Old Batman Illustration From 1992 Looks A Lot Like Robert Pattinson

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A Batman comic from the ’90s features a Bruce Wayne that looks eerily similar to Robert Pattinson.

An unearthed Batman comic book from the ’90s showcases a Bruce Wayne that genuinely looks like current Batman star Robert Pattinson. The comic-book in question is Batman: Night Cries, which hit shelves in 1992, when Robert Pattinson was only six years old.

This uncanny resemblance was discovered by Instagram user igdceu. You can take a look at their post below.


We highly doubt that illustrator Scott Hampton had sight-seeing abilities that allowed them to predict the future, but this is still such an interesting illustration. Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, has spent hours trying to find the perfect story for him to tell on the big screen. Perhaps he encountered this image from the comic and got some inspiration for casting?

Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman earlier this year after it was revealed that Ben Affleck was no longer interested in returning as the Caped Crusader. Details regarding the Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Batman film are relatively slim, though it is safe to imagine that it will not be taking influence from Batman: Night Cries. The comic book is known to be one of the darkest ones featuring Batman. In it, Batman is accused of being the killer of a child abuser, while Commissioner Gordon comes to terms with his past trauma.

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While details are slim, Matt Reeves has confirmed that his movie is not based on Frank Miller’s Year One comic and will emphasize the hero as the world’s greatest detective more than previous films have in the past. It is expected to be the first chapter in a new Batman trilogy starring Robert Pattinson.

The Batman arrives in theaters on June 25, 2021. Stay tuned for the latest news on Robert Pattinson and the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Source: igdceu