White Iron Fist Sparks Racial Controversy and Criticism

Iron Fist

The Internet predictably was swept up in a storm of racial controversy yesterday when Entertainment Weekly broke the story that Finn Jones (the Knight of Flowers Loras Tyrell from Game of Thrones) will lead the next Netflix/Marvel collaboration, Iron Fist. Now, even a notable Marvel Comics writer is one of the those to take to Twitter Thursday to excoriate the controversial casting decision’s racial implications.

Liu, a prolific and prominent writer who has written stories for the X-Men, Wolverine and Black Widow, had previously expressed disappointment if this event were to occur.

Long subject of a Twitter crusade with the hashtag #AAIronFist originated from pop culture collective The Nerds of Color, there was a desire among fans to cast an Asian-American actor in the role of Danny Rand / Iron Fist (although in the comics, the character is indeed Caucasian and practically Aryan). Marvel describes the series thusly:

Returning to New York City after being missing for years, Daniel Rand fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his incredible kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.

With The Defenders miniseries forthcoming and the roles of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage filled by a white guy, a white woman and a black man, there was a desire to see further diversity by casting an Asian-American actor.

Critics of #AAIronFist contend that the character is historically white and that casting an Asian-American actor would not only be pandering but insulting because of the character’s martial arts background. Yeah, I don’t really understand the last one either.

Jones has been with Game of Thrones since the very beginning, but his Loras is in trouble in both book and TV form. While in the books he is horrifically burned by boiling oil in an assault on the Baratheon home of Dragonstone, in the show he is a captive of the High Sparrow, charged with being a homosexual and perjury.

While it is definitely possible Loras survives Season 6, I personally think it is unlikely that Jones would or could juggle both shows. More likely, Jones was able to take this job because his previous one has, ahem, ended. We shall see. Sound off on his Iron Fist casting below in the comments.

SOURCE: The Wrap

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

Sam is a writer and journalist whose passion for pop culture burns with the fire of a thousand suns and at least three LED lamps.

  • Leon Brill

    I think the casting is perfect and the arguments for an Asian actor don’t really make sense. The character is white in the comics and there is no reason to just simply change a characters race when it would change the story of the character. Iron Fist is supposed to be an outsider in K’un L’un because of his look and heritage, an Asian actor would render that part of the character’s background very difficult to portray.

    • Thaddeus VonPumpernickel

      Unless all of K’un L’un was recast white.

    • Maggie Smith

      The argument being made is that being Asian American doesn’t change him being an outsider. It just alters the dynamic a bit. Having grown up in America he would know little to nothing of Asian culture, especially since it’s an ancient mystical city. It would change the narrative from the classic but vaguely racist “white guy becomes the chosen one and savior of an ancient culture” but the argument is that you can diversify it and bring new meaning to the source material.

      A 3rd generation Asian American being reintroduced and learning more about his heritage while becoming the Chosen One of an ancient culture would mean a lot to Asian fans of Marvel who haven’t had a lot of representation while still retaining the core aspects of the character.

      I’m not saying one is better than the other, just that each side has a point and can make sense thematically. With a white Iron Fist, you can explore the relationship between Danny and Luke Cage more. Use it as a springboard for deeper discussions, comment on Danny’s privilege.

      • Foreign Geek

        No one thought of kung fu panda (Po)as the Dragon warrior! But he did overcome obstacles to possess the ancient scroll.

    • CD

      Maybe you haven’t seen that Iron Man 3 Movie. The Mandarin is Asian in the comic books and white in the movie. An Asian Iron Fist is the same as White Mandarin. It didn’t really make sense, but they did it anyway.The Mandarin was played by a white man until we realized he wasn’t the real Mandarin, another white man was lol. If Iron fist was Asian American he would still be considered an outsider to the native Asian people of K’un L’un.

      • Grant McCollister

        Alldrich Kilian wasn’t the real Mandarin, when he said `I am the Mandarin` he meant he was the one controlling Trevor, who was pretending to be the Mandarin. Maybe you haven’t seen the One-Shot “All Hail the King”, where (spoiller alert) a Ten Rings agent, or whatever you call him, infiltrates the prison where Trevor is being held, posing as a documentery filmmaker, and tells him he’s going to take him to the Mandarin. We never actually see him, but if you want to see what someone in the Ten Rings looks like, watch the first Iron Man

    • Foreign Geek

      Exactly! It would mean completely changing his back story.

    • Sarah Smith

      “The character is white in the comics and there is no reason to just simply change a characters race when it would change the story of the character.”

      I’m pretty sure the reason is that a lot of people think that the original story was really racist.

      Like, you can disagree with that assessment, and I suspect you do, but it was pretty clearly explained in the article, so it might be worth…actually responding to if you’re gonna refute it.

  • wilderfox

    That woman is freaking stupid. He was white in the comics, and he will white in this. I’m not sure why HH phrases the article like this. This is one person. I read like 500 comments saying that well he’s white in the comics sooo who cares.

    • Pol

      For the same reason that, when 8 black comedians were asked if they found Ali G racist, and only one of the 8 said yes, the media focused on that one dude. And that was before Twitter. If Marjorie Liu won’t watch Iron Fist because she has a problem with the protagonist’s skin colour, even though Iron Fist has been white in the comics since before Marjorie Liu was in diapers, then she can find plenty of Asian works of fiction and SciFi and action, starring Asian characters, to watch. When people complained about the Human Torch being played by a black actor, they were condemned as bigots. I don’t see why Liu’s stance is any different. Turns out the FF movie was garbage. It was not saved nor doomed by changing a character’s ethnicity. Many variables make a series good or bad. Adhering to trendy Social Justice twitter crusades just is not one of those variables.

    • Chris W

      1 PC idiot will ruin it for everyone.

  • PatM

    Was Iron Fist ever Asian-American? I’ve always remembered him as a white man. He shouldn’t be Asian just for the sake of his kung-fu backround.

    • DefJ123

      Nope its just PC pandering bs, as is the norm nowadays.

      • The “norm” for TV shows is that only 6.5% of the lead characters in broadcast TV shows are played by people of color, I’d say blatant racial biases are the norm rather than “PC pandering”.

        • BurgundySuit

          CAN I GET AN AMEN?

          • Grant McCollister

            I think he meant it’s the norm now for people on the internet to complain when a person of color is not cast in a traditionally white role

          • BurgundySuit

            You do realize how many hundreds of roles are cast that DON’T get articles like this written about them?

          • Grant McCollister

            I don’t , actually, because I don’t go looking for things like this, they find me. I would imagine people complain about any role. You probably know more about this than I do

          • SAMURAI36

            Yeah, something tells me that doesn’t work vice versa for you.

          • Grant McCollister


        • IsmellSuperBUll

          He obviously meant crybaby sjws/liberals crying when they aren’t pandered too..

        • Brandon

          How about this dingbat last I checked this country was about 70 % white so if you had a movie to cast wouldn’t you use someone that majority of the country can relate with and you can lie and say what you want but I call that smart business and it’s no one else’s fault that white is the majority in this country so stop playing the race card and bashing people you don’t even know just because Denzel didn’t play James Bond etc and please get a life btw it looks like the true racists in this country are showing there true colors and hate white people as much as you pc liberals mention it just like this movie and the Oscar’s etc oh and last I checked spike lee casts mainly black actors that’s truly a racist if you ask me

          • Matt C.

