Bob Iger Throws Shade at WBD’s David Zaslav: Disney ‘Won’t Chase Bucks’ By Licensing ‘Star Wars,’ Marvel Content To Netflix

A billionaire beef!

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Bob Iger takes aim at David Zaslav! The Disney CEO recently took a jab at the Waner Bros. Discovery head by refusing to license Marvel and Star Wars content to Netflix.

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. Discovery has been hemorrhaging money even before David Zaslav came on board. However, it can’t be denied he’s made things worse, with one of his most criticized moves being to license HBO content to Netflix. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently took a shot at this approach, saying Disney didn’t “need to chase bucks” by licensing Marvel and Star Wars out:

“We’ve actually been licensing content to Netflix and are going to continue to,” Iger explained in a recent Q4 earnings call. “We’re actually in discussion with them now about some opportunities, but I wouldn’t expect that we will license our core brands to them. Those are obviously competitive advantages for us and differentiators.”

“Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars for instance, they are all doing very, very well on our platform and I don’t see why just to basically chase bucks we should do that when they are really really important building blocks to the current and future of our streaming business,”

Bob Iger’s Disney strategy explained

Bob Iger’s strategic refusal to license out Marvel and Star Wars to Netflix is a direct shot across the bow at Warner Bros. Discovery’s current tactics under David Zaslav. This bold stance from Disney signals a clear faith in their own streaming services and a push towards maintaining the exclusivity of their content. It’s a declaration of confidence, suggesting that Disney’s marquee franchises are robust enough to support the company’s streaming ambitions without diluting their presence across competitive platforms.

The decision echoes Iger’s vision for a cohesive and controlled distribution model, which starkly contrasts with Zaslav’s approach, which has been under intense scrutiny. With Disney’s animation endeavors facing criticism for losing their traditional charm, Iger’s assertive direction amidst industry upheaval offers a beacon of optimism for investors. This move may disappoint some fans eager to access Marvel and Star Wars on Netflix, but it ultimately showcases Disney’s unwavering commitment to preserving the unique value of its core brands.

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