Bob Iger Admits Ramping Up Marvel Output for Disney+ ‘Diluted Quality’

"Quality needs attention to deliver quality. It's not — it doesn't happen by accident," Bob Iger said

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At the DealBook Summit in New York on Wednesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger acknowledged that the company’s previous strategy of exponentially increasing Marvel content production to supply Disney+ “diluted quality.”

“Quality needs attention to deliver quality. It’s not — it doesn’t happen by accident,” Iger said.

Under Iger’s predecessor Bob Chapek, Disney began aggressively expanding the number of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) spin-off shows being made for exclusive streaming on Disney+. High-profile series like WandaVision, Loki, and others were used as major subscription drivers for the Netflix competitor. However, simultaneously ramping up development on interconnecting movies and shows appears to have backfired.

Iger added: “And quantity, in our case, diluted quality — and Marvel has suffered greatly from that.”

Disney has one goal after Bob Iger’s return

Since returning to the Disney leadership role two months ago after retiring in 2020, Iger has made realigning quality over quantity a top priority – especially regarding Marvel content which remains Disney’s most bankable asset. That likely means scaling back the immense volume of interconnected films and shows greenlit under Chapek in favor of more carefully crafted projects.

While streaming platforms like Disney+ still represent the future of Disney’s business, Iger seems intent on balancing rapid subscriber growth with upholding brand integrity – particularly when it comes to Marvel. Sacrificing quality for quantity clearly hurt audience reception and engagement.

 “There has to be a good reason to make them,” Iger said in regards to sequels.

Disney delayed several Marvel shows this year, suggesting a refined content pipeline focused on tentpoles may already be underway. For Disney’s most lucrative comic book IP, less may prove to be more if it means regaining audience trust and enthusiasm through genuinely event-worthy films and series worthy of the Marvel name.

Rick Lemoine

Rick Lemoine

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