            I like that you aren’t shy about your supremacism, you just come right out and say it, logic be damned.

          • Brandon

            I like how your not shy about how mentally challenged y I you are . And you call it white supremacism it’s pretty funny thistory country is about to elect someone like trump and you know why that is it is because of stupid little cry baby white liberals apologizing for white people all day every day

          • Matt C.

            Thank you for this response. This response is everything.

          • Sarah Smith

            I don’t know where to start with this.

            1) As you note approximately 70% of the population is white. That means 30% aren’t, and yet only about 6% of lead characters aren’t white. That means that we’d need to increase non-white lead character representation by 500% before we hit a realistic distribution.

            2) If your contention is that we should /not/ be striving for a distribution that reflected reality, but rather that the existence of a clear majority legitimises a “default” – i.e. because there are more white people, that justifies nearly every main character being white, even /if/ it’s unrealistic compared to the real world, then I’d point out that there are more women than men in the USA. Are you therefore in favour of making almost every lead character female?

            I’d also point out that women control 70 – 80% of the spending power in the USA. They decide what gets bought and when. So an economic argument also favours better representation for women. Again – do you favour this?

            3) Someone the majority of the country can relate to? Are you saying that white men lack the capacity to relate to anyone outside of their demographic niche? Good lord, you have a far worse opinion of white men than I do, it seems. Look, it definitely means something when you get to see yourself reflected, at a basic level, in a story. We know from studies that it’s harmful to the development of young children if they don’t see themselves reflected in the fiction they consume. But to suggest that, therefore, you can’t enjoy or become invested in characters who are different to you? That’s…shocking frankly, and also not borne out by the facts. Look at the success of the recent Star Wars movie, where two leads were a white woman and a black man.

            4) It’s no one’s fault that the majority of the country is white? Oh, honey, no. It’s the fault of ancient, dead white people that America became a majority-white country – you know, with the whole invading and murdering the native population thing? And it’s the fault of current Americans for aggressively denying people the right to immigrate in the manner their ancestors did. It’s not /your/ fault, it’s not /my/ fault, on a specific personal level, but acting like it “just happened that way somehow” ignores the HUNDREDS of years of toxic race relations that led to us even having this conversation.

            When White kids are being jailed at three times the average rate, and when unarmed White kids are getting gunned down by Black cops in precincts that the FBI considers racist? Then come to me with your weird victim complex. Until then, no, dude, the “true” racists aren’t the ones who hate White people. For starters, they rarely succeed in killing us.

          • Amenephis

            While I agree with you on a few points you have here, Sarah, I’d also like to point out a bit of your inherent hypocrisy and exaggeration…

            “But to suggest that, therefore, you can’t enjoy or become invested in
            characters who are different to you? That’s…shocking frankly, and
            also not borne out by the facts. Look at the success of the recent Star
            Wars movie, where two leads were a white woman and a black man.”

            So…you’re saying blacks and Asians should be 100% fine with this, because they should enjoy or become invested in characters who are different from them?

            “And it’s the fault of current Americans for aggressively denying people
            the right to immigrate in the manner their ancestors did.”

            What, specifically, is granting people the “right” to immigrate? I’d like to take the opportunity to point out that “right” is a very specific legal term, with very specific sources and connotations.

          • Sarah Smith

            “So…you’re saying blacks and Asians should be 100% fine with this, because they should enjoy or become invested in characters who are different from them?”

            No, I was saying the exact opposite. The comment I was responding to has been deleted so that may be the cause of confusion. I was responding to someone claiming that it made perfect sense to create a character the “majority” could identify with (i.e. white people). So I was pointing out that argument assumed white people were sociopaths incapable of identifying with characters of other races.

            I also spoke about how a broad balance was necessary because studies DO show that seeing yourself reflected in the media is very important. But if you have that (which is not something white people are in danger of losing) there is no reason to be threatened by or unable to empathise with, a protagonist from a different demographic.

            I think my post was pretty clear on that point.

            “What, specifically, is granting people the “right” to immigrate? I’d like to take the opportunity to point out that “right” is a very specific legal term, with very specific sources and connotations.”

            Okay…fine? Again, I think the fact the comment I was responding to has been deleted means we are probably arguing at cross-purposes. The original poster made a fairly incoherent argument that there was no particular reason the United States was majority white, as if it just magically happened one day, and I was trying to point out that there are actually some very specific reasons why it’s that way. I wasn’t trying to make some sweeping argument about who had the right to immigrate and when, I was just pointing out that the people who are currently trying to reduce immigration from Mexico often seem oblivious to the irony that their own ancestors did exactly the same thing.

            But honestly, this is a tangent, and I kinda feel that you were replying to me as if I was in some way taking the “Yay, White Iron Fist!” position. Which you know, I absolutely wasn’t.

          • Amenephis

            Your post was absolutely clear, Sarah, and I don’t think I misunderstood any of it, my points were as follows and I’m going to try to be a bit more clear then…

            You stated, “But to suggest that, therefore, you can’t enjoy or become invested in characters who are different to you?” By this logic, blacks, Asians, or anyone else should be perfectly content every time a white person is cast in a traditionally non-white role. They should enjoy or become invested in characters who are different from them. The argument you posted doesn’t actually support your position; conversely, it undermines it if one actually extrapolates it out. The only way it supports your position is if you explicitly state that whites and whites only should have to enjoy actors of other races, but individuals of those races shouldn’t have to be subjected to seeing white actors.

            As far as the second point goes, there are absolutely reasons why the US is majority white, same as any other country. The major contributing reason, of course, being that the closest nations to it which were interested in intercontinental exploration happened to be white, by pure coincidence. If Africa at the time, for example, had been interested in intercontinental exploration, then blacks would have come over and killed and enslaved the native populace instead of the whites. It’s just a fact of how the world worked at the time, and that whites came here first is nothing more than coincidence.

            What I was pointing out, though, is that you say people have the “right” to immigrate. You’ve said it again, in fact, in your reply to me. So I ask again…from where are you deriving that they have a legal right granted by the Constitution or Bill of Rights to immigrate? Those are, of course, where “rights” come from.

          • Sarah Smith

            “You stated, “But to suggest that, therefore, you can’t enjoy or become invested in characters who are different to you?” By this logic, blacks, Asians, or anyone else should be perfectly content every time a white person is cast in a traditionally non-white role.”

            Which, for a second time, ignores the very next section of my post – that this is subject to a base level of representation being available in media, that is not horribly racist or stereotypical. Empathy is possible when one feels safe. That base level of representation is available to white people. It is not always available to others – this is provable because the percentage of characters of various non-white ethnicities is always far lower than their demographic representation.

            And that’s quite beside the point that /if/ base representation were fair to everyone and if we could all – in theory – empathise equally well with any particular characters – and we then had a choice between the original version of a character, and a version of the character that /wasn’t racist/, we should probably choose the version of the character that /wasn’t racist/.

            You may not feel Iron Fist is racist, but a lot of Asian Americans are expressing that he is and I’m not sure why you feel your experience is more valid than theirs.

            I’m not even sure what to make of your “the fact we’re majority white has no bearing on racism” statement. Sure, whatever, we ended up a majority white nation because of the particular point in history where colonisation took place. It was still founded on racial genocide and race-based slavery. Those institutions are obviously no longer in place, but the economic and social legacy they left behind are absolutely tied to the current state of the nation. Unless you genuinely believe the higher percentages of poverty and incarceration in African American and Native American populations are also purely coincidental. But honestly I’m not really up for debating this with you when you’ve deliberately refused to engage with half of what I was saying twice in a row. Even after I specifically pointed out the part you missed.

