Zack Snyder Explains Why Batman Sees Superman As A Threat

A while back, we found out that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be taking place two years after the events of Man of Steel. During those two years, Superman has apparently been doing heroic acts and trying to get adjusted to his powers, but that hasn’t stopped the people of Metropolis from blaming him for the Black Zero Event, which left a big chunk of the city in ruins.

In a recent interview with DC All Access, director Zack Snyder explained what the hero has been up to all this time and where we’re going to meet him in Batman v Superman:

Over the last two years he’s basically been Superman as pop culture would know him. He’s been righting wrongs, there have been floods, mines have collapsed, bridges have collapsed, churches have caught on fire. He’s basically been a hero. When we find him, he’s been dealing with the everyday world of being a superhero, but there’s a paradigm shift happening in that the unintended consequences of some of those rescues are starting to come into fruition. He’s starting to see that every action has a reaction,” the director goes on. “Like, if you’re just taking a cat out of a tree, you can’t touch anything or the arborists will say, ‘He damaged the tree branch when he got the cat down.’ Or, ‘The cat wasn’t neutered, so now there’s thousands of cats.’ There’s no winning anymore for Superman.

However, it’s not just the citizens of Metropolis that are pissed off at Superman. We’ve known for a while now that Bruce Wayne was also present at Metropolis during the big fight, so to him, Superman is just another threat that needs to be eliminated to ensure the safety of his people. Here’s what Snyder had to say about that:

It’s interesting to see how Batman perceives Superman, because he doesn’t know who Superman is. All he knows is the public face of Superman. And if you have an idea about someone or if you start to doubt someone’s intentions, you can always read in the media, you can always see the face you want to see, based on how it’s reported. Batman’s seen the destruction of Metropolis. That’s the thing he knows for a fact. So if thousands die, is that okay? What next? Millions? Is everyone okay with that? Because I’m not. That’s Batman’s point of view.

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