‘Wonder Woman’: Patty Jenkins Couldn’t Use Original Show’s Theme Song

Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman Gal LyndaPatty Jenkins, director of the new DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman is as devoted of a fan as you can get when it comes to the heroine. Jenkins has gone on record multiple times to express her love for Diana Prince (portrayed by Gal Gadot) whose story served as the film Jenkins felt she was called to direct all her life.

There have been different incarnations of the character through the years, but one of the most iconic was the television series that aired from 1975-1979. In that show, Wonder Woman was portrayed by Lynda Carter.

Even though there is a campiness to the series that is pretty silly compared to modern takes of the character, it remains beloved by many fans of the character. This is similar to how fans loved the Adventures of Superman series starring George Reeves as well as the Batman series starring Adam West.

Jenkins expressed her love for the the show and also discussed the significance of Carter:

That was what ignited this in me. I was a fan of the comics, [but] it was Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the show that really first introduced me to the magical quality of Wonder Woman. It was everything about her. She was great, she was strong, she was badass, she had a great attitude. Smart, but was she was beautiful and she was kind and she was fun and she was accessible. When you went on the playground and you acted like Wonder Woman, you were everything you wanted to be in your mind. That’s magic.

The series also had an iconic theme song that couldn’t be featured in the new film, according to Jenkins:

It would be so impossible to use the theme song. I don’t know how I would pull that off, even legally.

Thankfully, the main theme for Wonder Woman is pretty exciting and is perfectly used when Diana exudes her strength during the numerous action sequences in the film.

Wonder Woman opens is in theaters now.

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