Zack Snyder And The Unfair Treatment He Has Received

Zack Snyder

The DC Extended Universe is a growing Universe of DC’s best heroes and the one name often attached to these films is that of the director, Zack Snyder. Snyder has been directing making big films ever since his remake of Dawn of the Dead in 2004. He quickly transitioned into comic book films with his hugely successful take on the Frank Miller comic, 300. It was a surprise hit for him, which led him to eventually do Watchmen and his career continued from there on. He has been given the reigns on directing the first couple of DCEU films as well as be a big part of the creation of this shared universe. It is a massive task and he is handling it, but the films haven’t been the most-well received up until Wonder Woman. The quality of these films being hugely divided, which has led to people who hate him beyond just the films. Some of these fans have gone way too far in their hatred of his work and he is certainly one of the most overly criticized filmmakers making superhero films at this time which is completely unfair.

Snyder’s films are naturally divisive. They either trigger strong positive or negative reactions from people. He certainly has a dedicated and loyal fan-base who will defend him to the bitter end, but the amount of hatred this man receives is on another level.  Whether it be biased perception of their feelings on DC as a whole or if they hate the way that he has adapted these characters some fans take it way too far. This isn’t new. It’s been happening for longer than any of us were probably alive, but a call for more balance treatment isn’t without warrant for his sake.

Zack Snyder earned my respect when he adapted 300, but also when he worked tirelessly to adapt Watchmen as faithfully as he could. It’s the closest we would get to a live action version that remembers to highlight what made the graphic novel so special in the first place. Snyder’s visuals matched with a solid script is a force to be reckoned with. This is only my perspective and while I don’t feel like the Snyder’s DCEU films have reached that level yet I have seen exaggerated hatred across the fan community. He is often wrongly targeted as someone who is out of touch with how to make a DC film.  Every word that he has said has been overly criticized. While it is definitely right to criticize films they often paint him and his films as the enemy. It is a ridiculous reaction to someone creating art and doing what he is supposed to be doing. This in part stems back to an older editorial I wrote concerning the fan war between DC and Marvel fans. This battle still rages on and they feel they must take a side for whatever reasons. Right now Snyder is targeted as an enemy. To them anything is fair game.

The absolute worst thing has happened to him. He stepped away from Justice League to deal with his personal tragedy. As someone who comes from a family who have had multiple suicides I know and understand the pain and how it can affect those around the person who ends up taking his or her own life. It’s an extremely painful thing to go through and no father should have to go through it. With this said the majority of people when hearing the news felt sadness for him. They paid their respects and I saw some people who have once talked negatively about his films show some human decency and pay their respects, but soon enough as much as there was sympathy I also witnessed a complete lack of empathy.

Many people rejoiced at the prospect of Joss Whedon taking over citing it as a necessary shift for the company. While it’s definitely an interesting prospect that Whedon has taken control he is still finishing Snyder’s vision and in this time of grief it is inappropriate to show your excitement. The worst by far though is that people were making fun of Snyder’s daughter referencing the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and literally laughing about it, which is something that disgusts myself and should probably disgust those with a conscience.

This level of fandom goes against what many of the heroes that these supposed fans are so fond of. Superheroes inspire kindness, hope, and to always do the right thing for other people. The actions that some superhero fans show highlight an evil side to them that goes against the foundation of what they should be standing for. Zack Snyder is not a perfect filmmaker, but he is a person. A person who deserves to be left alone to make the films that he will make without harassment of his own personal life.

When it comes to entertainment criticism in itself is a good thing. It promotes positive change and it’s a part of human nature to pick out things we don’t personally like, but when it comes to someone’s life certain lines should not be crossed. When it comes to the point of causing harassment that is not healthy nor is it moral. With this in mind I think it is time to take a step back from lobbying hatred on Zack Snyder and leave him be to make the films he wants to make and live his own life. He does not deserve to be the biggest person to attack when it comes to superhero films. He deserves a little bit of the kindness that superheroes are supposed to stand for. 

So what do you think of this subject? Do you know of any stories you have seen that have felt unfair towards a person because of the art they made. Please feel free to share in the comments.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic is a writer, filmmaker, and comic lover from Los Angeles, CA. Heroic Hollywood is his introduction into the world of Journalism which...

  • Stibbs

    I think a lot of these more vile commenters simply enjoy the surface fantasy/wish fulfillment side of comic book heroes. The heroes empathy or kindness mean very little to them. In fact I would bet a lot of these people would rather see a solo Joker film over a Batman one.

    Taking it even further I imagine these folks are of the same alt-right gamergate ilk that simply enjoy the fascistic elements of the super hero trope.

