5 Questions About Superman Coming To ‘Supergirl’

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Yesterday was a huge one for fans of Supergirl as it was announced that her cousin Superman will be making his debut in Season 2 for the first two episodes when the show moves to The CW for the fall. The search for TV’s next Man of Steel is currently underway and hopefully we will know either at the end of this month or perhaps at San Diego Comic-Con in July who will be portraying Clark Kent/Kal-El. While we have no details other than that he will be in the season two premiere and the episode after that, today I wanted to go through 5 major questions about Superman coming to Supergirl this fall and what this means for the larger DC TV Universe on The CW. Hit the NEXT button below, but be aware of some spoilers from Supergirl Season 1 as well as The Flash Season 2.


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht is an online entertainment journalist who has been covering television and movies since 2010. In addition, he is also a podcast producer.

  • Steve Steve

    The CW should resurrect Smallville’s characters in a new Superman series. I’ll admit I did not watch Smallville, nor do I watch Supergirl. However, if they were to develop a Superman series I would watch weekly.

    A question to those who watched Smallville and watch Supergirl; are there any major story barriers to prevent Smallville from being ret-conned into the current CW/DC universe?

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    • Baby Face Nelson

      many. main one is they already had a version of Supergirl in Smallville and she had more experience than Superman

      • Steve Steve

        Ah. So there would have to be a major alternate reality crossover story to tie them together. Maybe Tom Welling could just play an alternate dimension version of Superman who just happens to look like the Smallville guy. Even as (technically) a different character, fans of Smallville would rejoice to see him return.

        • Baby Face Nelson

          and the girl that played Supergirl on Smallville is playing Brainiac on Supergirl. Laura Vandervoort. Super awkward.

        • RCJ

          Actually, the guy who played Leonard Snarts dad on Flash played General Lane (Lois’s dad) on Smallville. That role is played by Glen Morshower now on Supergirl.

    • RCJ

      Characters in Smallville have major portrayals elsewhere in current CW media.

      Green Arrow became a large portion of the later seasons – essentially filling th role of Batman in regard to being Clarks main superhero ally and friend.

      Supergirl (played by Vandervoort who now plays Indigo on Supergirl) also spent a good number of seasons in the later portions of Smallville.

      That’s just a start.

      All that said, I do think we’re talking about an opportunity. We have, essentially, three DC universes spread across a bunch of decades of CW time. Smallville had ten years before Arrow and Flash started a new universe. Now they’re bringing Supergirl over and shes in a third universe.

      – They could have a reality warping event that ends with a consolidated universe where Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and parts of Smallville are all put into the same universe. Basically you end it off by taking the parts of Smallville you want to stick in and dropping the parts that don’t fit. You also have all or most the characters proceed as if they have all been in the same universe all along.

      The precedent for this on television would be Buffy. The show existed strongly for several years with Buffy as an only child. They used mystical goings on to introduce a magical sibling that just popped up one day and everyone behaved as if Dawn had been there from day 1.

      – They could forget Smallville exist entirely and simply, say, cast Tom Welling as the Supergirl universe version of Superman without tying in the Smallville history. One thing I think fans love is how the tv DC properties bring back previous actors to play new roles. Annette O’Toole played Lana in the Reeve films and ended up as Martha Kent. Dean Cain was Superman and played a version of Vandal Savage on Smallville and Danvers father on Supergirl. Even Christopher Reeve played a scientist on Smallville.

      How fitting and interesting would it be to see a star play two versions of the character? The pre costume Clark and as an occasional guest spot as the fully established Superman. This could have worked for Routh as well had he not been cast as Ray Palmer.

      – My guess is that they will have an “event” that puts Supergirls universe into the mainline CW continuity. But the actor they cast as Superman will be wholly new to the product. It won’t be as interesting or and bold as it could be.