    • Foreign Geek

      Can no one see the twist in this? When you see an Asian person do you readily think…oh this dude must be a black belt! Having a person of another race earn the Iron Fist is the twist no one in Kun Lun thought he could do it and he proved them wrong.

  • Chris W

    Needing to make a character Asian because he knows martial arts I think is the only prejudice part in this story.

    • Thaddeus VonPumpernickel

      And somehow the writer of this article doesn’t understand that.

      • Samuel Patrick Flynn

        I’ll quote myself here;
        “Critics of #AAIronFist contend that the character is historically white and that casting an Asian-American actor would not only be pandering but insulting because of the character’s martial arts background.”
        Here’s the important part;
        “Yeah, I don’t really understand the last one either.’

        • Hugo ‘DenPapa’ Strange

          Making him Asian because he knows Martial Arts is racist. It’s the preconceived notion that all Asians know some kind of Martial Arts, so it would further play into him being a stereotypical Asian character.

        • DefJ123

          Aren’t SJW’s the ones who usually cry about Asian’s being cast in martial arts role as racist when it happens? Perhaps your either not paying enough attention to internet or intentionally ignoring such conversations.

          • Tim

            Who are these SJW’s oogie-boogeys that everyone keeps coming up with? Maybe next, you can tell everyone to look out for the Yellow Peril!

          • DefJ123

            Judging by your comment, a good look in your mirror will show you a SJW.

        • Pol

          I also think a Footloose remake should take the opportunity to recast the Kevin Bacon character as an African American. Because black people love to dance.

        • Thaddeus VonPumpernickel

          I didn’t miss the important part. To me, the phrasing makes it sound like you don’t understand how that’s insulting or potentially racist. Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. Looking at it now, I can see how it could be taken either way. I’m guessing now that you agree that it is insulting because of the martial arts background, then? In that case, my bad.

    • Axxell

      It would only be racist if ALL asian characters in the MCU were martial artists. Portraying one of them as such is not racists of itself.

    • Pol


  • Awesome. So HH is now gonna be home to more of this pandering, SJW ideologically stupid nonsense?

    Real fast way to torpedo the site before it ever gets going.

    • Chris W

      Unfortunately neither the critics or the bloggers here know anything about the comics.

      • Zach Cooper

        I haven’t even READ the comics and I know this stuff. The Ultimate Spiderman cartoon is surprisingly insightful (as well as entertaining).

      • Matt C.

        If there had been an internet when the Iron Fist comics started, people would’ve had a problem with that. The problem was created years ago and Marvel had an opportunity to fix it.

    • So HH is now gonna be home to more of this pandering, SJW ideologically stupid nonsense?

      If by that you mean they’ll have articles examining the greater ramifications these roles incur when racially insensitive casting occurs, then yes, I do hope they’ll be doing more of this. What you dub “SJW…stupid nonsense” is in reality simply caring that people besides white dudes are represented in pop culture.

      For someone whose profile claims to be an ideology hater, you’re certainly prescribing to a very harmful close-minded ideology that’s oblivious to the blatant racial insensitivity associated with casing a Caucasian person in the role of Iron Fist in the year 2016.

      • Ah, so here comes the, “If you don’t believe in SJW causes, you must be a racist/misogynist/homophobe,” diatribe?

        Sorry, but I don’t play in that sandbox, so if that’s where you want to play, I’m taking a hard pass.

        For this particular instance, the “MakeIronFistAsian” crusade on twitter, like most SJW causes, had nothing to do with logic. These types of things never do.

        When it comes to casting decisions for a ficitonal character, I don’t care how you cast the character as long as it doesn’t fundamentally change that character.

        Changing the ethnicity of Johnny Storm doesn’t matter. Batman doesn’t have to be white. Neither does Superman. It’s not who they are. Make a Hispanic Batman. Cast Vin Diesel as an older Superman for a Kingdom Come film. Cast Jimmy Smiths as an older Batman for that film. Bring it on. It doesn’t matter. They’re two actors who can pull off the role.

        That being said, Danny Rand’s ethnicity very much informs who the character is, and no, Devin Faraci, changing him to Asian American is not the same thing.

        As an FYI: no, I don’t like ideology. None of it. Progressive or social conservative. It’s all emotionally driven nonsense that ignores logic.

        As this argument does. As the chocolate covered raisins fallacy does.

        If you want more Asian characters, logically, what is better? Appropriating one character and making them Asian? Or actually creating an Asian character that’s great and to whom people respond?

        They didn’t make Peter Parker a black-Hispanic teenager. They created Miles Morales. And he’s great.

        Appropriation is lazy. Anyone can do that. Create something wonderful if you honestly feel there’s a diverse voice missing from the world of superheros.

        • BurgundySuit

          Say what you like about this guy, he’s concise!

          • Persia

            I’m so glad more shows are taking on the struggles of being a white guy. Feels like a really untold story.

        • Never said you were a racist, I said you were oblivious to the racially tinged flaws in casting a White person in this role

          • There are none. It’s who the character is. And the fact that Danny Rand learned how it feels to be “the other” and was able to change his life for the better is an uplifting story, and it directly relates to him being Caucasian.

            I’m sorry you can’t see that.

          • Maggie Smith

            I’d say the feeling of being an other can also work with an Asian American who’s never been to Asia before. Being caucasian only directly relates to his relationship with Luke Cage.

          • Lazworth Vera

            That does not REQUIRE him to be Caucasian. The “outsider” factor is the essential part to his story, not him being white. He can still be race-swapped and regarded as such as any other “outlier” race– maybe not asian(unless bi-racial?).
            The fact is he’s a fictional character and you can easily have Rand as virtually any race as long as it’s not detrimental to his origin/core of the story.

          • BurgundySuit

            And from what I’ve heard, non-white Americans have an even harder time getting along in East Asia.

          • Axxell


            Claiming that an asian cannot treat a person of asian heritage as an outsider is basically saying that people will treat all members of their race the same.

          • SAMURAI36

            Right, he pretty much told on himself.

        • BurgundySuit

          Wait, appropriation? You mean like doing a martial arts story about a blond dude?

          • So everyone who does martial arts must be Asian?

            Hmm. Stereotype much? 😉

          • BurgundySuit

            Honestly, you’re not wrong. It would be a lot better if there were more roles for Asian actors that don’t involve martial arts. But we’ll take what we can get.

          • SAMURAI36

            Something tells me, that if they made Black Panther a British guy, you wouldn’t lose any sleep.

          • Something tells me you’d be wrong.

            As stated elsewhere, I had a big problem with the switch for the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, in which for the Mandarin, his ethnicity is key to the character, much like it is Rand or Cage.

            But nice try. :-)

        • Chris W

          I think Bruce Wayne has to be white. He comes from old money in America. Wayne enterprises was a pillar of the community for a very long time.

    • CD

      Iron Man 3 Mandarin. Everything you just said is proven wrong because of this casting choice. Played by not one, but two white men, Ben Kingsley the decoy then Guy Pierce his boss.

      • No, it’s not wrong.

        Because THAT casting was wrong. If you’re going to be angry about casting that was counter to the fundamental core of the character, THAT is the casting you need to complain about to the high heavens.

        I mean, for crying out loud, he’s called THE MANDARIN.

