5 Actors Who Could Play Black Manta In ‘Aquaman’


With the news breaking that Black Manta would be the villain of Aquaman, I decided to create a list of candidates capable of bringing our underwater villain to life. You can check out that list by hitting next.


Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

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  • Luisbats

    number 2 and 1 are good choices

    • I agree with 1 and 2. I like Elba, but he’s essentially the #1 wishlist guy for every role. My only problem is that other than Elba, none of these guys would come across as a physical threat to Momoa.

  • Новица Чворовић

    Denzel !!!


    Elba was born to play the role of Manta.

    • Victor Thomas

      Our perfect choice will never be their choice. I hope so but it’ll most likely be tyreese or denzel washington.

      • SAMURAI36

        I’d even be fine with Denzel. Tyree, not so much. But they’d be doing themselves a disservice, if they didn’t at least approach Elba first.

        • Victor Thomas

          did you flag my post bro?

          • SAMURAI36

            Nah, you posted it twice.

          • Victor Thomas

            they deleted the first one and i reposted it.

        • Victor Thomas

          You’d be fine with Denzel? smh Damn sam I’m not going to lie at this point I wish I was a sheep for DC, this is breaking my heart. I always liked marvel in a way but it never did it for me. Now for me being a die hard DC fan I can’t turn to the comics, the movies, the animated shows and movies or the tv shows. It might seem childish but I feel like a part of my life has been taken away from me, I feel lost.

          • SAMURAI36

            What’s the matter with DC for you? Are you not liking the products anymore?

          • Victor Thomas

            Honestly sam i talk to you about this because i know you love DC like I do but think about the history of DC and how it amazing it’s been. You think these movies and shows and comics live up to that? look how many DC/vertigo graphic novels are best sellers , regarded as the greatest of all time, look how many awards those things won , look how many awards the timm/dini verse has won, even the dark knight trilogy won 2 oscars and had 7 other nominations those products became bigger than life. Are you really telling me Suicide Squad lives up to that? Throughout this entire process they’ve perverted our favorite characters, stories etc. Are you really okay with all this?

          • SAMURAI36

            Wow dude, I really don’t know what to tell you. I am loving almost everything DC is doing right now.

            I’m not a person that gets stuck on what representation of the characters. In fact, I embrace the Multiverse concept completely.

            I like that the movie versions of the characters, are not exactly the same as the comics, or the TV shows, or the video games. I like variety.

            So no, I don’t think they are ruining Superman. I like the DCEU Superman, just as much as I like the animated Superman, or the DCTV Superman. They are ALL Superman to me.

            I don’t wanna tell you how to think/feel, but I think it helps when you don’t allow yourself to get stuck in one version. Keep in mind, the Superman that we have now, is not the same as when he was first introduced back in 1938. He couldn’t even fly back then, LOL!!

            So embrace the variety, is what I say. I hope that helps.

        • Darthmanwe

          I’ll murder you all just to make a point if Denzel gets cast as a goddamn side villain.

          This ain’t Jamie Foxx or some such 2nd rate actor, this is Denzel. You don’t cast Denzel for Manta, you cast him for John Stewart ( admittedly, Denzel is old for that now) or an equivalent role.

          In fact, cast him as that ‘older Hal Jordan’ and save us all.

          But to be honest, I’d like if he stays away from superhero game altogether. We already have so many legends taint their legacy with superhero movies, I really don’t want Denzel to join Hopkins and Douglas.

          • SAMURAI36

            I pretty much agree with you. Especially the part about These other actors getting ruined in these terrible roles.

    • Chris Schroeder

      Personally I hate big name actors in these roles, I always see them more as the actor than the character (Like Ethan Hawke in Sinister… kinda), so Denzel wouldn’t do it for me.
      I just recently watched The Butler and would love David Oyelowo in the role, I think he’d do an awesome job.
      In a perfect world, Elba would be awesome though.

  • jeeyow

    Michael Ealy!

  • Micheal O’Brein

    Michael K Williams has already been in the MCU! He was the guy from Harlem who comes out nd tries to stop Hulk fighting Abomination (as demanded by crazy Ed Norton who saw him in the wire nd made sure he was in hulk) before being cut down to just 1 shot haha prob wont pop up in another marvel film but not sure he has the widespread notoriety to be a DC villain (even tho he shud cos Omar is the best nd the wire is the best show ever) …so there u have it, a couple facts, my opinion and ah thats it i guess

  • Victor Thomas

    and then my comments start getting deleted, thanks @Heroic Hollywood. I literally said nothing wrong in my comment.

  • Victor Thomas

    @heroic hollywood @natebrail is free speech allowed here? especially when it doesn’t contain profanity or violence, nudity, sexual comments or drug reference? I’m just wondering why my comment was deleted. I’m I not allowed to voice my disapproval?

  • AJayL

    Idris Elba.
    Henry Simmons?
    Blair Underwood?
    Denzel Washington?

  • AJayL


  • xxjinzaxx

    Why no Wesley Snipes? He does bad pretty good.

    • SAMURAI36

      Have you guys heard that Michael Jai White has put his bid in for the role?

      So now it’s between Elba, Williams, and White for me.

  • Anonymous G.H

    Djimon Hounsou, remember ‘Blood Diamond’?, the actor is incredible, he’s role in Guardian of the galaxy stinks, what a waste of a talent. Let him unleashe his intense Oscar worthy acting with beautifully visual fight scenes and Black Manta will be a f***ing badas!

    • SAMURAI36

      I could see Hounsou as well.