5 Reasons The Death Of [SPOILER] Is ‘Arrow’s Biggest Loss

[Disclaimer: This editorial features major spoiler from the 18th episode of Arrow Season 4]

Last week was a tough one for fans of CW’s Green Arrow series, Arrow, as the 18th episode of the current season titled “Eleven-Fifty Nine” featured the death of Dinah Laurel Lance a.k.a. the Black Canary (played by Katie Cassidy), a beloved character that has over the course of four years had to fight multiple battles on many levels and also plays a huge role in the Green Arrow mythology. The character has had a bumpy journey since the start, but has over the course of the following seasons grown and evolved into an empowering hero as her journey was just beginning. Out of all the things that have happened on Arrow, Laurel’s death is becoming the most discussed thing in the show’s reception and on social media as fans of both the show and the comic books, has been vocal about the killing of the Black Canary. Today we are discussing the 5 reasons why Laurel’s death is the biggest loss for Arrow.

Before we continue, I would just like to make something very clear: my views and opinions on this subject is in no way an attack on anyone associated with the television show, whether they be writers, producers, actors or network heads. These are just opinions of someone that, respectfully, doesn’t agree with the decision to kill off the Black Canary. So let’s start with the first reason.

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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