  • David

    Snyder is a good guy and I wish him the best. I’ve liked several of his films, disliked a few. I think the hate he receives stems from not being particularly suited to the DC adaptations, not least because there’s a crudity to his lib-Rand politics that feels like a square peg in a round hole on that franchise (Brad Bird way more humanistic if that was WB’s angle – or Nolan for that matter, right-leaning but very stylistically formal). I’ll continue to enjoy his movies going forward, but I think it’s clear the Patty Jenkins WW movie indicates a fresh new direction that I hope is carried through future DC stuff. Snyder is just the wrong guy for these movies. Good filmmaker, wrong projects.

    • 12stepCornelius

      Snyder cast Gadot as WW, decided on the WW1 setting for her movie, and wrote the story. If you praise WW as much as critics and fans are, he deserves credit too and it shows that he definitely is right for these movies. He told a couple DC stories that polarized audiences. Big deal. He’s moving ahead with the rest of WB to tell more uplifting stories. He ain’t going anywhere nor should he.

      • David

        Jenkins wrestled the thing away from the Snyder approach and imbued her film with an earnestness and understanding of the character ZS never really got in his two features. That better understanding of the right tone (+ pacing, performance etc) is pretty much the reason her film is scoring great writeups and his were so widely disliked. I think Jenkins effort shows how much potential this shared universe has under the helm of better suited creatives.

        Snyder reminds me of Chris Columbus on Harry Potter. We recognise and thank him, but time to move on!

        • Edgar Rivas

          Those are just speculation. ZS and Patty, based on a lot of interviews,
          are working together and shared the same vision. Even Patty praised
          Zack’s vision. I don’t understand your gripe on the characters of DCEU
          because most of them are comic accurate? And then there’s BvS which
          everyone moaning about its darkness. It’s a story where two superheroes
          and its source is dark, yet you fanboys still complain?

          • 12stepCornelius

            The guy has no idea what he is talking about and is only responding through emotional, fanboy outrage, completely and utterly ignoring any actual facts that are out there, specifically that Snyder has been completely on board with the characters reaching their classic versions in the films, because he and all involved with the DCEU have been planning it for ages! A simple fact check by these clueless morons would confirm that.

          • -ve

            what was she supposed to say? no, we are not working together or share similar vision? 300, watchmen, sucker punch – name one Snyder movie that testifies this guy is capable of even envisioning this WW movie. the only reason his name is on the credit as co-writer of the story is because he already introduced this character in BvS as a 100 years old Catwoman. Comic accurate my foot!

        • 12stepCornelius

          Salty, huh? She didn’t wrestle anything away from him dude. She openly speaks about how great it was working WITH HIM on the movie and how she made this film with a vision THEY SHARED. Go try and force your despicable Snyder hatred elsewhere you lowly troll.

          • David

            I haven’t been remotely hateful toward Snyder. I’ve spoken about him in an entirely civil manner, wished him the best, and said I’ve liked several of his films. The bigger question is why do his most devout fans feel so insecure about the flaws in his DC efforts that they can’t even engage with constructive criticism?

          • 12stepCornelius

            I don’t know, maybe I see you being hateful because while people are pointing out to you that Snyder had a good deal in helping create Wonder Woman’s movie, you continue to refuse giving any credit towards him (like a hater) instead, continuing to claim he has no business with the movies. Sounds like hater rhetoric to me.

        • You may want to go and read Patty’s remarks on ‘rumors’ people posted outwards about the production of WW.

      • Axxell

        I’ll give the most credit to Geoff Johns; this is the first DCCU film he had a hand on from start to finish, and given the results of the Snyder produced films, I’m sure Johns had a bigger influence in it than Snyder did.

  • Tomi Györffy

    It’s sad how people are still talking about why they don’t like Snyder while he went trough some serious issues.
    I bet that they all have better vision, courage..and everybody is a better story teller than him….. not

    He is the reason why the DC Movie Extended Universe exists, and why we all have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman on the screen….and believe it or not, Wonder Woman story is by Zack Snyder…

    • Melly1983

      And talking about Wonder Woman movie, the colors and temperature of the film is all Snyder style. In my opinion there will never be a director who make comic book movies more source material than him.

      • THANK YOU! Like the palette is totally Snyder! The colorful moments reminds me of Sucker Punch, and in London, up to the final act, is really comparable to BvS (first entrance to london) and MoS (when the BIG baddie shows up towards the end).

    • Axxell

      First off, people don’t just become perfect when something bad happens to them; it’s perfectly fine to speak candidly about your opinions on his work, be it good or bad. What’s not ok is being happy about their suffering. Rejoicing or making fun of his daughter committing suicide is despicable.

      Second, Snyder’s original plan when he started MoS was to make a solo Superman trilogy, like the Nolan Batman series. He never intended to make a cinematic franchise universe.

    • October_1985

      There has been Batman and Superman movies before Snyder. Better movies. Dont talk as if Snyder has invented something. In fact DC has worsened because of him. Im pretty sorry for his loss, but that does not make him a better moviemaker, the same that people everywhere who suffer a personal loss and nobody make his job easy for them. Enough with the hypocrisy.

