Early ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Reaction Praises The ‘X-Men’ Film’s Tone

20th Century Fox showed off the first trailer for the next X-Men film, Dark Phoenix at CineEurope 2018 and the first reaction promises what sounds like a lighter tone compared to a previous film in the franchise as no footage has been previewed before.

According to Kinometro writer Artur Chachelov, the trailer showed off a lighter tone than what’s been seen in other upcoming X-Men films such as New Mutants:

“But the fantastic action thriller DARK PHOENIX (in Russia – from February 14) looks better than expected. At the presentation, his new trailer was shown, getting rid of the excessive gloom of the teaser and clearly positioning the project as a direct continuation of the X-MEN . In addition, other projects of the Marvel universe – NEW MUTANTS and GAMBIT – were announced in this block , but there are no materials on them yet.”

Simon Kinberg makes his directorial debut with the film as the franchise takes another stab at the Dark Phoenix saga, the comic book storyline where Jean Grey struggled to control and succumbed to the Phoenix Force within.

In addition to directing, Kinberg is also producing the film with Hutch Parker and Lauren Schuler Donner. Kinberg himself has been involved with the franchise for just over a decade, having written the main installments of the ongoing film series since The Last Stand with the exception of X-Men: First Class. He has also produced Deadpool 2 and is producing The New Mutants.

The film stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, Evan Peters, Kodi-Smit McPhee, Alexandra Shipp, Lamar Johnson, Sophie Turner, and Jessica Chastain.

Dark Phoenix hits theaters February 14, 2019.

Source: Kinometro

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

News Editor, Film/TV Reporter at Heroic Hollywood.