‘Westworld’ Actors Comment On Their Roles Plus Four New Images

Westworld wants to be the next Game of Thrones so bad and I’m completely OK with that. For a start, it means HBO is throwing piles of money at this adaptation of the 1973 Michael Crichton film, shutting down the production for months so EPs Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy could get a handle on their hugely-ambitious sci-fi drama described as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.”

Being a Nolan and genre joint, naturally details are being kept under wraps/lock and key/whatever metaphor you want to use. Fortunately, EW has new details and photos to tide us over until next month.

Anthony Hopkins plays Dr. Robert Ford, who is described a “cross between Walt Disney and Dr. Frankenstein.” Played by the legendary British actor in his first series regular role, it’s hard not to see how his gravitas feeds nicely into Ford’s God complex, according to Hopkins.

“He wants to create a pure dystopia or utopia, but he begins to realize that he’s lost track of it.”

Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores, the oldest host (aka android)  in Westworld who begins to “wake up.” What she describes sounds like the show will lean into the meta nature of actors playing characters who also play characters. There’s layers which remind me of Inception; that film deconstructed filmmaking subtly through the prism of a sci-fi heist film. I could see how we could get similar treatment to acting and/or filmmaking here, given Woods’ words.

“Every little beat, every moment and every flicker of your eye means something.”

In contrast to the original film, the Terminator-esque villain the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is a human, not an android, and a frequent visitor to the park. My guess is he represents the devil, essentially, tempting these androids into evil. After all, the series was described as the “origin of sin” and the Garden of Eden parallels with Westworld start to become clearer. Harris explains.

“He’s got a much more specific intention than just having a good time.”

Finally, James Marsden plays Teddy Flood, whom producers made EW swear to secrecy. All Marsden would add was,

“You’ll constantly be off balance. You’ll think you’ll know what’s happening, and where [the story is] going, but you’ll be wrong.”

There’s more on Westworld and dozens of other shows in the new EW fall TV preview issue (featuring Supernatural on the cover for the first time). Westworld premieres Sunday, October 2 at 9 p.m. on HBO. Below are the four new images, courtesy of EW. I will be reviewing each episode weekly here on the site and hope you join me!


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