Young ‘Wonder Woman’ Star Hopes To Be ‘Just Like’ Gal Gadot

Lilly Aspell, the young actor who portrays young Diana in 'Wonder Woman,' shared her experience on the film and working with the cast.

Lilly Aspell had some huge shoes (or boots) to fill at only nine-years-old. The Scottish actress had to step into the role of young Diana in Wonder Woman, and she spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the experience.

At first not knowing she was auditioning for Wonder Woman, the young actress said she found the character in the script she was given to be very much like herself. When she got the part, she got to step onto a film set with the likes of Patty Jenkins, Connie Nielsen, and, of course, Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

“Diana is very like me, so Patty just told me to be natural and let my own character come through,” Aspell recalled. “This made my job much easier. I have so much admiration for Patty and I would love to work with her again someday. She really is inspirational.”

As for working with her onscreen mother? “Connie was so professional and has an amazing aura surrounding her. She helped me relax as my first days filming was with her and it was pretty nerve-racking!”

Aspell had a lot of fun filming with Nielsen under Jenkins’ direction, and there’s one scene, in particular, she had the most fun shooting:

My favorite scene to shoot was riding Vendeval, the gray stallion, through the yellow field. I think it is an amazing scene and made me smile when I watched the movie. The most challenging was when I run up the stairs away from my tutor. We shot it a few times and although I’m pretty fit, I did get tired out!

Although the young actor didn’t get to appear onscreen with Gadot, she was still able to meet the actress, learn from her, and receive some sage advice:

Gal is such a wonderful person and was very helpful. I would often watch her filming and try and listen to her accent, she told me to only act if you enjoy it as it can really show in your performance, the day you don’t enjoy it, you should stop. She is also very kind and down-to- earth. I’d love to be just like her when I’m older.

We feel you Lilly, being like Gal Gadot seems like a pretty great goal to us too.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.

Source: THR

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