        That was terrible casting. They changed the character. BECAUSE of stupid PC reasons because they were worried about being offensive instead of making the character amazing while keeping the fundamental core traits intact.

        The Mandarin should’ve been cast with a Chinese actor, because The Mandarin is Chinese just as much as Danny Rand is Caucasian.

        See how your “gotcha” doesn’t work on me? Do you wanna know why? Because my point of view isn’t fueled by ideological, emotional nonsense. I’m logical. Changing The Mandarin’s ethnicity is illogical no matter how you shake it.

        • CD

          I’m not angry, and there’s no gotcha. I’m just bringing up the point that people conveniently forget that casting when they go on their rants. These are all fictional characters. This isn’t a bio pic. Changing the Mandarins ethnicity did nothing, everyone still saw the movie. Not casting Danny as an Asian American was just a wasted opportunity. Now we’ll have two White kung fu guys, in masks, fighting ninja’s.

          Since you want to talk logic, smart market sense would be to cast him as an Asian American. That gives you a wider demographic appeal, maximizing viewership. An Asian American Iron fist is just casting outside of the box.

          You have an interesting superiority complex. I thought you brought up an interesting point so I wanted to engage you in a civil conversation. Then you show up with “Because my point of view isn’t fueled by ideological, emotional nonsense. I’m logical”. Dude I don’t know you. Further more I don’t care about you. However you are one of the few people that articulated their argument well and I found that refreshing. But you and your logic horse mean nothing to me, people are entitled to different opinions. With that said have a good day.

          • My apologies. It did not appear as if you wanted to discuss, but to debase with a gothca moment by thinking I would respond to The Mandarin being cast as white as okay.

            Sometimes, sitting here defending a position over and over against forces who use circular logic, strawmen, and emotion to fuel their argument can be exhausting, and I lashed out like an a-hole.

            I do not think I’m superior; trust me. I make way too many mistakes (like then) to view myself as superior. I just try to view the world through a logical lens. I think it’s better than subscribing to an ideology because doing that doesn’t often leave open the window to allow for change.

            Again… my apologies. You have every right to think I’m an a-hole.

  • Hugo ‘DenPapa’ Strange

    There’s nothing wrong with this casting.

    He’s white. He was made to feel like an outcast by Asians due to being white. Could an Asian character feel that? Could an Asian be a forced outcast of Asians for being Asian? I highly doubt it. It’s just the pathetic SJW community, IE white women shouting over minorities.

    • Samuel Patrick Flynn

      The devil’s advocate: I imagine that among the 18 million Asian-Americans (a.k.a 5.6% of the U.S. population) many would be quite used to feeling like outcasts. Additionally, Devin Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death makes a fantastic point in his article that a third-generation Asian-American returning to his roots in Asia would achieve the same outsider effect you speak of. Not that it eliminates every problematic aspect you bring up but I thought I’d exchange some ideas with you on this sensitive topic.

      • Using Devin Faraci to make a point regarding a topic such as this? Might as well use Donna Dickens.

        Here’s something for the SJW bloggers out there: When I look at the ethnic make up of sites like Collider, HitFix, Birth.Movies.Death, AVClub, etc, etc, etc… do you know what I see? A lot of white faces. Maybe one or two POCs. Some would call them “token.”

        So maybe before they decide to sit in judgment of film or television casting with their ridiculous, illogical SJW ideology as the prism by which they view EVERYTHING no matter the context, they could all practice what they preach? Maybe diversify their workplace if that is what they truly believe should be paramount over every other consideration including merit?


        • Samuel Patrick Flynn

          You’re commenting on a site founded by a successful journalist from the Dominican Republic. As Umberto said in his excellent introduction to HH Mark II, he has taken great pains to maintain a diverse writing staff and he’s succeeded. I’m proud to be a part of this staff.

          • I know he has. And there’s no bigger fan of Umberto Gonzalez than myself. There are few things better in this world than the build yourself a business success story. It’s the quintessential American story, and the reason why America is still great (even if our government continues to make it harder and harder for small businesses to succeed).

            You did notice I did not include HH in my list, correct? Nor did I name Latino-Review. Because they don’t belong there.

            It doesn’t change the fact that most of people filling out the ranks of SJW “journalists” work in predominantly caucausian, male-dominated offices, newsrooms, work spaces, yet for some reason, sit in judgment on everyone else when it comes to the topics of ethnicity and gender.

            It’s hypocrisy.

  • Pinbacker

    This article is dumb. But not as dumb as the Ant-Man article that ragged on Michael Peña as an offensive racial stereorype. Now that was REALLY dumb.

  • DBZ *King Goku*

    Ohh lord don’t tell me this site has gone full SJWs too..

    • Pol

      Shut up, white guy

  • unpaidpundit

    I don’t see why Asians need feel threatened by seeing Asian culture through Western eyes. Several Far Eastern Asian cultures (China, Japan) have rich literary cultures. Asians have told their own stories for millennia, and will continue to do so. China and Japan also have substantial motion picture industries.

    • Tim

      Because at this point The Last Samurai was a dude named Tom Cruise and The Ancient One is now a British woman. Cool, well at least we The Mandarin, wait turns out that The Mandarin was not even a half Asian guy, but a white guy instead.

      • unpaidpundit

        The reason Marvel changed the race of the Mandarin was because they were afraid that politically correct folks would find an Asian Mandarin to be an offensive stereotype.

        • Axxell

          Which was stupid. Why would it be offensive to give someone a nickname based on their place of origin? The mafia does it all the time.

          • Amenephis

            Well, that would be because standard SJW policy is that if something is cast racially accurately, then it’s an offensive stereotype, and if it’s cast racially inaccurately then it’s racist.

            It’s impossible to please people whose sole goal in life is to be offended.

  • Joshua Sorrels

    the whole point is he is an outsider to an Asian culture and learns to better himself with their teachings. you could make him black or hispanic and it would still work. just not asian.

    • Persia

      What if he was an Asian guy raised by a white family? Trans-racial adoption’s a thing. Or he had a family that assimilated and he considered himself 100% American? There’s ways to make someone an outsider and not white.

      • Or even a non-White ethnicity that isn’t Asian would worked fine for making him an outsider for this culture.

        So many possibilities…and Marvel TV casting went with the worst possible option.

        • “The worst possible direction.”

          Which was to cast the character as he is in the comics.

          LOL. M’kay.

        • Persia

          As I’m sure you remembered, if they’d listened to me and cast Ken Watanabe for Dr. Strange some of this would have been avoided.

          • Smilner

            My understanding is that Mr. Watanabe is preoccupied.

          • Persia

            He wasn’t when they cast Cumberbach. (There’s still John Cho if they want someone younger and healthier. Or…)

          • Pol

            Some of this could have been avoided? By this you mean you’re damning dissaproval? You can’t please everyone. Had they cast Ken Wanatabe as Dr Strange, someone just as opinionated as you would be moaning right now instead of you, sweetheart.

  • DefJ123

    So they cast a character as he should be and its racist? Interesting. Wouldn’t these same people be crying racism if they cast as an Asian in the role for being “stereotypical”? SJW’s never cease to amaze me with the stupidity they come up with.

    • As someone who you would probably dub an “SJW” (man, that terms awesome for deciphering who to take seriously in discussions. No sane human being would utilize it in 100% seriousness), I can honestly say it would be waaaay better to cast a person of Asian descent or any other non-White ethnicity over just getting a white guy to play this role.

