Zack Snyder Opens Up About Original ‘Justice League’ Ending

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According to Zack Snyder, some of his original Justice League ending can be seen in the Blu-ray extras

Justice League has become one of the most infamous theatrically released films in the last year, primarily because of the behind-the-scenes drama that eventually led to director Zack Snyder leaving the project during post-production. Many fans have been begging for Warner Bros. to release a rough cut of Snyder’s original version of the film and although there has yet to be any progress on that front, fans can see some of Snyder’s ending hidden in the Blu-ray extras of the DC Extended Universe team-up film.

There have been a ton of rumors regarding what was in the original cut of the film, with some of them suggesting that there may have been two villains at on point. Rumors like this usually get shot down or vaguely confirmed by Snyder on the social media platform Vero. One rumor suggested that the original ending of the film was the League looking up into a Boom Tube, only to see Darkseid staring back, setting up Justice League: Part II. Though Snyder didn’t come out and say Darkseid was supposed to be there, he did confirm what this behind-the-scenes image had to do with the film’s ending. Check out his response below.

VERO: Zack Snyder on the Behind the Scenes Justice League group shot from DC_Cinematic

So it turns out that the League were definitely looking at something, or someone, in that Boom Tube. They could be watching Steppenwolf return to Apokolips, similar to what happens in the Justice League theatrical cut, or it could actually be the iconic Darkseid that fans were clamoring to see, or maybe something entirely different.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all news regarding Justice League and the entire DCEU as soon as more information becomes available. What are your thoughts on this new reveal? What do you think the League sees in that Boom Tube? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Vero (via Reddit)