Ashley Johnson May Have Accidentally Revealed ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ Release Date

The Last of Us 2 Ashley Johnson

Ellie herself, Ashley Johnson, might have revealed a bit too much in a recent interview, letting The Last of Us Part II‘s release date slip.

Sony made a huge decision not to participate in this year’s E3, which is, by far, the most important gaming conference in the world. Gamers from all over the world patiently wait for it year after year to hear about the new software and hardware coming from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Instead, Sony decided to announce their new software with State of Play, which has had only a couple of episodes up until now, leaving some fans somehow disappointed with a lackluster line-up of games coming for PlayStation 4. Many expect to see more from Sony’s next move at PSX, Sony own PlayStation conference in December later this year.

One of the most anticipated games in development for PlayStation is The Last of Us Part II. The first iteration of The Last of Us was a massive hit among PlayStation owners and fans are avidly waiting for the release date to be announced. But luckily Ashley Johnson may have you covered. In a recent interview, Ashely Johnson, who plays Ellie in The Last of Us, was briefly asked when Part II is supposed to come out. Ashley Johnson started to reply that is was coming in February when the interviewer stopped her in her tracks. Have a look:

Do you think The Last of Us Part II is really coming out in February next year? Are you excited to finally play it? Sound off in the comment section down below!

Other leaks and news surrounding The Last of Us Part II are also pointing it releasing in February 2020 but Sony has yet to confirm this. Not many details on The Last of Us Part II have been revealed officially. Naughty Dog has only shared a small amount of gameplay footage, along with only one trailer and one cinematic reveal. But the sequel has been teased to feature a story that is the thematic opposite of the first game when we pick up with Ellie five years later after the events of The Last of Us. It will also introduce a religious cult known as the Seraphites who are a threat to the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world.

Both Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson have reprised their roles as Joel and Ellie respectively. Newcomers to the cast include Westworld actress Shannon Woodard, Patrick Fugit, Laura Bailey, Victoria Grace, Ian Alexander, and Stephen A. Chang.

Source: YouTube