‘Young Justice’ Season 3: Character Designs & New Characters Announced

Character designs have been released and a new character has been announced for Young Justice Season 3, entitled Young Justice: Outsiders.

Young Justice Phantoms

When Cartoon Network cancelled the DC animated series Young Justice after two seasons in 2013, devastated fans immediately began a campaign to bring it back. Last November, we finally learned that, thanks to the fan’s passion and solid streaming numbers on Netflix, the series would be returning with an all-new season, entitled Young Justice: Outsiders. Now, we finally have our first look at all of a favorite characters who will be returning for the third season.

At the Young Justice panel today at San Diego Comic Con 2017, producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, and art director Phil Bourassa shared an image of the character designs for this season’s current iteration of the team. They also announced a brand new character, Thirteen. Little was revealed about the character, so it’s unknown at this time if she is from the comics (as in Tracy Thirteen) or a wholly original character.

At the panel, Weisman spoke about how the show has always been about the different generations coming in as previous members move up to the Justice League. As far as the new lineup goes, there are some familiar faces from the previous two seasons, but it also appears that the team will feature some other new recruits that originated in the comics as well. Stephanie Brown, who appeared in one Season 2 episode, is now Spoiler. Arrowette is also a new addition to the team. The character first appeared in Season 2 as a little girl that was saved by Artemis, which led the girl to honor the hero by becoming Arrowette. Also, the Robin in the image above looks like it could possibly be Damian Wayne, with the hood and all, but it may still be Tim Drake in a new suit.

The creators also shared a new image of the updated designs for the original Young Justice team members from Season 1. They are all dressed in all black, in what looks like to be covert, special ops-type gear. Noticably absent from both images, however, is Miss Martian. That’s curious.

Here is that image, featuring (from left to right) Artemis, Nightwing, Aqualad and Superboy:

The new season will be made up of 26 episodes. At the moment, twelve scripts have been written so far, with ten more in development, leaving four that haven’t been started just yet. The voice actors have already recorded the first ten episodes. At the panel, the producers stated that they already have ideas for a fourth and fifth season.

Young Justice: Outsiders will be released in 2018 on Warner Bros.’ new DC digital service, which will also be the home to the live-action Titans series.