’13 Reasons Why’ Actor Wants To Play DC’s Blue Beetle

One of the lead actors behind Netflix's 13 Reasons Why has revealed that he wants to play a DC superhero: the Jaime Reyes iteration of Blue Beetle.

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is one of the streaming service’s biggest hits in recent memory, and actor Christian Navarro is capitalizing on that success by revealing that he’s interested in playing DC superhero Blue Beetle.

Navarro told Geek Feed that he’d really like to get into the realm of superhero adaptations, and mentioned that he’d really like to play one of DC’s most famous Latino characters: the Jaime Reyes iteration of Blue Beetle.

“I would one hundred per cent consider joining [a major movie franchise]. The story’s got to be right, the script has to be right, it would need to have a human element to it… With DC, I think there’s some more realistic options, like the Blue Beetle. A Teen Titian, I could play, definitely. There’s options out there, I just haven’t met people yet. I would love to do something like that. Just to be involved in any way would be a dream come true.”

Navarro also stated that he’d love to play Iron Man if Robert Downey Jr. steps down, but he acknowledged that that’s not an incredibly likely to happen anytime soon (hence why he sees a shot at playing a character like Blue Beetle is a more realistic option). While there aren’t any official plans for a Teen Titans movie as of yet (though some speculate that the planned Cyborg standalone will be reworked into such a film), DC has made significant progress toward making a Titans television series a reality, so it’s possible that Navarro’s career could get a boost from another streamed television series instead of a movie.

13 Reasons Why has been renewed for a second season.

Source: Geek Feed