Batman: Mark Hamill Reveals One Of His Favorite Joker Lines

Batman Joker Mark Hamill

In a recent Twitter exchange, Mark Hamill reveled one of his all time favorite Joker lines in Batman: The Animated series.

In the exchange, a fan asked the actor what would be a good monologue for his iconic voice class:

Calling @HamillHimself I have to do a monologue in an iconic voice for class. So of course I chose your iteration of the Joker. I can’t seem to find anything long enough though. Any chance you could pick your favorite and… Joker-fy it?

Mark Hamill then advised the fan to do Joker’s eulogy for Batman’s funeral and revealed it to be one his all time:

Do his eulogy from “The Man Who Killed Batman” by Paul Dini. It’s one of my all-time favorite Joker speeches. I’ve performed it a few times in public. It has all the colors in the rainbow & has the perfect ending: “Well that was fun…who’s for Chinese?!” ???

You can see the full exchange below:

The eulogy he is referring to is, of course, from the Batman: The Animated Series episode, The Man Who Killed Batman. In it, an incompetent, bumbling mobster apparently kills Batman. This leads to a series of escalating issues for the character as he becomes one of the most famous criminals in Gotham for the act. The episode peaks when The Joker puts on a funeral for the Caped Crusader, that ends with him sealing the man in a coffin before throwing it in a vat of acid.

You can see the full eulogy below:

What do you all make of the eulogy? Do you think Hamill gave the fan a good pick for a Joker monologue? What is your favorite Joker line from Batman: The Animated Series? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Batman: The Animated Series is now available on the DC Universe streaming service.

Source: Twitter

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