snipes seems to be in solid physical shape, was well-received by fans in the role, and though he’s a bit older than most in the superhero game, the gap isn’t that significant. With Ghost Rider making his debut on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Doctor Strange mere weeks away from the multiplex, a few vampires may be just the supernatural push the MCU could use. What do you folks think? Netflix? Theaters?

If you’re unfamiliar with the character, or are simply looking for a solid gore-fest to get your Halloween fix, definitely check out the Blade trilogy.

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Josh Setchel

Josh Setchel

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  • Chris W

    Fan favourite? I don’t think most people even realize that Blade is part of Marvel. Anyway, they would obviously re-cast the role. Snipes needs to give up.

    • Maximillian Pegasus

      There is rumours that Snipes will be an older Blade, and his daughter is going to be the main character.

      • Steve Steve

        This would be the right way to go. Blade exists in a fairly discreet corner of the Marvel universe, so his previous movies could be backdoor cannon the same way “Hulk” was backdoor cannon.

        • ieyke

          Hulk was NOT backdoor cannon in any way shape or form.

          • Steve Steve

            The 2003 film “Hulk” told an origin story and concluded in a South American Jungle. The 2008 film “The Incredible Hulk” began in a South American Jungle and did nothing to directly contradict the 2003 film.

            They did this intentionally so as to not invalidate the first Hulk film as both were owned by Universal who had the intention of developing a franchise.

            This is all I mean by backdoor cannon. I think they should do something similar with the Blade franchise.

          • ieyke

            The Incredible Hulk ABSOLUTELY contradicted Hulk.

            Hulk has nothing to do with the MCU in any way.

          • Steve Steve

            What part of The Incredible Hulk contradicted Hulk?

          • ieyke

            Hulk’s origin is completely different in both films. In Hulk, Bruce Banner becomes Hulk because the Gamma Radiation interacted with what his dad injected him with as a child. In The Incredible Hulk, Banner is unknowingly experimenting on recreating the Super Soldier Serum, and becomes the Hulk when he blasts himself with Gamma Rays instead of Howard Stark’s Vita Rays. Banner’s father has nothing to do with anything in the MCU.

            Glenn Talbot dies in the 2003 movie. He is alive in the MCU.

            Banner’s dad is the Absorbing Man in the 2003 movie. Carl Creel is the MCU’s Absorbing Man.

            2003 Hulk changes sizes as he gets angry. MCU Hulk does not.

            20003 Hulk had Jennifer Connelly, who was an INFINITELY superior Betty Ross compared to the MCU’s Liv Tyler.
            TOTALLY different characters.

            Likewise, General Thunderbolt Ross is a very different character.


            I’m just going from memory.

          • Steve Steve

            Fair enough. I forgot all about Talbot, and I thought there was an opening to allow the Nick Nolte stuff to still be workable with the new movie. (I’m also going from memory as I haven’t seen either film in years)

            To disagree though,
            Nick Nolte is not the Absorbing Man per se.
            Hulk changing sizes is a very minor artistic choice.
            Jennifer Connelly is AMAZING, but recasting is not a contradiction.
            Likewise recasting Thunderbolt is not a contradiction.

            The general point I was making still stands though. If they incorporate Wesley Snipes as Blade into the MCU they don’t have to acknowledge his three films as cannon, but they can avoid contradicting them. Except for Blade Trinity… That was a travesty of a Dracula story. They can generally avoid Deacon Frost, Demoskinos, Nyssa, and Nomak and tell fresh Blade stories, thereby simultaneously building on the Blade films, while moving in a new direction.

      • Axxell

        That would sück (no pun intended)…Nobody cared about that character.

      • ieyke

        Never gonna happen.

      • Chris W

        Do you want me to come up with a list of all the dumb and untrue rumors throughout film/tv history?

  • Axxell

    One thing I’ve learned about movie casting, especially with comic book movies, is that the ones who try the hardest are almost always left on the outside looking in…. Snipes is trying too hard.

    • It worked out for Vin Diesel, though.

    • Steve Steve

      I think (surely) there are a lot of actors lobbying for roles in all of the Cinematic Universes. I would imagine that those who are having trouble standing out from their peers will attempt to use publicity to elevate themselves in the eyes of the studios. So those who are making the most noise are also (generally) those who have the weaker case for the roles.

      Just a theory.

  • They should do what the comics is doing, blade’s daughter has taken up the mantle and move Snipes to the mentor role to train and back her up, do it as a spin off of SHIELD or do it as part of the Netflix series. Vampires could be a good focus for a second generation villain for those shows? after they move on from Kingpin and the Hand?