‘Titans’ Producer Addresses Rumors Of ‘Batgirl’ DC Universe Series

Batgirl DC Universe Titans Series

The character of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is in a strange place when it comes to adaptations to screen. As far as live-action goes, we haven’t seen her since…well, Alicia Silverstone suited up as Barbara Wilson in Batman & Robin. On the film side of things, anyway, since you did see Dina Meyer as Oracle in the Birds of Prey TV show. While in the animated world, Batgirl did show up in Young Justice, she hasn’t graced the screen as far as live-action for quite some time. And while it was rumored that Joss Whedon at one point was to pen a Batgirl film, that’s no longer the case.

And after impressing the studio with Birds of Prey, Christina Hodson was hired as a screenwriter for a Batgirl project. I mention the DC Extended Universe side of things because it relates to the story of how it relates to Titans and the DC Universe streaming service. It was revealed by Titans producer Akiva Goldsman this past weekend at New York Comic-Con that Batgirl was originally included in the Titans program. So at least there, between Dick, Barbara, and Jason, you’d have three members of the Bat-family.

Since then, Titans has already been renewed for a second season ahead of its debut. So what about the future? Could we see Barbara Gordon pop up at some point? Well, Goldsman doesn’t think fans should expect Batgirl anytime soon:

“There was a moment in the ongoing transformation of the DC cinematic universe that features was getting to say, ‘Well, we’re going to do a thing and then if it works, great, and if not maybe you can do a thing.’ And Geoff [Johns] grabbed Robin and held him – holding onto Dick Grayson for a TV show was not exactly their favorite idea, but that was really Geoff just protecting it. So we actually, if you think about it [we have] like a startling number of characters, with one noticeable absence in Cyborg, a startling number of characters who in other contexts might have been spun off, so we’re guarding them preciously. We have a few more, but there’s some we ain’t going to get.”

There’s kind of a precedence for this with DC projects where it seems that, in some occasions, two versions of a character don’t exist at the same time. Now that rule has been slightly loosened as of recent, as we have both Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller portraying Barry Allen, Tyler Hoechlin and Henry Cavill both portray the Man of Steel, and Deathstroke on Arrow is alive and well at the same time that Joe Manganiello is still in the role after Justice League.

But with Batgirl, it seems that, especially with Birds of Prey set to start up production next year, that this is a character that the DC Extended Universe wants to hold onto in order to utilize on the big screen. That Geoff Johns managed to get a hold of Robin for Titans should not be understated, given his connection to Batman.

And this isn’t exclusive to DC, either. Think about it. At one point, Carol Danvers would have appeared in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, playing the best friend role much as she did in the Alias comics. But then the movie side of things happened and, well, you know what happened after that. Perhaps this is the same for Batgirl since there are big screen plans for her that preclude the DC Universe shows from using her.

If that’s the case, would you have wanted to see Batgirl show up in Titans or any other DC Universe program? With the concept of the multiverse, would you be fine with there being a Barbara Gordon on the big screen and one on a streaming service? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, stay tuned for Titans, which makes its grand debut on the DC Universe service this Friday.

Source: Screenrant

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