Alan Tudyk Offers High Praise For James Gunn’s ‘Creature Commandos’ Series

Alan Tudyk teases great things!

Creature Commandos

Could Creature Commandos be a surprising hit? Alan Tudyk sings his praises for the upcoming animated series coming out of the DC Universe reboot.

Alan Tudyk is no stranger to the DC Universe. The accomplished actor is now set to put another feather in his cap of characters in the upcoming Creature Commandos series as Doctor Phosphorous. While speaking about the show during a recent appearance at Megacon Orlando, Tudyk admitted the animated series may be one of the best things he’s ever read.

“I am doing Creature Commandos, which James Gunn wrote,” Tudyk explained. “And it’s gonna be the first thing that DC does with him at the helm, and it’s animated, and I am Doctor….Phosphorous, thank you. I wasn’t about to say fluorescent! And he’s so cool.”

“And the whole thing, but like, this is Creature Commandos, I look at the one sheet and it’s like ‘Frankenstein’s in there. And some chick with her- like- she’s got a fish head, she’s got water on her head’ and I’m like where do all of these- Weasel- how do they fit together? This is…this looks bad, maybe? And then I’m like a guy who looks a lot like Ghost Rider but it’s not, it’s Doctor Phosphorous, it’s DC, whole different thing, and it’s the best thing I’ve read.”

“It’s so so good. It’s what James does very well. Where he brings people together, like Guardians of the Galaxy. Where you’re like ‘How do a raccoon and a- what the hell? Who are all these people?’ and then they’re just the best group. So yeah I’m looking forward when you see that.”

It certainly seems as though James Gunn created a sleeper hit with Creature Commandos, which is set to hit Max later this year as the first project in his new DC Universe reboot. While Alan Tudyk kept details about his role in the show as Doctor Phosphorous close to the chest, it’s clear the actor has a passion for the DCU.

Get Ready For A Weird War!

Creature Commandos is an upcoming animated series set to debut in Fall 2024 for James Gunn and Peter Safran’s brand-new DC Universe. The show is set to feature the return of Sean Gunn’s Weasel from The Suicide Squad as Amanda Waller seeks to build a militia of monsters and outcasts. All 7 episodes for the show’s first season were written by Gunn.

Joining Sean Gunn’s Weasel in Creature Commandos is Frank Grillo as Rick Flagg Sr., the father of Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg, as well as Maria Bakalova as Princess Ilana Rostovic, Indira Varma as The Bride, Zoe Chao as Nina Mazursky, Alan Tudyk as Dr. Phosphorus, and David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein. Sean Gunn will also be taking on the role of G.I. Robot in the series and will be joined by fellow The Suicide Squad alum Steve Agee, who is set to return as John Economos.

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