Zack Stentz Confirms He’s Writing ‘Booster Gold’ Solo Film

Zack Stentz is a name that has been associated with the superhero genre now since 2011 when he co-wrote the screenplay for Phase 1 MCU film Thor, as well as Fox’s soft-reboot/prequel X-Men: First Class with long time writing partner Ashley Miller. He followed it up recently when he wrote an episode of CW’s The Flash where he got the attention of executive producer Greg Berlanti. But it seems the success of Berlanti’s comic book TV-verse that includes a roster of heroes from Green Arrow to Supergirl isn’t enough and he wants to return to the world of cinema with Booster Gold and he’s bringing Zack Stentz along with him.

While having ‘real fights about fake movies’ on Screen Junkie’s popular online show ‘Movie Fights’ Stentz announced the news saying

“I am jumping into the DC Universe with both feet, and I am at least, until they fire me, I’m gonna be writing Booster Gold – for the big screen.”

You can check out Stentz’s confirmation below.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Booster Gold is time-travelling hero from the future, the 25th Century to be precise. Originally he travelled back to a contemporary Metropolis and flaunted his future technology to fight crime and with the aid of his knowledge of historical events was able to stop a number of disasters and villains. With an ego to rival Tony Stark’s his fellow heroes often struggle to even take him seriously but that didn’t stop Booster Gold from becoming a valued member of the Justice League in several renditions.

It will be fascinating to see what role Booster Gold will have in the DC Extended Universe and equally as fascinating to see what Stentz does with the character as taking characters considered perhaps a little campy or difficult to interpret on the silver screen is something of a specialty for him. Who would have thought a Norse god would play so well in a world of superheroes? And taking the X-Men to the swinging sixties? Not to mention his upcoming Power Rangers reboot. His name attached alone will be enough to get me in line to Booster Gold.

No dates have been announced as of yet.

Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy is a Staff Writer at Heroic Hollywood from London, UK. He also co-founded GEEKSPACE and writes for Generation Comics.