      • Sugam Kher

        ‘Movie maker’? You do know that the term doesn’t mean he single handedly makes the movies right? There’s a huge number of people involved with a bunch of different opinions.. The movie that we see is by the consent of the whole team.

        Snyder did his job freakin perfectly .. No one in the world makes movies look and feel better .. Most of the hypocritical complaints against his movies are related to non directorial jobs anyway ..

        • October_1985

          I gather that you don’t know very well what the function of the director is in that team of people right, the same way that you don’t know that moviemaker is a term used to define people who makes movies. And your vision is that whatever Snyder did (which you don’t seem to know) is perfect, and all the criticism comes for all that he didn’t do (but of which he has final say)., right??? You are a fanboy at its worst.

      • Please differentiate between your own personal taste (and the collective taste of a group of fans), on the one hand, and a film being “good” or “bad,” on the other. Those that like what Synder has done can articulate solid reasons for liking it (I can at least). You and others may not like his films for those reasons; and by the same token you may dislike them for your own. But that doesn’t make MoS and BvS “bad” or “worse” than other film versions of the characters. It may to you subjectively, but not objectively.

      • Vesna 春子 Sunrider

        *Have been. I don’t recall anybody making a film tone we had with ‘300’ before Snyder (which I loved)? Maybe I am wrong, who knows.
        I didn’t like Man of Steel, am one of the few who didn’t quite dislike Batman V Superman (although it has 8 razzie nominations… but still made ~$850 mil. worldwide :D), loved WW. Star Wars was greeted with contempt back in 1977, and Blade Runner was a box office flop. I can tell you why I liked or disliked each film – but my dislike doesn’t mean that the film is inherently bad, and I tend to never say ‘a movie is bad’ unless it failed in every aspect mentioned below.

        Someone enjoys mindless action and would judge a film with a great story
        but possibly slow for their taste – bad. I know people who don’t like
        sci-fi/fantasy at all, some of which only like real-life dramas (not
        even Hitchcock-type horrors). Most of them will judge a film bad if it is
        not to their liking, but it will never mean that the film is inherently

        It can be called inherently bad if it fails in all or at least, most of the segments that make film – a film: acting (and even the best of actors can’t help the bad script), directing, script (especially dialogues), unfortunately marketing campaign is significantly important here, as well (remember John Carter?), CGI quality lately (directed by budget), etc.

        Also, a director is not “bad” just because he made one or two fails and most of his other films were successful (or at least has more hits than misses, overall). By your logic, Ridley Scott would have to be called ‘a bad director’, as well, I guess.

        I have reported on Oscars ceremony a few years back, and just as then, I think that an Oscar won has stopped being a measure of a good film a long time ago, but that is a different can of worms to be opened another time.

        In the end, it is always up to a person watching it and their own preferences, so it would be nice for a change hearing people who do not try to impose their subjective impression of a film down other people’s throats as a fact. That’s worse than hypocrisy (though the two often go hand in hand).

  • -ve

    Snyder’s loyal fanbase are feeling threatened by the universal praise WW is getting, they think it’s undermining Snyder’s so called ‘dark and grim vision’ that only a moody brooding teenager could like (because only ‘silly’ ‘immature’ people think about smiling while watching a movie!), that’s why these articles are still being written. you want to leave him in peace – stop making him news. if WB wants to take DC towards a new direction now, that certainly can’t be a bad thing. all the hatred Snyder has gotten as director – it comes with the job, he is not being treated any differently than any other director involved in any other beloved franchises. so get over it. I can sympathize, empathize for his lose, but that doesn’t give him free pass for his half-cooked movies.

    • Maxi Iroh

      Snyder co-wrote the story for WW though.

      • -ve

        co-writer of the story, not even screenplay, most probably the CGI-fest of the 3rd act.

        • No, he got top billing in writers, he, and his wife, were massive members in creation. start to finish.

          • -ve

            right! that’s why everyone is talking about Allen Heinberg, because he was just sucking his thumb the whole time!

    • 12stepCornelius

      No, fans of Snyder are defending him against the back-handedness of the WW reviews.

      “Wonder Woman is so amazing! Finally a film that’s realized the mistake it was to have Zack Snyder a part of the DCEU. Patty Jenkins should direct every DC movie from now on!”

      That’s basically what has people stepping up to remind them that Snyder was also heavily involved in making Wonder Woman and that they, including Snyder, intended to have WW be more optimistic and hopeful, and that BvS was a one-off, darker story in the DCEU given the subject matter. I personally am very happy the movie is doing so well and can’t wait to see it this weekend, but the nastiness and vitriol towards the guy has got to stop.

      • -ve

        what passes for heavily involved this days? being a co-writer of the story? really? what people are saying about WW is it tells a coherent story, it balances levity and seriousness, and it actually takes time to flesh out the lead characters, not shove them to sideline in their own movies. no wonder fans of Snyder are stepping up to ‘defend’ him.

