‘X-Men’: ‘New Mutants’ Will Go ‘Full-Fledged Horror’

New Mutants director Josh Boone has teased that the upcoming X-Men spinoff will be a very different superhero film than we've ever seen before.

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New Mutants director Josh Boone has teased that the upcoming X-Men spinoff currently in development will be a very different superhero film than we’ve ever seen before.

While both Anya Taylor-Joy (The WitchSplit) and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) recently boarded the cast as Magik and Wolfsbane respectively, plot details on the project have remained under wraps.

But in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, director Josh Boone opened up and officially revealed new details regarding the project as he teased 20th Century Fox will take a stab at a superhero film set in the horror genre, without costumes:

“We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe. There are no costumes. There are no supervillains. We’re trying to do something very, very different.”

The magazine also revealed that the film itself will draw influence from New Mutants No. 18 written by Chris Claremont with artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz. Boone referred to the issue as a darker turning point for the series which he described as “a darker and more surreal and impressionistic X-Men series than we’d ever seen before. It felt like Stephen King meets John Hughes.”

Boone remained tight-lipped on further details regarding the film, however, a source close to the project teased that the fate of the world won’t be at stake, but rather the characters themselves:

“Held in a secret facility against their will, five new mutants have to battle the dangers of their powers, as well as the sins of their past. They aren’t out to save the world — they’re just trying to save themselves.”

Production on the film will begin this July with a script written by Boone along with his writing partner, Knate Gwaltney. Simon Kinberg and Karen Rosenfelt will produce the project.

New Mutants is currently slated to hit theaters on April 13, 2018.

Source: EW

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