‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa Reveals A Deleted Scene With Mera

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Okay, so while Warner Bros. did give director James Wan the breathing room necessary to make Aquaman without any interference, the fact is, at the end of the day, like any film, things aren’t going to make it into the final product. And that’s no exception with Aquaman. However, for stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, given what’s about to be described, it may be for the best that this particular moment was tossed from the moment and returned to the sea.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard described a scene where Arthur Curry grabbed Mera out of the water during a moment when the waves were particularly powerful. Combined with the two actors dressed in their outfits, it was a very turbulent moment combined with how deep the water was. So yes, working in water can be rough, even when you’re an Atlantean. Here’s how Momoa described it:

“We had an amazing scene where I just grabbed her and we had to come out of the waves. The waves were big and there was a big current and I would have all this ridiculous stuff on, and I gotta hold her and we gotta go down- but the water’s like this deep, but it’s sucking us out. So I have to dunk her, pull her up, both of us look like we’re perfectly fine walking out on water because we’re Atlanteans. And she’s just like, in heels like everywhere, she weighs like 95 pounds and I’m just like trying to put her down. Needless to say it’s not in the movie.”

No, really? But anyway, Amber Heard- once she’s done giggling- also described the experience of being carried by Jason Momoa during the filming of the tricky Aquaman scene:

“You literally were holding me the whole entire scene, I was being washed away and he’s also chasing some dudes. The waves are affecting you way less than me and you actually like being in the ocean. I don’t have any particular interest in being in the water.”

You can watch Amber Heard and Jason Momoa describe the deleted Aquaman scene in the video below at the 0:10 mark.

So as powerful as Arthur Curry and Mera may be when dealing with water, it’s a bit more hectic for the actors involved, you know? But as this moment did not make it into the final product, perhaps a deleted scene when the film is released to watch at home? What did you think of the two talking this deleted Aquaman moment? Let us know in the comments below.

Aquaman will swim into U.S. shores this Friday.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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