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Thunderbolt Ross’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken an interesting trajectory. While William Hurt did a good job portraying him in The Incredible Hulk way back in 2008, the character of Ross, like many things in that film, seem to have been either forgotten or looked aside. But then William Hurt ended up reprising his role in Captain America: Civil War in a scene that did ultimately call for it, with the government’s increased scrutiny towards enhanced individuals.

And William Hurt did return for Avengers: Infinity War as well, albeit in a smaller role, but with his return starting with Civil War, Ross has had a larger role in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that, in the book “Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years,” Hurt had an opportunity to describe his experience working in the MCU, his past relationships and friendships with current MCU producers, and what he considers when thinking about Ross:

“As an artist, it’s my job to ask, ‘Is the character I’m playing interesting enough? Is he true enough, you know, to who we are as people? Are they believable?’ That is my anchor. The really good artists pull it off. Working on these movies has been a song for me. The Russo brothers are great guys to work with. Mike Grillo, who’s the line producer for Marvel Studios, worked with me on Body Heat, The Big Chill, The Accidental Tourist, and I Love You to Death. That’s over the course of 35 years, and we’re still pumping. We’re both still standing, anyway.”

In addition, Hurt discussed the importance of working with people on these Marvel films and how to make sure you’re having a great time with that:

“What it comes down to is the people. You have the idea, and you have the imagination. That’s on the page, and they reflect great things. But, you know, in this work, we’re living things. You can’t just sit alone in your room with your book and have a great time. It’s all about the people you are working with. That’s the most important thing.”

Given how Ross was ultimately brought out of movie retirement to return and play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, would you want to see him continue down the line? And would you want to see any other characters from The Incredible Hulk return? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years

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