New ‘Agatha All Along’ Rumor Teases Return Of Evan Peters’ Ralph Bohner In MCU

Ralph Bohner is BACK!

Is Ralph Bohner coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? A new Agatha All Along rumor suggests Evan Peters may return to the MCU for the Disney Plus series.

Agatha remains one of the most perplexing Disney Plus series set into production by the MCU. While the series has a strong staff behind it, some fans question how the show could tie into the larger Marvel universe. Yet it seems that question has curled the monkey’s paw, with a new casting breakdown suggesting Evan Peters will return to reprise his role as Ralph Bohner from WandaVision.

Some fans may jump at the idea that this will finally mean Marvel will retcon the fakeout and make Evan Peters play Quicksilver once more. However, the rumor suggests that Ralph Bohner is here to stay. The actor will also reportedly only have a short role in Agatha, likely returning to explain why he isn’t in the rest of the Disney Plus shows.

Agatha’s Cast Continues To Expand

Evan Peters isn’t the only familiar face set to return in Agatha. The rumor suggests that Ali Asif, David Lengel, David Payton, Amos Glick, and Brian Brightman will all reprise their MCU roles from WandaVision in the series. However, much like Ralph Bohner, their appearance will be short.

Agatha will also show off some new talent for the MCU. The rumor suggests that the children of the witches Agatha killed in WandaVision will return as The Salem Seven. These revenge-seeking witches will be portrayed by Okwui Okpokwasili, Bethany Curry, Athena Perample, Marina Mazepa, Britta Grant, Chau Naumova, and Alicia Vela-Bailey.

Agatha is set to release on Disney Plus this Fall. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

Source: Nexus Point News

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