YouTube Animator Shows How Superman Should Have Returned In The DCEU

Superman Henry Cavill Justice League DCEUEver since Justice League hit theaters after its troubled production, many have speculated on what could have, or should have, happened as opposed to what was on screen. What if Zack Snyder was able to finish his vision? What if Warner Bros. pushed the film back for more time? What if John Williams resurrected Superman after the events of BvS? OK, maybe that last one is a bit out there, but YouTube animator Ben Bromley answers that insane question in a video titled “How Superman Should Have Returned.”

In the video published Friday, which you can watch below, the famous composer brings Henry Cavill’s Superman back to life, the “real” Lex Luthor comes into the picture and Supes spins Earth around to go back in time — plus much more.

It feels as though every single fan theory or critical response was addressed in one video. People theorizing about the Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman just being the son of the “real” Lex, undoing what was perhaps the most controversial part of Man of Steel in Zod’s death, simplifying the way in which Doomsday was killed in BvS — love or hate those original decisions made on film, seeing it play out differently is certainly fun.

Also, we finally got Supes in a black suit again.

What did you think of the video? Sound off in the comments!

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10 Things We Need To See In A ‘LEGO Batman’ Sequel

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The LEGO Batman MovieWhilst there is no official confirmation of a sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie as of yet, due to its commercial and critical success, we can be pretty sure it will soon be announced as a future installment of the LEGO Cinematic Universe.

Beyond this, the character of LEGO Batman has been confirmed to appear in The LEGO Movie 2, which is set for a 2019 release, meaning we are more than likely to see the entire Bat Family (Robin, Barbara, Alfred) appear in the film, as well.

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  • Daniel

    I know this is supposed to be tongue in cheek, but unfortunately there probably is a small but extremely vocal contingent of the audience that would have liked much of this. Unfortunately, most of these ideas would have neutered the character and the story of any and all dramatic tension.

    Superman “fans” have done a huge disservice to the character. They demand that the character be perfect and infallible and godlike, and then when DC/WB does that, they (rightly) complain that the character is boring. Superman “fans” need to allow the character to evolve and stretch and breathe and to do things that differ from what was done in the past. Otherwise the character is doomed to irrelevancy like Zorro and the Lone Ranger.

    • Jeff Schiller

      The character has evolved in the comics by adding the dimensions of him also being a husband and a father without him losing any of what makes him Superman.

      • There’s nothing evolutionary about giving Superman a wife or a child. He’s been married for 20 years and he’s always been a father figure so it isn’t as if he had to change. Giving Batman an actual son and forcing him to recognize the others as his kids, hooking him up with Selina; that forces change. Giving Superman those things just lets him be who he already was. It was more interesting to have him either single or hooked up with Diana in the New 52; that forced him to change and grow.

    • Ruben C Barron

      Considering we haven’t been given that Superman since the original films from the 70s and 80s, I’m not sure where the complaints are coming from of him being boring because he’s like he is in the comics. The reason people complained about Superman 3 & 4 is because they were BAAAAAAD. It had nothing to do with the character being boring. Since then we’ve been given Emo Superman in Superman Returns, Inexplicably heroic because his parents raised him to hide and fear humanity murderer Superman from Man of Steel, Entitled whiny millennial Superman from BvS, and Mustache Gate Superman from justice league. So when exactly were we given the real superman we all wanted which then resulted in everyone complaining he’s boring?

    • Axxell

      When did fans ever not allow the character to evolve? WB did exactly what they wanted… but fans are also allowed to not like it.

      Captain America is a perfect example of taking a character that was deemed “boring” and doing something different with him, without losing his essence. He’s not “perfect and infallible”… but he isn’t a sulking, depressing, uninspiring character either.

  • Dan

    GENIUS fix. Loved this vid.

  • John Casey Robison

    this was pretty great, lol. i want to learn to use toon boom at some point…but i digress. i have a thought though, if he prevented himself from dying, wouldn’t that prevent himself from going back to prevent himself from dying?