‘Wonder Woman’ Cinematographer On How They Shot Final [SPOILER] Scene

'Wonder Woman' Cinematographer On How They Shot Final [SPOILER] Scene. 'Wonder Woman' is currently playing in theaters everywhere.

This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS from Wonder Woman. You have been warned. 

While Wonder Woman was optimistic and hopeful, the film wasn’t without its death scenes. One such scene of a major character had a major impact on the final fight scene and on Wonder Woman herself.

If you’ve seen the film, then you know that Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, unfortunately doesn’t make it out alive. Even though Steve technically doesn’t die onscreen, Pine gives a wonderful performance as a man knowing what he’s about to do. In the final shot, which is a closeup of his face, several emotions pass across his face right before he dies.

The scene itself involved suspense, an unstable plane, and it was interspersed with scenes in the air and the action on the ground. Wonder Woman cinematographer Matthew Jensen spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how that particular scene was shot.

“That is just a great example of Chris’ tremendous ability. Essentially our challenge from a shooting perspective is Patty was really insistent on having this cockpit on a gimbal, mainly for performance. From a camera perspective we weren’t gaining anything by having the plane able to move on a gimbal, because you wouldn’t really see that, especially with the background that’s composited. But Patty wanted him to feel the tilt of the plane and she felt that was instrumental to getting a performance out of him. Honestly, I had all this elaborate lighting that was moving camera to show the moonlight drift across his face, but when it came down to it, the thing that works the most is just the look on Chris’ face. He’s so good at that and Patty, we were watching it on the monitor and she goes, “I don’t need to do anything. I just need to get out of the way and let Chris perform.” A camera on an actor’s face is sometimes the greatest thing you achieve.”

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Wonder Woman is currently playing in theaters.

Source: THR

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