‘Aquaman 2’: What Happens In The Post-Credits Scene Of The Final DCEU Movie

Is it worth it?

Jason Momoa Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom DCEU

Aquaman 2 is the final movie of the DC Extended Universe, yet it seems the film’s post-credits scene is a less-than-grand ending to the superhero world created by Zack Snyder.

The DCEU has been a controversial experiment ever since it debuted with 2013’s Man of Steel. After a decade of fumbles on executive interference, the universe finally comes to an end with Aquaman 2. The contents of the film’s post-credits scene have been revealed following early screenings, with the final moments of the entire DCEU being… Orm eating a roach burger.

Yes, the post-credits scene for Aquaman 2 is a joke about eating bugs. Specifically, the scene is a payoff to an earlier joke in the movie. It’s certain many fans are going to be furious about this post-credits scene, calling it disrespectful to the entire DCEU. However, Aquaman 2‘s roach burger may be the perfect ending to the rocky universe. The DCEU was never one for grand reunions and paid-off storylines. Instead, it survived on its moments that made fans fall in love with characters like Orm. There may be no better send-off to the universe than another endearing moment between brothers.

The future of the DC Universe

James Gunn and Peter Safran told journalists that their vision for the DC Universe includes locked scripts, wiggle room, and a unified storyline across film, television, animation, and video game projects. The two explained that the DC Universe could bring back elements from previous DC regimes, meaning that their eight-to-year plan is not a full reboot.

Shazam! Fury of the GodsThe FlashBlue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have all been released following the announcement of the new DC Universe, all four projects struggling at the box office. Will the characters from those movies make appearances in the new DCU? Only Gunn and Safran know.

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