Why Doomsday is the Perfect Villain for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

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There are only 212 days left until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters, a virtual eternity for rabid fanboys and fangirls like us. As time whittles down, rumors continue to mount, especially when it comes to Doomsday. It has been several months since Heroic Hollywood’s own EIC Umberto Gonzalez broke the scoop about Doomsday being in the film, and I’m only now coming around to the idea.

To be honest, I was initially disappointed when I first heard the news. I wanted the film to focus solely on the conflict between Batman and Superman. Like many of you out there, I figured it would be Lex Luthor either pitting the two against one another, or taking advantage of the situation.

After putting some thought into it, I’ve come around to the idea of Doomsday being in the film. If director Zack Snyder plays his cards right, the big baddie can play a vital role in Batman v Superman without taking anything away from the conflicting ideologies and personalities of the two titular heroes. When we combine the evidence we’ve received so far, we’re left with what could be a fantastic formula for a movie.


Batman and Superman Can’t Fight Forever

As cool as it going to be, Batman and Superman cannot be at each others throats the entire movie. Too much of anything eventually gets boring, even if that thing is the two most popular and recognizable superheroes on earth going at each other.

Pitting the DC Trinity against Doomsday in the third act of the film will change up the dynamic. It will also likely up the action factor, which is something that can be quite difficult to accomplish in comic movies. One of the primary complaints against Man of Steel was that there was too much repetitive action. After the battle of Smallville, things appeared to plateau, at least where the action was concerned. It didn’t kill the movie for me, but I can see why some people didn’t like it.

Doomsday holds the distinction of killing Superman in the iconic Death of Superman storyline. He didn’t do it by passing around flowers and reciting poetry. He did it through sheer blunt force trauma.

A fight with Doomsday on the big screen will make the final fight with Zod look like a family conversation around the dinner table on Leave it to Beaver.

It Gives Lex Luthor Something to do Besides Wage a PR Campaign

Lex Luthor’s face wasn’t in the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we heard his voice loud and clear. That line about devil’s coming from the sky was vintage Luthor, and it was easy to imagine him going on television in an attempt to turn the population against Kal-El. That could still happen, but like constant fisticuffs between two characters, it would eventually get old. Luthor gaining access to the body of General Zod is a good way to keep things interesting.

Examining the Kryptonian’s body will give Lex the chance to look for weaknesses, something that would be wholly impractical otherwise. He can’t disable Superman or restrain Superman. The only way that Luthor could even begin to coerce Clark Kent is to trap his human mother, Martha Kent, which he will do in the upcoming film, which makes sense. Luthor is one of the few people smart enough to figure out Clark’s origins on his own, and will take every opportunity he can to gain an edge.

Experimenting on Zod’s body could lead to either the creation of kryptonite, or the discovery that it is harmful to Kryptonians. It could also lead to the triggering of the Doomsday genome. While creating Doomsday this way would be a divergence from the source material, it makes sense in the structure of the new DCEU.

It Can Be Done in One Movie

Initially I was worried that a character as iconic as Doomsday may have required more setup time, but that was only because I was thinking about how he was created in the comic books. Doomsday was created by an alien scientist named Bertron, who created and destroyed the creature again and again, passing on the pain and experience of the deaths in the monsters genes. After decades of this, he had created the ultimate killing machine.

If it is indeed experimentation on General Zod’s body that triggers the creation of Doomsday, the need for a long setup is nullified. A genetically modified killing machine can exist without two hours of backstory. Audiences remember Zod being killed in Man of Steel. (Hell, some are still complaining about it!) We don’t know if the government or Lexcorp has control of Zod’s corpse, but we do know they would experiment on it. Any powerful entity would, given the chance.

This doesn’t mean that Luthor won’t be pitting our heroes against one another. He may stir the pot of conflict between Batman and Superman, hoping that the Caped Crusader weakens Kal-El enough to give his creation an even bigger advantage. We will have to see.

He’s the Perfect Enemy to Unite Our Heroes

To put it simply, Doomsday is the epitome of the word. In Death of Superman, he cut through the entire Justice League. His speed, aggressiveness, and strength are almost beyond comparison. Superman could only kill him at the expense of his own life.

In short, it’s going to take more than what Superman has to defeat him if he wants to live, and I doubt very much that Warner Bros. is going to kill him off in his second outing in this new shared universe.

Doomsday is powerful, but he can still be taken down by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as opposed to someone like Darksied or Braniac. In my opinion, one of those baddies would not only require more setup, but more members of the Justice League to fight them off.

In the aforementioned comic, Batman and Wonder Woman were not present. Now they will be, and that changes things. A few weeks ago, Heroic Hollywood broke the news that Wonder Woman will have a chance to shine in close combat with the beast. She may not be the exact physical equal of Superman, but she is a highly trained warrior.

Bruce Wayne may not be a metahuman or alien, but he is a master tactician. In a conflict like this, brains are going to matter. He could prove to be a valuable distraction, giving his stronger allies a chance to strike. Remember the scene in the Comic-Con trailer where Bruce narrowly avoids the heat vision? Yeah, stuff like that.

I was excited at the notion of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman duke it out on screen. After coming around to the prospect of seeing them fight a creature like Doomsday, I’m outright ecstatic. Do you agree that Doomsday is the right choice for Batman v Superman? Would you have preferred another primary villain? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, I need to go read that comic again!

Jesse M

Jesse M

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