        • 12stepCornelius

          Patty Jenkins actually said she and Zack worked on the movie TOGETHER. That doesn’t mean he was in the director’s chair, but in terms of creative direction, he had a lot of input. He created this version of Diana after all. And he WROTE THE STORY. Yes, Patty deserves 100% credit on directing a great film. But don’t just deny Snyder had nothing to do with it.

          • -ve

            then I will rather praise Allen Heinberg and Geoff Johns, Jason Fuchs, giving Snyder his due – a footnote, not what his loyal fanbase is trying to hog from Patty.

          • 12stepCornelius

            He wasn’t a footnote ya biased pleb. Be smarter.

          • -ve

            I was being generous. Guy just lost his daughter, after all.

      • Dave

        Which is funny considering he wrote the story, was heavily involved in the casting, and Jenkins is clearly and intentionally aping his signature style throughout the entirely of the trench fight.

        • 12stepCornelius

          I think she definitely took some pointers from Snyder on the action scenes. She’s never really done action scenes after all. Only small stuff in Monster and a few here and there on the Killing, but none on the caliber of WW. I think she did a great job. Saw the movie earlier.

    • Edgar Rivas

      lol speaks of the devil.

      Do you even see past beyond CBM movies? Comic book fans are cancer to be honest. The nerd culture fest that hollywood investing in should just die already. It breeds people like you who doesn’t even understand filmmaking and gloat about their perfect portrayal of a certain character from comic book.

      • -ve

        they are still better than unschooled fanatics like you, who thinks any criticism of Snyder automatically means it is because he didn’t portray the characters ‘perfectly’.

      • I’ve (just a person who watches a lot of movie with amateur studies in some film aspects) have developing a personal rating format for movies in general. An overall film ratings, and a rating for the subgenre.

        Like a cbm rating for what it’s trying to be as a cbm is probably an 8 – but overall in terms of cinematography, quality in writing, depth in flow of the acts weaved together, may be more along a 6 or 7.

        Things like – and don’t assume I’m hating, when I say this, I love the MCU plenty – GotG2 was beautiful and had 1 really good weighted story (Peter’s), but everything else was hollow, many characters wasted, many aspects crammed in for no reason — and even though it was “fun” the quality was lackluster.

        Same way that 5th Elements hints in special cases, but lacks a LOT in common grounding.


  • Scott Whalen

    The shallow and disgusting people who ridicule this situation with Snyder are just terrible people. As a father of 2 daughters, my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I really enjoyed Man of Steel, and like the theatrical release of Batman v. Superman. I thought the extended edition was much better. However, my biggest reason to like what he does is what he’s doing with Aquaman. I’ve been an Aquaman fan since I was a kid watching the Justice League cartoon. I always hoped to see an Aquaman movie. His introduction in BvS was nice, but I still remember when they were filming in Detroit, and called in on a radio show he happened to be listening to as the two disk jockey’s ridiculed Aquaman.

    • Dave

      I used to be a snyder hater until that moment. anyone who says he doesn’t love these characters can eat garbage. He’s also the only major director not to make batman into a boring mary sue character who makes everyone around him dumber so he can be smart. Snyder literally adapred the most iconic batman story, flipped it on its head by saying batman was wrong and had enough respect for the character to let him make mistakes and grow. Not even Bruce Timm managed that.

      • Wow, that’s really well stated there! Nice job.

      • chaburchak

        But he made Batman a vengeful lunkhead in the process. “…if we believe there’s even a one percent chance that he is our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty… and we have to destroy him.” By that skibo logic, Batman can justify killing any person on earth. So much for the World’s Greatest Detective…

  • As I see it, this sort of hatred for a director’s work… definitely in a case like this where his work is so provocative and controversial… stems from the big problem with all commercial (and probably academic as well) criticism:

    When something is not to one’s personal taste, they define and label as “objectively bad.”

    I’m not saying that there aren’t objective standards for craftsmanship that we can mostly agree upon.

    But let’s say, for example, that if I find more reasons to personally like BvS than I do Captain America: Civil War… and someone else does the opposite… then the difference that we’re really talking about is a preference for the director’s approach to the subject matter. I can tell you specifically why I admire and enjoy the choices that Zack Snyder makes in many cases that others would argue are poorly executed. And I can offer a cogent analysis for why I love the film overall, even if it also includes some flaws as well in my view.

    I think Mark Hughes of Forbes said it really well recently about Wonder Woman in the Superhero News YT video non-spoiler review. Paraphrasing closely here, he says words to the effect that “if you don’t like it (the film) fine; but if you’re saying it’s ‘bad’, or a poorly made film, then you’re just factually wrong.”

    But all too often that is what people do. “It isn’t what I wanted, and I personally don’t like it. So it’s ‘bad.” That mentality has to change. I’m actually more interested in why someone personally, individually likes or dislikes a film. That’s a much more honest discussion.