      • Amenephis

        In today’s quotes from NerdInTheBasement:

        “If by that you mean they’ll have articles examining the greater ramifications these roles incur when racially insensitive casting occurs, then yes, I do hope they’ll be doing more of this. What you dub “SJW…stupid nonsense” is in reality simply caring that people besides black dudes are represented in pop culture.

        For someone whose profile claims to be an ideology hater, you’re certainly prescribing to a very harmful close-minded ideology that’s oblivious to the blatant racial insensitivity associated with casing a black person in the role of Iron Fist in the year 2016.”

        “Never said you were a racist, I said you were oblivious to the racially tinged flaws in casting a black person in this role”

        “As someone who you would probably dub an “SJW” (man, that terms awesome for deciphering who to take seriously in discussions. No sane human being would utilize it in 100% seriousness), I can honestly say it would be waaaay better to cast a person of Caucasian descent or any other white ethnicity over just getting a black guy to play this role.”

        Now obviously, I’ve done a little race reversal on these quotes…but shouldn’t that be invisible to you? If everyone’s the same and equal, then surely you won’t have a problem with that…unless of course you’re saying that you think that people should be treated differently, solely and exclusively due to the color of their skin.

      • Tyler Whisinnand

        HE’S A WHITE CHARACTER!!! That makes no sense.

      • DefJ123

        And what is your reasoning an Asian would be better? The origin of Iron Fist largely plays upon him being an outsider and NOT Asian…. Saying he shouldn’t be white is saying screw the source material. There’s no real benefit to him being Asian other than PC pandering. Seeing as you’re a SJW, I highly doubt you’ll understand that though.

        • SAMURAI36

          Because Marvel hasn’t said “screw the source material” before?

          • DefJ123

            So what you’re saying is Marvel should piss off a ton of fans, as is the norm when they make race changes, to appease SJW’s whom most of have never even heard of Iron Fist before this? Makes sense.

          • Scotchka

            Who are these Iron Fist fans? His last solo book was canceled due to low sales. I bet you’ve never read an Iron Fist comic.

          • DefJ123

            Don’t be an idiot, there’s obviously fans or they wouldn’t make a series out of Iron Fist. Neither Jessica Jones nor Luke Cage have current runs and got a tv series, so moot point. I actually have read Iron Fist comics, which I am irritated at this thought. Try a better troll next time, if you’re capable of it.

          • Scotchka

            Iron Fist was canceled. Meaning they put out a highly marketed monthly comic and no one bought it. Alias was a limited run from over a decade ago and Luke Cage is a regular presence in the MU. But you don’t read comics anyways so I dunno why i’m wasting my time with you.

        • DarkoCool

          An asian actor would have been a good idea. However thats the rub. The fact That he’s white is the irony of his character. Its a big part of the conflict in his comic not to mention his wealth. Its also the first time we’ve had a live action Iron Fist. Same way I loveee Miles Morales but knew Parker was the way to go. Its Peters first time in his proper universe!

          • DefJ123

            But why is an Asian actor a good idea? I’m still waiting for a legit reason on this. I just don’t see changing characters to different races for the sake of diversity as a legit reason. I wanna see the characters I grew up reading about, not a PC version to make SJW’s happy.

          • DarkoCool

            He should have been Asian since the beginning. Its perfect for the background and idea behind the character. And now it would be even more relevant considering how Asians are marginalized into the passive stereotype which couldnt be further from truth. However, I stand by my original statement. To me, as a 39 year old male Danny is white and blond.

          • DefJ123

            I disagree, him not being Asian was a big part of his origin. Him being Asian would have undermined it, but that’s my opinion. I also disagree Asian’s get a passive stereotype. Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan ring any bells? In the movies I’ve watched, there always seems to be a badass Asian warrior. The complete opposite of passive person.

      • Tiago Vaz


    • SAMURAI36

      I think the point is that the character is kinda racist from the start.

      • DefJ123

        How is Iron Fist in any way, shape or form racist? I’m also waiting for the posts about how its racist they cast The Ancient One in Doctor Strange as a white woman, yet to see any.

  • BurgundySuit
    • Persia

      All the ‘he was white in the comics’ thing also ignores the fact that Iron Fist was pretty clearly modeled on–as Mr. Wu says–kung fu films and that Bruce Lee guy.

      • Also; not everything from the comics needs to come over to live-action incarnations. Jarvis went from being a human butler to an A.I. system, and that worked out fine. I’m sure a race change for Danny Rand would have worked out just as well.

        • Persia

          (There’s a human Jarvis too, mind you. Though actually–they could do the Brubaker thing and have a white Iron Fist who was the last Iron Fist. Kind of what they did with Ant-Man.)

          • Ah yes, I forgot about James D’Arcy’s endlessly charming turn as JARVIS on Agent Carter

          • Persia

            (So great. But that’s just one way they’ve played around with what was in the comics in ways that make things more interesting and more fun.)

          • Axxell

            I don’t think that works. You’re talking about passing the mantle right away to someone other than Danny Rand…people were willing to accept the whole “passing the Ant Man baton to a new generation” because of Pym’s difficult story in the comics, not to mention Lang has been Ant Man for a while there. But I don’t think there’s an equivalence with the Iron Fist franchise.

          • Persia

            Didn’t the Brubaker run talk about generations of Iron Fists stretching back millennia (or something similar)?

          • Axxell

            But when you think of Marvel’s Iron Fist, you think of Danny Rand, not anyone else. I doubt they can get away with plugging someone else in. Not to mention you lose the whole history with the Heroes for Hire and Defenders.

          • Persia

            Most people go ‘…who?’ when they hear Iron Fist in the first place, though.

          • SAMURAI36

            Precisely. They could change him to Asian, and the world wouldn’t miss a beat.

          • SAMURAI36

            You act as if people (re: the main stream, non Marvel-Zombie audience) even knows who IronFist is.

          • Axxell

            Most comic book fans do.

        • SAMURAI36

          Which is precisely why I stated that Marvel has had no problems making revisions for their product before. There are DOZENS of changes theyve made from print to screen, and no one bats an eye.

      • Dr.RoButtNik

        To be fair, that was what Shang Chi was for. Why can’t we just get a Shang Chi show?

        • Persia

          I’d be down with that.

    • Marquis de Sade

      That was back in the early 70’s. You’d think white males would be more enlightened now.

  • Marquis de Sade

    The real issue, is the propensity of white males who create these characters, always caters to the typical “WHITE MALE” Conceit by taking something ancient, foreign and putting a white face on it, thus automatically making it more superior than the indigenous who initially created it. – It’s that typical Col. TOM PARKER business model: “FIND ME A WHITEBOY WITH A COLORED SOUND, AND I’LL MAKE ME A MILLION DOLLARS!” – But in this case, “LET’S CREATE A YOUNG WHITE MALE AND MAKE HIM MORE SUPERIOR THAN THE INDIGENOUS THAT’S BEEN DOING IT FOR CENTURIES”.
    Not only is this a tired plot trope, but it’s also stereotyping blond haired, blue eyed white males into always being cast as inherently SUPERIOR.
    Iron Fist should’ve been ret-conned as an Asian American.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Activists will say “Well, Nick Fury changed race.” How do we reply?

    • By recognizing that the world didn’t crumble when Nick Fury changed race and that maybe being cool with more diverse racial representation is fine?

