Ashley Eckstein Discusses Ahsoka’s Future On ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Star Wars Rebels – 'Twilight of the Apprentice'

Star Wars Rebels – 'Twilight of the Apprentice'

The season finale of Star Wars Rebels season two featured a moment fans have been waiting for since The Clone Wars animated series; Ahsoka Tano faced off against Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker), her former master. The finale left fans wondering about the fate of Ahsoka. Ashley Eckstein, who voices Tano, is in a similar boat with fans, she is unsure of what happens next for Ahsoka within Rebels.

“Matt Lanter recorded the ‘and now you shall die’ line separately, but most of it we recorded together, and that was such an emotional day. I really don’t cry that much! but when it comes to Ahsoka and these scenes it makes me emotional! Life imitated art there; it was the end, the end of Ahsoka and Vader, and the end for me and Matt. To my knowledge, that’s the last scene we’ll ever do together. So the emotions were real.”

The ending came as a surprise to Eckstein because Dave Filoni didn’t tell anyone the ending of season two.

“And we didn’t know – because Dave [Filoni] didn’t tell anyone the ending, so we didn’t know what happened. They all signed my script page, they let me keep the cover of my script, and Freddie Prinze Jr, Taylor Gray, Sam Witwer, they all signed it ‘Goodbye.’ They had a going away party for me.”

Eckstein is hoping that this isn’t the end of the road for Ahsoka when it comes to Rebels.

“In my opinion, and I don’t know the truth, but I think she’s alive. There’s so much we don’t know. Seeing her walk into that temple, I’m really hopeful that we’ll get more of her someday in the future, and also get more from her past. With the Ahsoka novel coming out, we’ll get a glimpse at that. But as you could see at the panel, I got very emotional about it. Those were real tears; I could’ve cried the whole panel! I held back!”

Disney XD has announced the official premiere date for the eagerly-anticipated season 3 premiere of Star Wars Rebels. Disney has revealed that the season’s first episode will air on Saturday, September 24, with an hour-long season premiere.

The newest season of this animated series will feature the official onscreen debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn. This character was a creation of author Timothy Zahn, who wrote the original Star Wars Heir to the Empire book trilogy, in which Thrawn was the main antagonist.

Zahn is also set to write a brand new Thrawn book, now official in the Star Wars canon. This book is set for a Spring 2017 release. Actor Lars Mikkelsen will lend his voice talents to the fan-favorite Legends character.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars Rebels season three? Would you like to see Ahsoka return? Comment below and let’s chat all things Rebels!

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