‘The Flash’: Ben Affleck Says Returning As Batman Was Fun Compared To Justice League

Batman was pleased!

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Ben Affleck discussed how returning as Batman for The Flash was “really fun” when compared to working on Justice League.

In what was a surprising turn of events, it was revealed last year that Ben Affleck would be returning as Batman for The Flash after bowing out of the role the year prior. It’s no secret that Ben Affleck and other cast members had a difficult time working on Justice League when Joss Whedon was brought in to retool the film. Because of the grueling experience on the film, Affleck stepped away from the role, leaving the door wide open for Matt Reeves to bring in Robert Pattinson to put on the cape and cowl.

While it’s unclear how big of a role Ben Affleck has in The Flash, it has been reported that this is set to be a final goodbye to his take on The Caped Crusader. Of course, we won’t know until we see the film later next year. What we do know is that Ben Affleck had a blast as Batman this time around. He detailed his “fun” time on the set of the Andy Muschietti film when speaking with Variety earlier this weekend.

“It was a really nice way to revisit that as the prior experience had been difficult. This was really lovely. Really fun.”

“I had a great time. I’m probably under some gag order that I’m not even aware that I probably just violated and I’m now going to be sued.”

Justice League had a notoriously messy and difficult production, which seeped into the final product. Director Zack Snyder eventually got to release his own cut of the film earlier this year, which was met with critical acclaim. Hopefully, Ben Affleck’s experience on The Flash informs him to stick the character, as his take on The Caped Crusader has been well received unanimously.

Directed by Andy Muschietti from a script written by Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson, The Flash will be inspired by the Flashpoint comic storyline which followed The Flash as he navigated an altered DC Universe. Written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Andy Kuber, Flashpoint radically altered the status of the DC Comics universe and led to the launch of the New 52 titles. It is currently unknown how much inspiration the upcoming Ezra Miller film will take from the comic.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on June 3, 2022. Stay tuned for all the latest news on The Flash and be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more exclusive video content.

Source: Variety