‘X-Force’ Film Currently In The Works At 20th Century Fox; Bryan Singer Pitched Idea Of ‘Female Wolverine’

91oIvdw1OrLThere’s been a lot of chatter regarding an X-Force film recently following the success of Deadpool. With star Ryan Reynolds stating that the film is a “priority”, how long could it be until we see the cover mutant team on the big screen? Well, it could be much sooner than you expect. While speaking with Fandango, X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer reveals that he has already pitched the project with the studio and it might just feature a character rumored to appear in Hugh Jackman’s upcoming third & final Wolverine solo film.

I have discussed that with the studio. I actually initially pitched the X-Force and the female.

Can personally confirm that sources revealed to me a bit back that director James Mangold had asked for reference art for X-23, so I’ve got a good feeling we will be seeing that character introduced on the big screen next year. It seems that the character might just be 20th Century Fox’s solution when it comes to replacing ‘Wolverine’ in their cinematic universe following Jackman’s departure. Based on Singer’s comments, it also seems we should likely be expecting her to be a part of X-Force following her introduction.

Singer then told the website that his involvement with the project is only at the “idea level” as he will be very busy following X-Men: Apocalypse with his next project. However, the director then confirms that work is indeed underway on X-Force and that writer & producer Simon Kinberg is in “the earliest script stage, so that’s kind of where that stands, and we’ll see how it evolves.” Sound off with your thoughts on this news in the comments section below.

Source: Fandango

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

I write stuff. Sometimes.

  • Trevor

    I like her for X-Force. I think that’s brilliant. I already really don’t like her for Wolverine 3 unless she’s a post credit scene.

    • She has to be introduced somewhere, and NOT having her share screen time with Logan would be a tremendously wasted opportunity.

      • SAMURAI36

        Agreed, 100%.


    Now this tickles my fancy. I’ve always had a soft spot for the X-Men franchise, and X-Force in particular.

  • Steve Steve

    Please don’t call her “female Wolverine” in the movie. She is X-23.

  • Carl

    Please don’t let Singer and Kinberg touch this. In fact just fire them after Apocalypse under performs.

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  • unpaidpundit

    I doubt X-23 will be a replacement for Wolverine in Fox’s X-Men universe. Wolverine is just too valuable not to recast. Similarly, I boldly predicted that Captain America would not die in “Civil War,” even when others were speculating that he might take a dirt nap. I knew that Cap was too valuable for the MCU to kill even temporarily. Just think of all the merchandising revenue Marvel would have to forgo!

  • Math

    I find it funny that they think they can find a replacement for Wolverine. You can’t replace Wolverine. You can focus on different characters, but no one is ever going to replace him.

    They have to accept two things:

    1 – X-men doesn’t need Wolverine to be good movies. X-men is about the team. It does not have to revolve around one character.

    2 – Stop thinking another character can become as popular as he is. It’s not going to happen. Instead of looking for a character to replace him, they have to be ready to recast the part sooner or later. They’ve done a great job finding replacements for professor X, Magneto and cie, they can find a good actor to replace Hugh Jackman too.

    • SAMURAI36

      I don’t think they are trying to replace Wolverine per se. And, it’s not like X23 doesn’t already exist in the canon. Also, just because Wolverine is popular, doesn’t mean he should be used to death. It’s no different than the grievance that some people have, that DC overutilizes Batman.

      • Math

        I agree. That’s why I wrote the first point. All I’m saying is that this quest to find a replacement for Wolverine is stupid. X-men has never been about one man. You can’t expect Deadpool, Gambit or X23 to become the new head of the franchise for all the new X-Men movies. None of them will ever have the same impact on the audience and it’s unfair to the characters and actors who play them to expect that they can carry the franchise on their shoulders. You can’t look at it that way because you’ve lost the battle before it even began if you do that.

        • SAMURAI36

          I hear you, I just think this article is poorly written. I don’t think they are “replacing Wolverine” at all. The actor, perhaps, but not the character.

          • Math

            It’s not just this site that is reporting this intention of finding a “replacement” for Wolverine. I’ve heard it from multiple sources, which means they are all either reading too much into all this or FOX really believe they can find a “replacement” for the character, which would be foolish in my opinion. Not sure which one is foolish, the studio or the reporters reporting this, but clearly someone is looking at this situation the wrong way.

          • SAMURAI36

            Seeing as how none of these sites have produced an actual quote from anyone at Fox saying anything of the sort, I’m gonna go with these sites being the one at fault. Notice how the author embellished the article by stating:

            Can personally confirm that sources revealed to me a bit back that director James Mangold had asked for reference art for X-23,

            I get that this is a rumor site, but je didn’t actually report anything. He literally quoted one single sentence, & even that one was snatched clear out of some mysterious context.


            so I’ve got a good feeling we will be seeing that character introduced on the big screen next year.

            He’s leading the reader to his own conclusion, rather than just reporting the facts (which he did very little of), & letting the reader form his own conclusion thereafter.


            It seems that the character might just be 20th Century Fox’s solution when it comes to replacing ‘Wolverine’ in their cinematic universe following Jackman’s departure.

            He literally just pulled this out of his nether regions. The problem with this, is that the rumors that slot of these writers & its report are self-perpetuating. I can guarantee you, that half of the people who read this “article” will be spreading this nonsense all over the internet by the end of the week.

            And then, you’ll have someone like Devin False or Weener, feeding off this “rumor” that was created right here, since that’s what a lot of these guys tend to do, & they’ll expound on it even further, & credit it to their “sources”.

            And when the “rumors” don’t pan out (as they usually don’t; I’m still waiting for someone to provide a single example of a “rumor” about the DCEU that has turned out to be true from Devin False & Weener, specifically), they can just place the blame at the feet of the same origin as the rumors in the first place: their “sources”.

            Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy coming to this site, but I take absolutely everything that is said here with an absolute grain of salt. For me, the only “scooper” that I give any amount credence to, is Umberto, & even he is only right about half the time.

            But for this writer to expect anyone to take him at face value, just because he writes under the auspices of Umberto, he’s got to be out of his mind.


            Based on Singer’s comments, it also seems we should likely be expecting her to be a part of X-Force following her introduction.

            See? watch the game of telephone play out here. Give it a few days, & the “news” that X-23 will be in X-Force will spread around like wildfire. Never mind the fact that NOTHING Singer stated in the original article gave any such impression. In fact, despite injecting some conjecture of their own, the Fandango article remained pretty open about the possibilities.

  • Michael Renzine

    I think Bryan Singer should stay away from this project.

    • RNG

      Far far away!

      • Janetndixon3

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    • blackmanwithcomputer .

      Even tho it’s him that pitched it? Let him be involved as much as he wants to be, if it’s HIS idea.