‘Birds of Prey’ Actress Ashley Scott Will Return As Huntress For ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’

Birds of Prey Ashley Scott Huntress Crisis on Infinite Earths

Birds of Prey actress Ashley Scott is set to return as Huntress for Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The actress who played Huntress on the old Birds of Prey series will reprise her role for the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. According to TV Line, Ashley Scott will return as Huntress for DCTV’s upcoming crossover. Although, the Birds of Prey series only lasted one season, it recently had a resurgence on the CW’s Seed app. The Birds of Prey series featured Ashley Scott as Huntress, Dina Meyer as Batgirl and Rachel Skartsen as Black Canary.

There have been several iterations of Huntress in live-action with Ashley Scott being the first. Jessica De Gouw played Huntress on Arrow for multiple episodes and we haven’t seen the character reappear since the second season of the series. Huntress is set to make her big screen debut in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie focusing on a very different team than the series and Mary Elizabeth Winestead will play the DC Comics heroine.

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The Crisis on Infinite Earths event has been teased since the very first episode of Grant Gustin’s The Flash, where a newspaper headline from the year 2024 revealed that Barry Allen’s fate was to disappear during a “crisis.” However, the fifth season finale of The Flash accelerated this when the original newspaper headline changed the date of the event from 2024 to 2019. To add to this, the seventh season finale of Arrow set up Oliver Queen’s role in the next crossover by having him join the Monitor on a mission to warn other worlds of the crisis, as part of the arrangement Oliver made in order to save the lives of both The Flash and Supergirl.

In addition to the regular cast members of each Arrowverse series and Tom Welling, Crisis on Infinite Earths will also feature LaMonica Garrett as the Anti-Monitor, Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, Tom Cavanagh as Pariah, Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, Cress Williams as Black Lightning, Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne and Johnathon Schaech as Jonah Hex. Burt Ward is also on board in an undisclosed role.

Crisis On Infinite Earths will span two quarters and consist of ArrowThe FlashSupergirlLegends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. The Arrowverse crossover will launch with three episodes in December before concluding with two additional episodes in January.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Ashley Scott, Huntress, Birds of Prey and the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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