    • Axxell

      The argument works both ways. You can’t say another person is wrong for saying the movie is “good” or “bad”….That’s their personal, individual opinion. I could sit here and tell people why they’re “factually wrong” for not liking The Last Airbender…but that’s just one in a sea of opinions.

      The closest you can get to a factual verdict is the audience’s overall reaction. One person’s individual opinion doesn’t matter if the majority of people’s reaction runs counter.

      • Yeah, it definitely works both ways, I agree.

        • Sugam Kher

          There’s just one thing majority proves .. Which is the fact that majority proves nothing.

          BTW I loved bvs .. Oh and Snyder is a great guy ..

      • Wes

        The problem with that though is people like to say “the majorityv just because them and their friends liked or didnt like it. Thats not. Majority. Using bvs as an example. Audience score was 63% with that being over 50% majority liked it factually. So when ppl try to yell to the masses majority didnt that’s factually wrong.

        • Axxell

          Nope. Audience scores are easily manipulated; it’s as trustworthy as anecdotal evidence.

  • Xephe

    He deserves all the love in the world. Same as you or me.
    My personal feelings about him, he is an amazing filmmaker. No amount of vitriol will change that. He puts forth a superhero effort, and he doesn’t react to the poison that is spewed, he always takes the high road. He has much to teach us. Thanks for the article.

  • Kenny Ok

    zack snyder deserves more respect. he was overcritised and treated badly by the media and critics.

  • Cary David Hoffson

    We should be thanking. Him and be gald that D.C. comics movies is making the rest of the its comics books in to movies and going past the what they have done in more of its comics into movies has they have been doing for marvel comics movies to see more of D.C. comics movies so we are not just seeing marvel comics movies and that’s all to see what about D.C. comics movies to see also and this is how it has been for the comic books being around for so long in having both to read to. Have it for movies to

  • Zack Snyder is a genius and like all geniuses: misunderstood by a few.
    It is easy to criticize art and more so when someone has not been worked in an artistic environment or when someone is waiting something different.
    There is a lot of ignorance in the light criticism.
    The decisions are not taken by a single person, since a film is the artistic result of the investment of a company.
    300: Snyder elevated Leonidas to a level of great power and energy with great emotionality and credibility, he made us feel the power of a great leader.
    Watchmen: He created a masterpiece summarizing the different types of visual approach and personality of the vigilantes that make Watchmen, that in the hands of another director could easily fall into the ridiculous.
    Man of Steel: He showed us the level of compassion and conflict that exists in the decision making that a superior being has when he is trying to understand what it will mean to be Superman, even killing Zod in the process of this evolution.
    BvS: He has put Batman to fight against beings with a level of strength and speed superior to his, showing the characteristics of strategist and analysis that are required to lead, placing his Batman above the threats of the Joker and Bane The other films.

  • LupeX

    Really? How many “fans” have written hate pieces about Snyder? How many “fans” have started rumors upon rumors upon false narrative about his job security and the status of his films? How many “fans” have ripped his work to shreds on RottenTomatoes?
    The main culprits of the despicable behavior and cyber bullying he has received is from bloggers and critics. You should be bravery and call them out – the Devin Faraci’s, David Alters, Peter Scrieta, Germain Lussier, Collider, ScreenJunkies of the fanboy film community.
    As Will Smith’s character said in Concussion (2015), “TELL THE TRUTH! TELL THE TRUTH!!”

  • warren saqua

    Zach Snyder is the best superhero movie director regardless what haters say, hope he returns to direct more dc movies

    • chaburchak

      Snyder has a good visual style and an eye for action. Unfortunately he also has a tin ear for dialogue and a poor sense of characterization and plotting. I wish he would partner with a good writer who could do the heavy lifting with the story aspects and let Snyder focus on where his strengths lie…

      • warren saqua

        I agree with what you’re saying, you’re right, he’s not good at blending all those qualities in a movie, he failed the romance oart in man of steel,,,, aha about the partnering with a good writer I’m taking you don’t find justice league’s Chris terrio a good partner for Snyder I mean the guy won an Oscar for Argo his bvs script was a third re-write

        • chaburchak

          Terrio may be a good writer overall, but it appears that comic book movies don’t play to his strengths. Either that or he was hamstrung by the previous script by Goyer or what Snyder was adamant about including…piecing together previous drafts and action beats the director or the studio insist on including can’t be very easy, more assembling a puzzle than telling a coherent story. I think having to continue the angsty/conflicted Superman from Man of Steel was a problem from the get-go and threw off all the characterizations. My preference would be for Snyder to get Bruce Timm and the other writers from the DC animated shows to handle the story…their mastery of character and his visuals would be a crazy good combination.

          • warren saqua

            That’s not such a bad idea after all I wonder why they don’t consult the animation directors and stuff,,, all the batman animated films really give you the true definition of THE BATMAN!!!

