‘Wolverine’ Reboot ‘Possible’ Says Fox CEO Stacey Snider

Fox chairman and CEO, Stacey Snider, recently spoke about the possibility of a Wolverine reboot and Logan's chances at the Oscars.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Since Hugh Jackman’s departure from the role of Wolverine and the X-Men franchise, the mutant’s cinematic future has been in question. Would Fox recast the role? Would X-23, introduced in Logan as played by Dafne Keen, take up the clawed X-Man’s mantle? Could Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool franchise tempt Jackman to make a comeback? Today, 20th Century Fox chairman and CEO, Stacey Snider, may have given fans a hint of what the future has in store for the mutant.

During an interview with Variety, when asked whether Fox would recast Wolverine now that Jackman had retired, Snider responded with an elusive “Anything’s possible”. While this doesn’t confirm anything, it seems Snider isn’t prepared to rule out any options for Wolverine’s future.

It makes sense that Fox might be exploring options to bring Wolverine back – he’s an obvious hit with fans, Jackman having made nine appearances in the role since 2000 (and a cameo as a magazine cutout in X-Men spin-off, Deadpool). However, a lot of fans must have their doubts about whether anyone other than Hugh Jackman could do Wolverine justice. His stellar performance in this year’s Logan, which found the character in his waning years, may just be Oscar-worthy, says Snider.

When asked whether Logan should be in the running for the Oscars, Snider replied:

“Absolutely. The way it combines classic storytelling with superhero lore is brilliant.”

The film was certainly a hit with fans, breaking new ground in the superhero genre as it took the focus away from high-stakes, CG-heavy heroics and focused instead on the perils of time and the pains of ageing.

What do you think? Should Wolverine be recast or does Jackman’s departure mark the right time to leave Logan alone? Who would you cast in the role if it were to be rebooted? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Variety