Zack Snyder Has A Prop From ‘Batman v Superman’ In His Gym

Batman v SupermanIn 2014, Batman v Superman was well into production. Set photos of what looked to be a painting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan surfaced and the internet went wild. As it turns out, it was just that: a painting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne.

In 2018, the painting in question is suddenly relevant again. Zack Snyder, director of Batman v Superman and one of the original creative forces behind the DCEU, posted an image on Vero earlier today. It appeared to be Snyder in his home gym with the caption “At the office” accompanying it. Hanging on the wall of the gym in the background was the portrait of Morgan as Thomas Wayne from Batman v Superman. You can check out the photo below:


It is not uncommon for filmmakers to take souvenirs from the sets of their movies–Peter Jackson gifted off personalized props to the actors in The Lord of the Rings, and Ryan Reynolds took the Deadpool costume from the set of Deadpool. With that in mind, one can only wonder what other gems Zack Snyder has from Batman v Superman.

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10 DC Storylines We Want To See Adapted In The DC Extended Universe

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Justice League DC FilmsThe DC Extended Universe has drawn inspiration from plenty of iconic storylines from DC Comics. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice drew inspiration from both The Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman, while Suicide Squad adapted the popular lineup from the New 52 launch and the stage is set for Flashpoint.

DC Comics is filled with great iconic storylines that could inspire a film slate for decades and still barely scratch the surface of the rich mythology. DC would be wise to not make a straight adaptation of any of these classic storylines, but draw inspiration from them. They can still remain true to the original intent of the work without being a straight adaptation. If you need proof take a look at how Captain America: Civil War pretty much only uses the broad concept of a superhero registration but creates essentially an original storyline that makes sense within that universe based off the comic. Or how Batman Begins draws elements from The Man Who Falls, Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween without making a page to page adaptation.

The storylines chosen are not just because of how great they were as original comics (which they were) but also the storytelling possibilities they open up. Basically how different they would be from other superhero projects or just ways they could grow the universe.

Take a look at 10 storylines we would like to see incorporated into the DC Extended Universe. Click Next to get started!

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