  • Jason Klawon

    Funny that he portrays every single character in the DCEU as a meatheaded, hateful, xenophobic moron. I’m not sure why Superman making out with Lois on top of screaming masses at the end of Moron of Steel would upset fans. Lol.

    Why an article would choose to use a family tragedy to attack his millions of critics is patently stupid. I hate his films but I wish he and his family the best.

    It’s truly tragic for any Father to go through a Daughter’s suicide ….

    • Dave

      Iron man murders nearly a dozen people in his first movie alone. In the second film he refuses to hand over his own personal weapon of mass destruction to the US government because reasons but it is totes OK guys because they were hydra agents anyway, and Iron man would never even unknowingly work with hydra. Except for in winter soldier when he builds them three floating murder fortresses. But hey at least he didn’t create skynet, leave it plugged into the internet and cause thousands of civilian casualties by proxy. And that;s just one character. Thor advocated genocide in his first movie and kills several innocent frost giants who were just defending their home.

      MCU heroes have far larger bodycounts through incompetence alone. The main difference is that in the DCU, a hero taking a life is treated as a serious event, and worth the time to take seriously, whereas in the MCU massacring roomfuls of people is best celebrated with a keg party.

      • Sam

        Do we always have to do that? Every time some points out wrongdoing someone else will bring up similar wrongdoings as if it absolves said wrongdoing. I get what you’re trying to say and the guy exaggerates but I’m getting really tired of seeing that and no one said anything about the MCU or even Superman killing Zod to begin with.

    • Wait, what!? please explain to me how MoS portrays Kal-El as a meat headed xenophobe… Batman in BvS I can see your parallel – though you’re attaching labels in a quick boiled down explanation (it’s no xenophobia, it’s fear of the potential threat. And his anger is from years of being warped into a jaded person due to the horrors he’s seen and experienced).

      Superman making out on top of screaming masses?

      Either you missed a lot of points in the movies, or you have a very contrived perception gained from what you took away from these films — and that’s not to say you have to like them – but your explanation is literally “wat!?”

  • Barry Moore

    Snyder’s main DC universe films have been very bad. Using his personal tragedy to somehow excuse his substandard abilities as a director is just as bad as anyone taking satisfaction in that tragedy because his films are not good. This article is just hack garbage.

    • Afaq Imran

      That means u really don’t have any idea about comic book movies. Sad ur argument is invalid here 😀

  • Afaq Imran

    I agree with all the points mentioned in the post. You see every one has got their own style, own vision of making films and his vision is best suited for comic book movies and those who didn’t understood him yet are either jealous or they clearly have no idea what they are talking about. And all those crticits which bark at him are inhumans, people have got no sympathy no heart for such a talented man. No offense but ask any director to match his comic visuals, the result will be crystal clear to show whose the ultimate winner. Talking about story telling, man these are not popcorn flickered childish action marvel movies. He does a tremendous job by giving faithful adaption to all his movies and if you doubt him, you need to brush up your comic book memories. To me he is one of the greatest influential director of all time…one last thing great people are always envied by others be it critics or fans. Keep barking idiotic critics.

  • Britton Thompson

    Agreed. The sheer disdain and revulsion Zack Snyder has garnered from mostly Marvel fans—even some DC fans too—goes beyond the pale of human decency. But honestly, it hasn’t only been applied to just Zack Snyder. David Ayer was the target of the same abuse, as well as Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Jesse Eisenberg. Even though Wonder Woman seems to be a certified hit, already there are Marvelites penning op-eds on how stupid and incoherent the movie actually is despite it’s critical acclaim. And don’t forget about the ridiculously nasty treatment Gal Gadot initially received back in 2014 upon being cast as Wonder Woman for BvS. She was lamented for being too skinny; for having no talent; and the gold standard of absurd criticisms: her boobs weren’t big enough.

    I would like to be able to say this is a universal problem within superhero movie fans everywhere, but sadly I can not. In my experience, as much as I don’t like to broadcast this sentiment, the majority of this degrading revulsion does seem to emanate from the Marvel side of the equation. Your analogy of sports fandom is appropriate. Both sides have become so entrenched by now, and Marvel fans seem to be soooo desperate to attain their critical recognition that they launch grassroots campaigns to smear DCEU movies before they even come out. The amount of juvenile sentiments expressed by fans after the Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, Spiderman: Homecoming, and the final Wonder Woman trailers dropped took this to a whole ‘nother level of absurdity. It has to end. Fans have to walk back from the edge, lest they drag us all over the edge into the abyss with them.

    • Axxell

      The reason why it seems to “emanate from the Marvel side of the equation” is because the “DC side” hasn’t had much to crow about since the DCCU started. But even before BvS came out, there were plenty of them spending all of it’s 3 year development period assailing Marvel movies and gloating about DC’s impending demolition of the MCU. I’m seeing it again now that the DCCU finally got a movie with a review average better than 7/10.

