Woody Harrelson Jokes About His Ability To Mentor Han Solo

While promoting his latest movie, at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Woody Harrelson joked about his alleged role as a mentor for Han Solo.

Woody HarrelsonWhile promoting his latest movie Wilson at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, actor Woody Harrelson was asked about the Han Solo spin-off movie, where he’s confirmed to play Garris Shrike. He explained that he expects to start shooting the project in March, and when asked by a reporter how he’ll be a mentor, Harrelson jokingly responded.

‘I wouldn’t choose me’

It is worth noting that during his Variety interview a few days ago, the actor was very specific about confirming his role as Garris Shrike, but seemed very coy about the “mentoring” part. How much do you think they’ll tweak the character for the movie? In any case, we don’t expect any story details soon, as Harrelson recently told Collider that it’s all top secret.

‘I don’t think the Force is allowing me to talk about this. They want me to keep pretty mum so I better not say too much about it,” he said. “They’re pretty top secret about the script and the story… It’ll be cool to be mentoring Han Solo, that will be cool.’

What do you think of Harrelson’s latest response? Do you have a theory as to how they’ll adapt his character? Sound-off in the comments below.

Source: ComicBook