Zack Snyder Planned For Batman To Die In Original DCEU Vision

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The DC Extended Universe, despite having its share of passionate fans have had its ups and downs in the court of public opinion since Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder was released in 2013. But while critics may dismiss the vision that he was going for with these characters, Snyder certainly had his creative signature throughout that film and certainly throughout the follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Snyder originally intended to have his story vision for the DCEU to span more than the three films he ended up directing, which includes Justice League – a film that became the product of reshoots and retooling due to Warner Bros. and DC Films wanting to course correct from Snyder’s bold, yet polarizing vision of the DC Comics characters.

Many DC fans have been wanting to see Snyder’s original vision for the series come into full fruition. Although that looks to be unlikely due to the studio’s current plans to move on from Justice League, fans continue to express their support for the director. Twitter user Ramesh De Silva recently shared a photo of Superman holding a lifeless Batman in his arms, stating that this is what could have happened in the original 5 story arc:

De Silva posted this photo on his Vero account, to which Snyder replied. Snyder’s comment points to the idea that he intended to have Batman die in his original vision for the DCEU:

Warner Bros. is definitely moving on to new things with their upcoming slate that includes Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984 and Joker. Although we will likely never see Snyder’s original intentions regarding Batman and the Justice League, it sure would’ve been interesting to see. Perhaps in an alternate universe…

In the meantime, Matt Reeves is the newest director to bring his own take on the Caped Crusader to life. Let’s hope that his journey is smoother than Snyder’s unfortunately ended up being.

Would you have liked to see Zack Snyder carry out his original story arc culminating in the death of Batman? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to continue following Heroic Hollywood for all the latest news in the DCEU and future projects coming from Zack Snyder.

Source: Vero (Screen Rant)

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