Watch The Trailer For Zack Snyder’s Short Film ‘Snow Steam Iron’

Zack Snyder Snow Steam Iron

Just days after officially announcing the project on social media, Zack Snyder has released the trailer for his upcoming short film Snow Steam Iron.

Snow Steam Iron marks Snyder’s first project since his departure from this November’s DC superhero epic Justice League. While plot details are scarce, Snyder has described this project as something he produced with “no money” and his “talented friends and family” over the course of a weekend.

You can watch the trailer below.

Zack Snyder decided to step down from Justice League back in May, following his daughter’s death by suicide two months earlier. Joss Whedon was tasked with bringing Snyder’s vision to completion by overseeing Justice League‘s additional photography and finishing its post-production so that the film wouldn’t miss its planned November 17 release date.

As for Snow Steam Iron, Snyder has yet to reveal the short film’s exact release date, but fans can expect to soon see it on the mobile-based social platform Vero.

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There are so many stories and unique Green Lanterns the movie could draw from, so at the end of the day I hope the material is treated with the respect it deserves.  It took some hard work, but I whittled my favorite stories down to this list of seven easily adaptable arc that show off some of the action and emotion Green Lantern has to offer. Don’t expect to recommend any simple origin stories here, though — man-oh-man am I tired of seeing those.

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