    • Vesna 春子 Sunrider

      Sounds familiar, what with Star Wars fanboys vs. GL. Menchildren have been so loud and whiny on every opportunity they got (and Hella knows that Internet offers PLENTY), they got their A New New Hope they wanted (again, reminds of spoiled brats crying until they get what they want from parents tired of having their ears busted). Almost makes one stop being a fan, as they spoil the enjoyment for others. I never understood that, and neither the need to fight against other team’s fans, while we’re at it; maybe I’m missing something, being one of the people who like both SW and ST, Marvel and DC…

  • Harsh Parmar

    Not attacking his personal life but he does deserve all the hate.He is terrible filmmaker.

  • Tim Whale

    You can’t live in the era of the internet without experiencing criticism. Its nice that you sympathize with his personal tragedy, and so do I, but there is no escaping the fact that BM v SM was a disappointment. It is not a Marvel vs DC thing at all. I have always thought DC is greater than Marvel. Sometimes an artist’s style and tone simply goes out of fashion. Snyder is the Ed Hardy of film.

    • I disagree, objectively the problems people state about BvS are also found in CW and other MCU movies. While BvS is not perfect, you need only look at the ratings of Ironman 2 and 3, Thor 1 and 2, and Age of Ultron to see that there’s a harsh reception to BvS.

      Dr. Strange and GotG2 are even praised wildly as if they compare to the mastery of Winter Solider and Avengers 1.

      The main differences is the element of “fun” — many think a cbm HAS to have “fun”. That’s nice, and I get that point of view, but that doesn’t detract from quality, purpose of dialog, weight of connected character’s musings.

      Someone told me they didn’t understand Lex’s motivation when he explains it, not only subtly, but completely later on. Says he hates Lex, YET cannot remember a thing about Zemo, doesn’t remember his plan, thinks he was an amazing villain and that he’s responsible for the break up of the avengers… And it’s a reoccurring thing with many fans. You have Marvel fans who are attacked by other Marvel fans for pointing out that Dr. Strange wasn’t all that great aside from the Cumberbatch and Swenton’s performance.

      • Axxell

        I don’t think anybody has ever said the MCU is faultless; it just doesn’t have as many flaws as the DCCU.

        • Xephe

          Personally, I think MCU has WAY more flaws. That is why I stopped watching them long ago, I just had enough. Polarizing should never translate to flaws. It took 2013 MOS to make me WANT to see Superheroes in Cinema again after a respite from the same old same old over and over again. DCCU makes me excited for what’s to come.

          • Axxell

            People aren’t finding the DCCU flawed because it’s “polarizing”… It’s flawed because it’s not compelling. I can see people getting tired of the MCU, though – there IS such a thing as having too much of a good thing, even if it’s ice cream.

          • Xephe

            It is VERY compelling. It may not be to you, but when something is polarizing, that means it’s not universally one thing to all people, and usually divided somewhere down the middle in general, thus it is compelling to those on the other end of the spectrum.

            But your argument about ice cream, come on man! You can never have enough ice cream! haha

  • Timothy W Gray

    I too have critized Snyder previously, and harshlt, to be honest. I once recommended that Warner replace him with a homeless bum, because that would becan upgrade.

    However, making fun of a dead child is despicable. Even I wouldn’t stoop that low. There are certain things that are out of bounds, and that is one of them.

    Don’t go there, folks. Keep it classy….

  • WymanManderly’smeatpies

    Watchmen is my favorite comicbook film. Dawn 04 is one of my favorite remakes. I also believe that every character shared between Donner’s films and Man of Steel is better in MoS. They’re better developed, they’re motives are more clearly defined, they’re better characters all in all. I truly think if Chris Nolan’s name was on MoS instead of Snyder’s, then we’d never stop hearing how great it is.

    • Vesna 春子 Sunrider

      Except papa Kent :v

  • Watchmen is THE BEST Comic book movie of all time (Obviously in my opinion). Snyder has been put through so much crap he doesn’t deserve. He is very underappreciated and for some reasons, reviewers really seem to hate/dislike him and his work (fact).

    I love his movies and I really appreciate his dedication to film making as I am to his understanding of characters and artistically expression. The best part about his movies for me is the depth. It’s not a single layer. It’s multiple layers of more and more that if you’re as curious as I am and want to see something you can’t predict or expect, he is great at it.

  • Edivaldo


    MOS is spectacular.

  • Anthony Duignan-Cabrera

    No. As much as his personal tragedy is that, a personal tragedy, he’s still a terrible filmmaker. Attempting a reappraisal of his work in light of his current family issues is ill conceived and the worst kind of emotional blackmail.