      • You keep missing the point. It’s not about casting for diversity. There’s a lot of people who have no issue with that at all.

        But when doing so changes the character on a fundamental level, to the point where it’s no longer the same character, then why are you even using the character in the first place? It’s illogical.

        Casting John Cena as Luke Cage would be a huge mistake. Being a black man is at the very core of who Luke Cage is.

        And it doesn’t matter if you refuse to acknowledge or not, but being a white man is at the very core of who Danny Rand is.

        • TheWillowOfDarkness

          You’re ignoring the most question which matters most here: do we need to tell another story of a white guy learning about means to be the Other and becoming a better person because of it? Why not, you know, put the Other on screen and get audiences to see them live other their lives as people?

          Being white man might be who Danny Rand is, but maybe that’s exactly what we don’t need. Perhaps themes of being the Other would be better explored by actually telling stories about their lives, rather than trying to transmit secondhand though white protagonist.

          • You say it’s what we don’t need. Who made you the judge and jury of what we don’t need?

            All I want is good superhero stories that don’t fundamentally change the characters and ruin them.

            You know, like how Berlanti ruined Green Lantern by making Hal a whiny wuss who ran away from Oa because Sinestro was too tough on him.

            Danny Rand is white. Changing that fundamentally changes the character.

            So the issue shouldn’t be casting, it’s the heroes Marvel is choosing to use, maybe?

            If that is your belief, that’s a reasoned and logical approach. Make Danny Rand Asian is not.

            Focusing on the casting of an established character actually takes it easy on Marvel, because is the bigger problem is the characters they’re using to tell these stories?

            Why Danny Rand? Why not Kamala Khan?

          • Axxell

            I disagree that making Danny Rand of asian heritage would fundamentally change the character. His story is about fitting in, and as any American of foreign ascendance will tell you, fitting in is not as easy as sharing physical traits with someone else. In fact, many people of mixed heritage have been marginalized by their own culture for not being “real” or “pure”. Trust me, I know. I’m hispanic american.

        • BurgundySuit

          Is the core of a comic book character from the seventies really more important than the fact that 75% of the population takes up 90% of the TV shows?

          • Pol

            That’s a gross simplification. 99,9% of roles that are landed by white actors are bad roles too. 99% of anything coming out of Hollywood or out of TV is crap. Actors take what they can get to pay the rent most of the time. And there’s no reason to think that the Danny Raynd role was ever supposed to be good. I remember the 70s and 80s, when movie /TV superhero content was 99,9% awful. The only reason why you are assuming Iron Fist will be good is not because it is a role written as a white character. It is because the people handling it are Netflix and Marvel. Yes, they could have changed it to an Asian character. I was actually surprised they didn’t. I thought it would be a clever business move. But you cannot please everyone. Someone, maybe not you, would have complained that Marvel was just cynically trying to get a piece of the Chinese market. Someone, maybe not you, would complain Marvel only changed Danny Raynd’s ethnicity to pander to a vociferous minority on Twitter and that Marvel only did it to get some press as being super preoccupied with diversity. Someone, maybe not you, would be butthurt they won’t get to see the Iron Fist they grew up with on the screen.

            The only thing that matters here is, will it be good or will it disappoint? If you don’t like the skin colour, watch something else. Better yet, get your creative juices flowing and aim to be the person who creates the next cultural icon. Stop hating on the colour choice of those who created these characters in the past and create your own.

          • BurgundySuit

            By “good roles,” all I mean is high profile.

    • Persia

      “Did you miss David Hasselhoff in those movies?”

    • It didn’t fundamentally change who the character is.

      Casting Johnny Storm as black doesn’t change Johnny Storm.

      Casting Batman as Hispanic wouldn’t change Batman.

      Casting Danny Rand as anything other than Caucasian would be like casting Luke Cage with John Cena.

      It would fundamentally change the character.

      • Persia

        Why is ‘outsider’ automatically ‘white?’

        • Devin Faraci’s view point still don’t hold water, because it’s the fact that in Kun-Lun, he’s a complete and total outsider.

          You’d never get that casting Danny Rand as Asian.

          Again… it’s tantamount to casting Luke Cage with John Cena.

          You do that, and it’s no longer Luke Cage.

          • Marquis de Sade

            So an Asian American wouldn’t be considered a GAIJAN(sp)/OUTSIDER in Kun-Lun?

          • Not in the same way as to resonate with Danny Rand being white, no.

            I go to Italy, I am an outsider. My friend Jay, who is black, goes to Italy, and he is far more an outsider than I am.

          • Axxell

            I think Danny Rand being of mixed heritage would resonate enough with people of mixed heritage, of which there’s a growing amount in the world.

          • Shawn Madden

            I never agree with Matt but he’s right. I’m a die-hard Iron Fist fan and a race change does the change some major aspects of the character (including his relationship with Luke) no matter how you try and spin it.

        • Pol

          It is automatic or default when the outsider in question has consistently appeared as a white character in ongoing publications from the 70s up until now.

          • Persia

            Not really answering the question.

      • Pol

        Why is no-one moaning about ANOTHER white Bruce Wayne in the cinema? It seems some characters are immune to the No More White Guys campaign. It would’ve interesting to know if there’sa reason

    • Pol

      Actually, Nick Fury was changed to Mr Bad MF Samuel Jackson. Who says No to that?

  • This is the same argument someone on AVClub tried to make regarding James Bond being gay or a woman in a Bond film. You can cast James Bond as black, white, Anglo-Indian… whatever you want. James Bond’s ethnicity (even in being “Scottish”) isn’t the core concept of who that character is. But if you were to cast James Bond as a woman or write him to be a homosexual in a Bond film would change the fundamental core concept of who James Bond is.

    James Bond is a hard living, hard drinking, skirt chasing super spy, “man’s man.” That is the fundamental make up of who he is. Changing his ethnicity wouldn’t change that. So I’m all aboard the Idris Elba for Bond train. But you change the character’s gender or sexual orientation, and you fundamentally change the character. Saying that isn’t homophobic or misogynistic, it’s just logical based on everything we know about the character of James Bond.

    This is why we could have a Kingdom Come movie in which Jimmy Smits plays the older Batman or Vin Diesel plays Superman. Those characters being white isn’t who they are. Superman and Batman don’t need to have blue eyes. Those characters being men is who they are. So you couldn’t cast Batman with Sandra Bullock and Superman with Rhonda Rousey. They wouldn’t be Batman or Superman.

    It’s like you can’t cast John Cena as Luke Cage, because being a black man is at the core of who Luke Cage is as a character. The same goes for Danny Rand. His ethnicity is a fundamental part of the character.

    This is a reasoned and logical approach. What the SJWs want… not so much.

    • TheWillowOfDarkness

      Indeed. That’s the point. To change James Bond to be gay or woman alters what the character represents. He would no longer be the paragon of hyper-heterosexaul masculinity and authority. The character would become something different. Something which represents other audiences. Something which wasn’t merely the expression of a white male power fantasy to the exclusion of anyone else.

      In these cases, it is the original form of the character which is considered the issue. People are wanting to change the original character to make a representation which expresses other stories of some similar themes.

      • No, if you change the fundamental character of who James Bond is, then he is no longer James Bond.

        You have now created a new character. Congratulations! That’s wonderful. And that’s what we need far more of in the world.

        Why should your goal be to take established characters and to see them represent what you feel they should represent (when that character has never represented that), instead of creating your own character?

