‘Ahsoka’ Season 2 Rumor Teases A Huge ‘Star Wars’ Return

Ahsoka Season 2 is currently in the works at Lucasfilm.

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Could Hayden Christensen return to the Star Wars universe? A new rumor teases Anakin Skywalker’s continued presence in Ahsoka heading into season 2.

Hayden Christensen’s return as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka was one of the biggest treats Star Wars fans have gotten in recent years. Such a small cameo ignited a whole cottage industry of speculation concerning a potential live-action Clone Wars project. While that may not be coming to fruition (yet), a new rumor suggests Christensen’s time as the character is far from over.

The rumor comes from scooper MyTimeToShineHello, who says that Hayden Christensen is officially set to return as Anakin Skywalker in season 2 of Ahsoka. However, his role won’t be limited to a cameo, playing a much larger part in the follow-up to the Disney Plus show. Further details about his return have not been disclosed as of yet.

Hayden Christensen Addresses Potential Return As Anakin Skywalker

While actors aren’t known to comment on any specific rumor, fans do know Hayden Christensen’s thoughts about a potential return as Anakin Skywalker. When speaking about his future as the iconic Star Wars hero, Christensen teased a continued connection heading into the future of the Ahsoka series.

“Look, as to whether or not we see Anakin again, I don’t know,” Christensen told Entertainment Weekly. “But as evidenced by that last shot of the series, he’s with her in spirit, and they continue to have this connection,”

Spirits have been a surprisingly important part of the Star Wars universe. Multiple characters have reappeared as ghosts throughout canon. While Anakin Skywalker isn’t literally dead during the events of Ahsoka, it’s clear Rosario Dawson’s Jedi heroine has a strong spiritual connection to who the fallen hero used to be, all but ensuring at least a cameo by Hayden Christensen in season 2.

The first season of Ahsoka is currently streaming on Disney Plus. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the Star Wars universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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