Agent Venom Returns To Marvel Comics

Agent Venom

In the most recent issue of Venom, Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom made a return to the Marvel Universe in a bit of an unexpected way.

The character’s overall history has been more then a little convoluted. Flash Thompson was originally a high school bully who tormented Peter Parker as a kid. He later went on to idolize his alter-ego, Spider-Man, and found a degree of redemption after joining the army and fighting overseas. Sadly he lost both of his legs during his service and found himself in a bad way.

It was at this point he was approached by the U.S. government to participate in an experiment wherein he would bond with the Venom symbiote, which the government was in possession of to create the ultimate black ops solider. The result was the ongoing Agent Venom series that saw Flash Thompson have his own struggles with the creature.

During his time with the symbiote, he would have a number of his own on going series as well as joining a number of other Marvel teams. He eventually loses the Venom symbiote, which returns to Eddie Brock. Later on, the character gains the powers of Anti-Venom and heroically dies fighting the Red Goblin. And here is where things get weird.

In the latest issue, a villain known as The Maker kidnaps Eddie Brock and and acquires a genetic sample of Flash Thompson. The symbiote is exposed to this and takes on the memories of Thompson, resulting in the two taking on the mantle of Agent Venom once more. Soon after, however, his personality fades and Flash Thompson is gone for good. Comics are weird guys.

What do you all make of Agent Venom’s… unconventional return? Was Flash Thompson’s death perfect the way it was or did the character deserve a return? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Neuromancer

    Its just setting it up for someone else to wear the suit.

    I never liked flash Thompson being a super hero. Flash was never venom imo. Would of always been cooler if eddie ended up as agent venom, would of been a good progression of his character arc.

    First hes venom the creature and the ultimate version and control over the symbiote, would be making it into armor, a bit like spawn.

    That would of been bada$$