        I understand it’s the easy way out, but when is easy ever rewarded in life?

        Creating Miles Morales was likely not easy for Bendis. Creating Kamala Khan was not easy. But look how great those characters turned-out because the time was taken to create them.

        If you make Scott Summers gay, you fundamentally change one of the things that’s always defined Scott Summers as a character: his romantic love of Jean Grey. He is no longer Scott Summers.

        • TheWillowOfDarkness

          It’s more than the easy way out. These popular characters mean something. They represent certain values and ideas about what role people play in our minds. Changing the sexuality or race of James Bond might mean he is no longer the heterosexual male power fantasy, but does that remove all the significance of James Bond. No, it doesn’t.

          James Bond is still the mythical spy of our culture. The significance of being a top spy, with a licence to kill, who saves the world, is still there for whomever takes up the role, whether they are gay, a woman or anything else. Taking a famous established character has the effect of taking all sorts of meanings associated with that character and tying them to representation of different people. We open-up the category of out mythical heroes to more than just white men. The effect is not merely to create a wonderful character. It is to alter the myths by which relate to the world and change our conception of who belongs where.

          • Your argument is based around an emotional solution to a problem that ignores logic.

            As I’ve said: there are no great spy stories or films being told from a woman’s point of view or the point of view of a gay man (or woman).

            The solution isn’t to take an established character and make them what they aren’t. All of the meaning and power you confer on that character disappears. They suddenly wouldn’t be a great character with these new characteristics simply because the name remains the same.

            To create a woman spy or a homosexual spy that stands on their own and adds a distinctive voice to the genre that does not come prepackaged with the baggage the name of James Bond brings with it would be the logical conclusion.

            Again… you’re demanding what’s easy, and what comes easy never works out well for anyone.

            Do you know what easy is? Easy is Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau. Easy is Brandon Routh as Superman.

            Create something new that stands of its own two feet and moves forward with its own point of view to carve out its own path in the genre.

            Fundamentally changing a character simply because that character doesn’t parrot your point of view is pretty lame.

          • TheWillowOfDarkness

            You are wrong about that. The meaning and power does not disappear because the character has a long history in our popular culture. These characters have meaning beyond each individual incarnation and their traits.

            This is a logical argument. The use the meanings of established popular myth to expand representation in are culture. The point is not to make a “great” character. Many popular characters (in their original form) aren’t really that great at all. Rather it is to expand representation within the context of our heroic myths. It popularity and how that impacts our understanding of who belongs where in our society. In many ways the point here is NOT to be “distinctive.” The benefit of making these sorts of changes to our mythical characters in that they are not read as “strange distinctions,” but rather as part of the everyday, assumed make-up of society.

          • And by default, when you change a character to the point where they’re no longer the same character, you’re doing so why?

            Because you don’t believe the viewpoint of the character or the character’s creator matters or is valid?

            Ian Flemming’s creative voice doesn’t matter because he was a white man? Or it isn’t valid because it doesn’t conform with your world view?

            Hmm. Again… changing a fundamental trait of a character invalidates the character. It is not longer what it was. You break the thing simply because you can. There’s no logic in that.

            There’s also the fact that SJWs who demand these kind of changes to established art ignore the fact that there is a whole world out of there full of art created by numerous cultures and peoples.

            Create something that speaks for you. Or, support something that speaks for you in way that makes that character popular enough to warrant greater exposure in popular culture.

            I guess next, we’re going to make Huckleberry Finn a trans Afghani peasant woman because diversity? That’ll show that white man Mark Twain, whose viewpoint is invalid to me because it doesn’t reflect my ideology or ethnicity or gender right back at me like it was a mirror!

    • Sarah Smith

      I think the problem, though, dude, is that there are two things going on here:

      1) Iron Fist is the story of an outsider in an Asian culture.

      2) Iron Fist – as specifically told in his original origin – cleaves really close to a lot of really stereotypical and racist tropes. A lot of /those/ are directly tied to him being a white dude.

      You’re prioritising point 1 (and perhaps even disagree with point 2). They’re prioritising point 2. In order to address point 2, you either abandon point 1, you change point 1 so that his outsider status is not tied to his race, or you make him a race that is neither Asian nor Caucasian.

      I believe the pushback about wanting a specifically Asian Iron Fist came from the fact that – while normally it would be stereotypical to assign Kung Fu powers to the Asian guy – in this case, it would be a way of addressing and apologising for the racism in the original, which was directed against Asian people.

      In sum – his ethnicity is /not/ core to his character even in your interpretation, only his status as a non-Asian is, and while making him Asian would require some changes to his story, it would bring about positives in the way it addressed the original racism of the story. If you disgree the story was racist to start with, then I’m not the person to get into that with you, but I would invite you to ask yourself why you are more qualified to know how it makes Asian people feel than they are themselves.

    • SAMURAI36

      Why on earth is Rand’s ethnicity the core of his character? Please show your work.

  • Armand Rock

    i really don’t get it…you use a white actor and your racist…Jimy Olsen is black in Supergirl and most people loves it and people who don’t are supposively racist…sounds like racism is going too far in the wrong direction. Personally i just want the best actor for each positions…that is honestly the only way to be “equal” regardless of race.

  • E C F’N W

    LMAO isn’t Iron Fist white though?? WHO CARES!! NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE!!! For god sakes Finn Jones looks like the perfect Iron Fist. Leave it alone!!! Not everything is about racism! I mean jeez just enjoy it people.

  • Green Goblin

    His white nothing to talk about..

  • IsmellSuperBUll

    Iron Fist is one of the few white superheroes where his race is actually kind of important and I’m not talking about him being an outsider in K’un-L’un. One of the central themes of “Power Man and Iron Fist” was the friendship of Danny Rand (Iron Fist) and Luke Cage (Power Man) despite having backgrounds that were polar opposites. You’d think people could find value in a story about a white man and a black man seeing past their differences to become best friends. But then the social justice movement seems to be more interested in dividing people instead of uniting them.

  • IsmellSuperBUll

    Let’s just get straight to the point sjws are racist against white people mainly white dudes..

    • Green Goblin

      ^^^ marvel just colorwashed a character in marvel’s most wanted nobody had anything to say, marvel just casted mantis an Asian nobody had anything to say !!! Cast iron fist (another unknown) it’s treading on Twitter !!! All the sjws and their buddies are crying whitewashed !! They are clearly motivated against whites..

      • SAMURAI36

        Awww, you mad bro?

    • Matt C.

      Satire or serious? I really need to know which arrow to press.

  • Foreign Geek

    I don’t have a problem with him being white, he was created that way. He was an outsider that transcended his role in a predominantly Asian world, he set out to prove he could do what no outsider could do.

    We all know that Asians have dominated the world as the best martial artists! The outside world wanted to know what that felt like and wanted to be just as good. If the Iron Fist creators meant to disrespect Asians by creating a one of a kind martial artist who is Caucasian I don’t know that…you’d have to ask them.

    What if the 70’s TV show Kung Fu was being made today? Would we oppose David Carradine for playing the role? Now if they had casted an Asian I still wouldn’t have a problem with it because we Comic Book movie/TV fans know full well that what is written and illustrated in the books don’t always translate (exactly) well to the small or big screen.

    I just hope the show is good. We see these days that not only Asians practice martial arts, all races and nations do. I too want to see diversity in movies but because I’m a comic book fan, I want to see my heroes represented like how they were created. Thank goodness for the multi-verse in the DC world and ultimates in marvel. We get to see alternate versions of our faves but ultimately the original ones are the ones we want to experience on screen first.

