Ben Affleck Punched The Punisher In ‘The Accountant’

The Accountant

Amongst his various movies in the DC Extended Universe, Batman actor Ben Affleck has just enough time to fit in other projects. One of which is The Accountant, which despite the name suggests, is his most physical and action-packed movie yet.

The writer, director, and star of The Batman (which has just been confirmed as the title of his solo venture as the Dark Knight, sat down with to discuss the film, alongside The Accountant director Gavin O’Connor.

Another actor who’s recently taken on a role as a huge comic book character is Jon Bernthal, who appeared in Marvel’s Daredevil as Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher. Affleck was discussing how he had to most of his own stunts – which proved hard as he’s not a martial artist – and later revealed he actually punched Bernthal when filming.

“It was very satisfying – Punisher’s got a pretty good punch himself, by the way. Every now and then, the Punisher let one fly.”

Sounds about right! Frank Castle wouldn’t be able to stop him self retaliating in a situation like that, even against Batman! This was a great opportunity for the two comic book publishers to continue their friendly rivalry.

We’ll never see those two trade blows, but you can catch Ben Affleck and John Bernthal in The Accountant on October 13th.


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