SPOILERS: Fallen X-Men Hero Will Get Proper Send Off This December

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One of the recent deaths in the X-Men event titled Extermination, written by Ed Brisson, will get a proper send off in a new series this December from writer Chris Claremont.

Last month, fans had to say goodbye to the iconic Marvel character and recent co-star of Deadpool 2, Cable. The time-traveling mutant met his demise at the hands of a younger version of himself while battling the new foe alongside Iceman.

This December, X-Men: The Exterminated #1 will hit shelves from writers Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, and Chris Claremont. It will feature art by Neil Edwards “and more,” as the official solicitation states, as well as covers by Geoff Shaw and colors by Antonio Fabela.

The story will feature Cable’s daughter Hope dealing with the death of her father, seeking the aid of another iconic X-Men character, Jean Grey. This is what writer Lonnie Nadler had to say about X-Men: The Exterminated.

“The issue is our chance to say a proper farewell to Cable, to honor his legacy, and to really see the immense impact the time-traveling mutant had on those closest to him.

Most importantly, it’s about how the Summers family copes with grief and the difficulty of forging ahead. The issue is packed with fan favorite X-Men from all different eras, and we’re super excited to be bringing them together, despite the somber occasion.”

Although fans will have to wait until December to pick up X-Men: The Exterminated #1, they can still catch up with the first two issues of Extermination right now. Issue #3 of the 5-part series will release on September 26th. We’ll keep you updated on all news regarding this exciting new comic as more information becomes available.

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Source: ComicBook.com