‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Set To Debut At Number One This Weekend; Advance Ticket Sales Outpacing ‘Days Of Future Past’

X-Men Apocalypse Box Office TrackingWhile the film opened up to some impressive numbers overseas already, X-Men: Days Of Future past finally opens up domestically this weekend and looks set to take the top spot against Alice: Through The Looking Glass. Though tracking has this year’s fourth comic book film looking at $85M+ for the four day weekend, many analysts believe the Bryan Singer directed film could debut much closer to the $100M mark. While the reviews for the film have been mixed, fan reactions have been positive for the most point and it’s really going to come down to how the audience reacts to the film.

If advance ticket sales are any indication, there is a good chance that the film could even overperform expectations this weekend. Currently the film is doing double the advance ticket sales that Days Of Future Past did in 2014 and four times the amount that X-Men: First Class did back in 2011. With X-Men: Apocalypse having a somewhat modest budget of $178M (when compared to this year’s other big comic book films) before marketing, it’s looking like another win for Fox at the superhero box office this year when the dust settles.


Source: THR

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

I write stuff. Sometimes.

  • Carl

    I’m not convinced that it will be a big success. BvS had similar pre-sales to Civil War but got beat soundly by it in the box office. The average reviews will probably mean average word of mouth. Also $178 million is not a modest budget by any means.

    • Derek Wiles

      I agree. The people who want to see it will go the first weekend. I wouldnt be surprised if it drops huge the second weekend

    • Chris Johnson

      You did read the article correct? DOUBLE the demand over the last film? That’s pretty significant. BVS and Civil War aren’t comparable in any way other than the fact that they are in the same genre. This franchise has been around for 16 years and has a pretty good size fan base. If you want to discuss BVS..that film had extremely bad reviews and still managed $860+ million. Civil War had exceptionally positive reviews and still wasn’t able to debut above AOU or The Avengers. Remember, the critics weren’t thrilled about X3 and that film opened larger than all the others.

      I think XA will be fine. I’ve seen the film and loved it. The fans of this series won’t be disappointed. The “give the rights back to Marvel” people, they aren’t happy about the film, which for me is no surprise.

      • Carl

        I think I’ll like it more than DoFP, which I didn’t think was very good, especially after the excellent 1st Class.

        I just think Singer’s style is dated and that there isn’t a big demand for it. I expect it to do less than Deadpool. Another excellent movie.

        • Chris Johnson

          I enjoyed DOFP and 1st Class quite a bit. I’m a big fan of the series, so I may be a bit biased. As for Singer’s style? I could see why you would have that opinion. That’s fair to say. This franchise existed before the huge BOOM in the genre, it’s taken time to adjust. They can do so much more today with fx and audiences are ready for a more faithful take on the X-Men, which may not have been possible back when this series began.
          Smart of you to mention Deadpool. Believe it or not, I think that film is a game changer for Fox and all of it’s comics films going forward possibly including FF. After what that film did given the circumstances, it’s logical to assume that Fox will want to duplicate that formula. With a full slate of upcoming films in the X series, we’ll see what happens. About, XA, for me, there were 3 standout scenes in the film. I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll know what they are once you’ve seen it.

          Have fun!

          • Derek Wiles

            It just doesn’t look good to me. As a fan of the comics and the diversity of characters, I’m bored of watching the same characters in film again and again. Thats why I’m skipping this one lol.

          • Chris Johnson

            That’s your choice. Can’t argue with that. Personally, I loved it and can’t wait to see what happens next.

          • SAMURAI36

            I too enjoy the X-Men films over any other of Marvel’s cinematic output, but I do agree that we’ve been bombarded with essentially the same characters for the past decade and a half now.

            Fox was lucky enough to get the pick of the Marvel litter when it comes to a HUGE roster of characters, and they are basically wasting them on the same set of characters.

            It’s only after a decade and a half, that they are just now getting to the likes of DP, Cable, etc. That could’ve easily have happened nearly a decade ago.

          • Carl

            Yeah I feel the same way about the direction Fox should take.

            They need to move on from Singer and Kinberg. Move everything to the Deadpool timeline somehow. New Mutants and X-Force for sure. Let Miller and Reese take over X-Men proper after Deadpool 2.

            Wolverine 3 seems like a waste. It doesn’t seem to be in any continuity.

            Sell FF back to Marvel though. That’s damaged goods.

  • Matches Malone

    I have a hard time believing this. I JUST bought tickets and there were ten, TEN, seats sold in that AVX. I was in the same theatre last weekend for a second viewing of Civil War. That same theatre was sold out and there was less seats available when I bought our tickets earlier that week.

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