  • Tim Whale

    Why is BM v SM disliked? Here’s some reasons. Batman and Superman stopped fighting cause they both had mother’s named Martha, way too many sub plots that went no where, friggin Jimmy Olsen was killed for no reason. The film was horrible. They took the worst, not the best, but the worst moments from DKR. Have any of you so called DC fans actually read the DKR. That film lacks any of the intelligence of the comic. In the comic Superman was a stooge of the US Govt. Batman was highly conflicted about killing joker. Batman need a female side kick being dark and angry was not enough. All these intelligent themes are absent from the film. Eg What is right v what is lawful. The question of what is justice, and the toxicity of masculinity. Sure bm v sm was a different story but that is the point. You say he was influenced by the comic but that is not true it is like Snyder flipped through some comics looked at the pictures and never read a word. This film failed in every way. It is souless rubbish and a waste. A wasted opportunity to show how superhero comics have evolved beyond power fantasy tales for young boys into a meaningful genre that can comment of contemporary and important issues WHILE STILL BEING FUN.

    • Xephe

      Emphatically disagree. BvS UE IS a masterpiece, but again, your opinion you are entitled to. Firstly, accuracy, they did not stop fighting because their mother’s have the same name. They stopped fighting because it triggered the dark, abyssal recesses in Bruce’s mind that drove him in his fog of rage, to place all his anger and misguided current ideology on Superman. If you simply coast at the surface of this, of course you won’t get it. It requires you to engage in the story.

      I have read TDKR multiple times. This would be a HORRIBLE comic book to adapt to a movie. Animated film, yes, live-action, no way. Fine for a graphic novel read, but as a movie, taking inspiration from it and cherry picking dialogue and transposing it into something even more meaningful, is the best thing that could have happened.

      I wish you could see what I (and many other see in BvS) see, because the very first thing you said, about the name, tells me everything I need to know about the extent to which you did (or didn’t) watch this movie.

      • DarkoCool

        Its Absolutely a masterpiece! Im constantly baffled by the hate it gets. Yes the theatrical edition was cut all to shreds. The UE is a masterpiece of the genre!

        • Xephe

          It truly is, it’s always nice to connect to someone on the same page. It is a story for OUR times, a zeitgeist. Did you ever imagine, we’d get something so relevant & reflective in a …. wait for it… CBM? We are fortunate to experience a time like this where auteurs can fearlessly bring some of the most important moments in comics to life.

  • susieqtpi

    It’s absolutely correct to say that Snyder isn’t a bad filmmaker and that he doesn’t deserve all of the hate that he has been getting. However, the hate isn’t unprompted. The reason people hate him so passionately is because they desperately want to see a different vision for the DCEU, and they view Snyder as a kind of evil tyrant standing in the way of that. The people have spoken, democratically, by voting with their pocketbooks – and they’re offended that their votes don’t seem to count. They couldn’t dislodge him, and they felt powerless. And that culminated in hating him because he didn’t understand they wanted something different. He inflicted himself on the public without sufficient permission.

    So on the one hand, it’s a completely irrational level of hatred, divorced from what their actual issue is. On the other hand, it’s completely predictable and avoidable.

  • scarlett71177

    I met Mr. Snyder on the set of BvS when I was an extra. He’s very dedicated to his work, was kind, professional, and fun to watch. Though I don’t agree with ALL of his creative choices, his talent is undeniable. I wish him the best at this tough time.

  • Andy

    Bryan Singer was much more hated in the comic book culture than Snyder to be quite honest. He may one of the few people like Blade and Spider-Man who started to make the comic book movies like the westerns in the 50’s-60’s, but his X-Men have divided so many comic book fans and wanted a different vision of them. The hate for Snyder was one thing, the hate for Singer is undeniable.

  • K4te

    I have no opinion on Snyder as a person, I don’t know him personally. But I sincerely wish he wasn’t facing such a horrible tragedy right now. Its a heartbreaking thing he’s facing, and I wish he wasn’t.

    That said, an article which basically says “Lots of people don’t like the movies/director I like, you’re all a bunch of unfair stupid heads” is a stretch of literary license even for an opinion piece. Mr Stoic, many of us actually have very well thought out reasons why we dislike some of Snyder’s films. Personally, I don’t dislike them all, some I liked. But he’s below 50/50 for me, and I generally regard his influence as a bad omen going into a film.

  • Jerminator Fourtwenty

    I don’t think Zach Synder is entitled to be free of criticism because he’s morning the lost of his daughter

  • Jooshua

    I don’t understand the hatred for a filmmaker based on their work. I loved Dawn of the Dead and Watchmen. I thought MoS and BvS had a few moments I enjoyed but I didn’t really like either of them as a whole. I didn’t like 300, Legends of Guardians, or Sucker Punch.

    But I’ve never disliked Zack Snyder for any of his films. That just seems silly. I’m always excited for his films, whether I liked the last one or not. I’m excited for Justice League and I hope I’ll enjoy it, and if I don’t, I’ll still be excited to see what he does next. And if I do, I certainly won’t go spouting off like it’s only a likeable movie because Joss Whedon came along.

    I’m saddened that his family is struggling. I hope people can stop being so selfish and petty. How dare someone be grateful for someone’s tragedy because they think it will make some movie better. I hope nothing but the best for him and his family.