  • Brandon

    I’m betting this Marjorie Liu is just some liberal trying to jump on the race card band wagon… I tell you what Marjorie Liu how many white super heroes are in Chinese films? The point I’m trying to make is that I am sick and tired of these pro death liberals claiming racism anytime a human of a darker shade stubs there toe …just stop it it is getting real old. You are down grading the creators of this show and basically calling them racist because they cast a super hero that just so happens to have been white in the originals with a white person … if this is the biggest problems in your lives then I would guess that the world is in pretty good shape but guess what it’s not so please take your liberal BS somewhere else while us normal thinking humans worry about major issues such as terrorism,national debt, illegal immigration , drugs ,etc btw if things are so bad in this country then move to another it is as simple as that and don’t say it’s not because the way liberals portray this country you would think it’s some third world dictatorship so why would you want to be here in the first place so please do us all a favor and shut your mouth

  • Optimus Quantitative Easing

    I have been reading and collecting comics since the early 1970’s and Danny Rand has always been a white character, I could see the outrage if they did this to Shang-Chi.

  • Terry T. Yarbor

    Yeah, I think ironfist was always white.

  • B2D 327

    I don’t remember Danny Rand AKA “Iron Fist” being asian or why his origins need to be changed to placate those with an agenda based on control under the guise of cultural diversity. Why don’t you just create your own characters and cast them however you please instead of trying to change an established universe that you had NO input in creating in the first place?

  • David McIntyre

    This whole argument is ridiculous. For those of you comic activist who insist the character should be Asian I imagine this argument is the extent of any activism you’ve done. Go into your communities and make a difference and so arguing over a comic book character that ultimately isn’t going to change the truth in the real world. Danny was white so he was properly cast as he was. Casting him otherwise is pandering and does not help.

  • SeanH

    Bottom line for me is stay true to the source material, that’s what’s been working, if they ever add Shang-Chi to the lineup then be pissed if he’s not Chinese. (and no, not Asian American, Chinese), otherwise STFU, and look at the epic fail of the last FF movie when they try to change too much.

  • DefJ123

    Here’s another good question for the SJW tards, if Iron Fist should be Asian, where were you tards when Tilda Swinton got cast as The Ancient One? You know, a character that ACTUALLY is Asian in the comics? No cries of racism ever showed up there!

  • Avengers+MCUspidey

    Sjws are pure trash

  • DefJ123

    Oh HH you censored a comment of mine! I’ll repost it. Question for SJW’s, where were you tards when The Ancient One, an ACTUAL Asian in the comics, was cast as a white woman (Tilda Swinton)? None of you were jumping with rage then! #raginghypocrites

  • DefJ123

    Officially done with this site. Twice I’ve posted a good comment about how SJW’s attacking this are raging hypocrites and twice its been deleted. Good bye HH, you joke of a SJW haven!

  • Johnny Tou Thao

    Iron Fist is a white guy tough, why are so many Asians and non-Asians so upset about. So what if the source of his abilities are Asian martial arts based, Wuxia style, it’s how it’s always been.

  • Bruce Norris

    I think he should be white and blond, THINK it’s a strong visual component of the character.

    On the flip side, if they ever make a “MASTER OF KUNG FU” show/movie, Shang-Chi needs to be asian for the same reason. In addition, the choreography and time of it should feel like a Bruce Lee movie mixed with. the tv show “WILD WILD WEST”.

  • Pol

    So a person will not watch a fantasy TV show because she has a serious problem with the lead actor’s skin colour. Wait, what was the word for that type of person again…..?

    • sintheticreality2


  • tigerface

    It doesn’t bother me that he’s white. What worries me is that Iron Fist is supposed to be a Kung Fu master and as far as I know this guy doesn’t know jack about that.

  • Pol

    I also think a Footloose remake should take the opportunity to recast the Kevin Bacon character as an African American. Because black people love to dance

  • Pol

    A Rainman remake would have to feature an Asian American, because Asians are better at math.
    This way you avoid the Asian kung fu guy stereotype by adding to a different stereotype about Asians

  • Pol

    So Marjorie Liu says she has already decided she will not watch a TV show solely for one reason: she has a problem with the star’s skin colour.

    We have a word for people like that, don’t we? ……Enlightened anti-racist?……no, that doesn’t seem quite right……hold on…ehh.. Human Rights activist? No…I don’t think watching or not watching a TV show qualifies as activism, even in obese America…. What was that word again?

  • Bruce Norris

    I think Chuck Norris would have made a great Iron Fist. : )

    He got famous in 1972.

    Iron Fist debuted in 1975.

    COULD there be a connection? Could casting him as anything other than white be a “diss” to Chuck?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    I’m sorry that Marvel wanted to be faithful to the source material? The stupidity that person was displaying is unparalleled…

  • Technofied

    Okay so I didn’t see anyone crying while all those African/American people were being cast for white Characters and but as soon as someone casts a white guy for an orienytal/asian character or, whatever, people lose their mind. Isn’t that fu!!!!! up!!! ?

    I’d say that instead of bringing racism, the person who came up with this bull!!!! should have pointed out that people need to stay true to comics and not change material but nobody said anything when they decided that Iron Man should be the one to create Ultron instead of Hank Pimm. I believe we need to start adjusting to this as you don’t know how this decision will play out for the character.

    I remember people losing their minds and going crazy over the internet making memes about Fatman *Ben Affleck* and being a DC fan, I was always on board with the decision and I couldn’t find those losers when they saw Batfleck in action. Now, all of a sudden, everybody started making memes that it will be hard to remember Bale was ever Batman.

    That’s how people are, they just need something to bi!!! about. Calm the FU!! Down

    • Bruce Norris

      All of what black people being cast as what white characters?!

      • Technofied

        Okay. Iris West, James Olsen, human torch, nick fury.

        • Bruce Norris

          Only one that means anything is Human Torch. Two are “secondary/side characters” and Fury was made that way by Mark Millar in “ULTIMATES”. Not looking to start anything, just pointing something out : )

  • Marvel actually hasn’t been shy in tweaking details of its characters – minor or major – for its Cinematic Universe, including character origins. Because of this, I was hoping to see Danny actually born in K’un-Lun, with his father a Caucasian American but his mother an inhabitant of K’un-Lun – i.e. Asian – thus getting a Danny of mixed heritage.

    This wouldn’t just be nice to see with regards to diversity, but also opens the door to new family drama story lines, or simply help in making older story lines more believable and/or easier to integrate into the show’s overall story arc.

    Just in the past few years here in Canada, I’ve started noticing more mixed couples, now with mixed children, in commercials on TV. (Noticeable because there haven’t been any before.) Not sure how the U.S. is doing at the moment in this regard. I still remember the backlash just a few years ago about a cereal commercial. Cheerios, I believe.

    (Yes, I know. “Now with mixed children!” sounds like a commercial. LOL!)

    • Bruce Norris

      IMHO, that would be too easy/cliche. Marvel has to make a hard decision in this one…then move on, too much going on to get stuck on one character.

  • They claim that Iron Fist has racist roots because the character is “appropriating asian culture”. Getting real tired of this nonsense that nobody is allowed to appreciate anyone else’s culture unless they are born a certain skin color. That’s one of the most racist things I’ve ever heard, honestly.