8 Justice Society Members We Want In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2

Justice Society Legends Of Tomorrow S2

[DISCLAIMER: Be aware of big spoilers from Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Finale]

Last week fans of CW’s latest DC series, Legends of Tomorrow, witnessed the debut of a certain DC Comics character that helped setting up the upcoming arc for the second season. Rex Tyler a.k.a. Hourman (played by Suits’ Patrick J Adams) made his debut in the final seconds and introduced himself as a member of the Justice Society of America which will be heavily featured in the fall when Legends of Tomorrow starts Season 2.

As the season just ended, it will probably be a while till we find out who from the Justice Society will be showing up, but that doesn’t stop us from making our personal wish lists of who we want to see from that team on the show. That’s exactly what we are doing today as we name eight Justice Society members that Legends of Tomorrow should use. Hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through the eight characters we hope to see in the fall.


Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht is an online entertainment journalist who has been covering television and movies since 2010. In addition, he is also a podcast producer.

  • Hinscher

    When I watched season finale and heard them say Justice Society, my first thought was “Does this basically confirm that the CWverse is actually Earth 2”
    Isn’t Justice Society Earth 2, Justice League Earth 1?

    • Darthmanwe

      Remember, Gideon once proclaimed Barry as “Founder of the–” before that cut off by Cisco. Also, something tells me Legends just went into parallel worlds stuff as Flash did.

      • Hinscher

        Flash was the founder of Justice Society.

        • Darthmanwe

          Jay Garrick was. Barry is founder of Justice League.

    • Vegas82

      The numbering is going to be changed somewhat with the Berlantiverse. The reason Earth-1 was called Earth-1 is because it was the primary universe the canon storytelling was being told in. For DCTV that means the shows like Arrow/Flash/LoT. I’m thinking we may get a crisis next season that merges Earths though to bring Supergirl into the same universe as everyone else. Having to punch an interdimensional hole every time they want to do a crossover might get old.

      • Hinscher

        The reason it was called earth one was is because the characters were explaining it. Everyone would consider their EARTH, earth 1. Doesn’t make it so.

        • Peter James

          And what makes your explanation more valid than anyone else’s including the writers and creators of the show?

    • w0undedmagic

      Dude, the “movie universe” and “tv universe” are not taking place on “multiple earths”. Kevin Smith, Geoff Johns or whoever-the-fckk this notion came from-is just saying it to PACIFY uber-fanboys that can’t grasp the idea of them being separate. You will NEVER see a crossover between the two. NEVER.

      Regarding the CWverse’ continuity specifically-

      The Flash, Arrow, and Legends’ primary characters are all from Earth 1 (although some have obviously explored and met other characters from Earth 2 ie Zoom, Killer Frost, Jay Garrick, etc)

      Supergirl DOES NOT take place on EARTH 1 OR EARTH 2, and has yet to be established what Earth she is from.

      • Hinscher

        Never said there would be a crossover. And yes freaking yes they are on different earths.
        Just as the comics have multiple earths, the tv/movie’s do too. Heck we see flash show us mutliple tv shows (don’t recal if movies shown in any)
        They don’t have to crossover to be part of a multiverse.
        YOu have no idea what earth they are from. They say they are earth 1, but i bet supergirl likes to think her earth is also earth 1. The only hint we have right now as to what is the TRUE numbering is possibly this Justice Society thing. Unless Legends goes to different universe (which is highly doubtful) then there being a Justice Society in their Universe is cementing this verse in Earth 2.

        • w0undedmagic

          “And yes freaking yes they are on different earths.”

          Just for the sake of clarity, I’m saying the movies AND TV shows DO NOT exist TOGETHER under the same universe “umbrella”. The movies are connected to the movies, and the shows are connected to the shows. Crossover or not, they are NOT taking place together, across multiple earths. Meaning, Batman v Superman doesnt take place on Earth-467, while the CW shows take place on Earth 1, etc. They are separate entities, completely.

          “Just as the comics have multiple earths, the tv/movie’s do too. Heck we see flash show us mutliple tv shows (don’t recal if movies shown in any)”

          -We DO NOT see any clips from the DC films. We see Supergirl-a Berlanti production, and the 90’s Flash show, which had already had it’s “alternate Trickster” explored on a previous episode. That’s two Tv shows-one by the same creator, the other a homage to an old show.

          “YOu have no idea what earth they are from. They say they are earth 1, but i bet supergirl likes to think her earth is also earth 1. The only hint we have right now as to what is the TRUE numbering is possibly this Justice Society thing.”

          You sound like the uber-fan I was initially referring to. When I said most of the CW characters are from Earth-1, it was because THAT’S WHAT THE SHOWS HAVE TOLD THE AUDIENCE.
          If you really think the writers are going to “RE-NUMBER” the Earths so that Supergirl and Barry don’t both refer to their respective homeworlds as “Earth-1”-you need some fresh air. There is no “TRUE NUMBERING” that has yet to be revealed. These are fun, cheesy superhero melodramas. They are not going to be over-explained like some lame fanfic you seem to be (foolishly) hoping for.

          • Hinscher

            I’m not suprefanning anything.
            A two year old could tell you that whatever earth they are on is EARTH 1.
            I took a simple Justice Society of America being an EARTH 2 thing and surmised that CWverse is Earth 2.
            There is no over obsessing, unlike what you seem to be doing.

            And why could they not exist in the same multiverse the movies and tv shows? There are infinite earths right? To me it seems to be completely moronic to not insinuate that they are different universes Do they ever have to cross over? Heck no. Do the characters from Earth 1 in the comics go to EVERY single earth? No.
            The TV series flash has proved that in the tv world there are multiple earths.
            The movie has proved there is at least time travel with BvS, and in interviews and so on the actor playing flash has talked about dimensional travel and stuff, so basically proved as well there are multiverses in the movies too. Just cause something exists though, doens’t mean it has to be used.
            The multiverse exissts in both Movies and TV. Will movies explore it? Probably not, its a little too meaty imo to covering short movie lengths. But the fact that they both have it should make it thus common sense that they “COULD” go to one another world. Chances of happening 0.00000000infinity1%.

          • Kevin Bradley

            However, I will say, DC has assigned places in the multiverse for their animated TV shows. The Batman Animated universe (where the Superman Animated series and Batman Beyond take place also) is Earth-12. The Justice Lords universe is Earth-50. So it’s possible DC will retcon their movie and TV universes to fit that scheme, or not.

  • John F Baldwin

    That’s one way they explained it in the comics but actually the JSA is the orignal group of superheroes in the DCU founded way back in the day before the JLA was even a thought

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  • Bigda Law

    I just hope whoever they end up casting are good actors/actresses. The acting wasn’t great in season 1, some of the episodes were painful to watch. The guy who plays Jacks/Jax really needs to be recast, the kid isn’t a good actor.

    • Hinscher

      Talking season regulars, because any one episoders I can’t remember as they were forgettable, the only one I disliked was probably Mik, and sort of Leonard.
      Mik’s character is just so one dimensional. Leonards I felt the actor was phoning in his accent(voice) too much. It just came off too over the top emphasizing of the way he talks. It’s kind of like if a guy has a sublte accent, but then after like a couple seasons its like full blown stereotype accent and all subtlety lost.
      I love both actors in Prison Break, so its not that they can’t act.

      • Bigda Law

        Yeah, some of the other acting was almost cringe worthy but the guy who plays Jax really stuck out. He really needs some work.

  • Seb

    Stargirl deserves her own series. There’s a glaring hole for a show with teenage superhero in high school that isn’t being filled.